Lexi is a busy woman with a thriving business. Despite all the hard work she puts in, product bugs keep popping up. Driven to distraction by these bugs, Lexi turned to Zoho BugTracker for help. And that’s when the tables turned! With BugTracker, Lexi records bugs based on specific criteria, and creates custom views to help her focus on the most time-sensitive ones. She even sets rules to trigger updates and connect with third-party applications. In fact, with the automated service level agreements, she now meets client targets right on time. And here’s the best part! Lexi creates custom fields and workflows, and even personalizes the BugTracker interface to suit her business needs. She’s also able to log work hours using timesheets. And with the finance module, she keeps track of expenses and generates invoices. It’s that simple. Bringing her team onboard is now easy-peasy with BugTracker’s interactive feed, built-in chat, discussion forums, and wiki pages. Plus with built-in reports, she can slice and dice her project data and see the exact status of her bugs. To top it all, with the BugTracker mobile app, Lexi can now keep tab on the status of the bugs even when she’s on vacation in the Phi Phi Island. Swat bugs before they know what hit them!

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Jay J · July 17, 2019 at 7:58 am

Good Explanation. Congrats.

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