– Lemme ask you something Mr. Safi. How strong are you? – Man, what kind of question is that? I’m too strong.
– [Zachary] What?! – I’m too strong. Hey Zachary, what kind of power you got? – Man, what kind of question is that? You know I got that soul power. – That what? – That soul power. – I’m from College Station, Texas, where the skyline consists of two things, the water tower and the football field. – [Both] And that’s all you
need to know about us Texans. – We drink and play football. – [Both] Clear eyes,
full hearts, can’t lose. – [Zachary] What is pain? – [Amir] Fresh bread! – [Zachary] Will you ever quit? – [Both] No! We want some more, we want some more. – I played high school football
in Pflugerville, Texas, where the more football games you won, the closer you were to God. And isn’t it fitting to
call Texas God’s country. – [Both] But football isn’t
gospel, it’s a fucking game. – We love Friday night lights. – [Both] But what happens
when the lights go off? – My high school football
coach, Coach Killian, he used to say… – “Character is who you are in the dark when no one is looking.” – [Zachary] Baylor University. – Penn State. – [Zachary] Notre Dame. – Johnny Football. – [Both] I’m looking at you. – Studies reveal, more rapes
happen following a big victory for the home team. – [Both] It doesn’t always
happen, but it always happens. – In America, college
athletes gang rape, attack, assault women and the public looks away. – And it’s okay so long as they score touchdowns on Saturday. – Radio Pundit, he says the
real problem is binge drinking. – Apparently women get so blitzed. – Who are they
to change their consent? First they say yes. – [Both] And then they say no. – And how is one supposed to know? – [Both] It’s called a fucking audible. – It means she changed
the play… her mind. – [Amir] In 2014. – [Zachary] The NCAA passed a new rule to prevent
the act of targeting. – Which means no player
can initiate contact with unsuspecting players. – Which means? – [Both] You can’t fucking touch them. – Wait, wait, wait, why
can’t a woman get blitzed, without a man trying to exploit
the gaps in her defense? – Did you miss the previous lesson? – [Both] You can’t fucking
touch them. – And I can hear the
chorus now. – [Both] Don’t hate the
player, hate the game. But how can you not hate both? – [Zachary] When the
game created the culture. – And the culture created the player. – Rapist. If you care more about the
way a grown man carries a pig skin in his hands… than what he does with those hands, then you are on the wrong team. – Consent isn’t kissing. – Consent isn’t touching. – [Both] Consent isn’t
flirting, or talking, or texting, or laughing, or existing. – Consent isn’t a trick play. Consent isn’t a fucking fumblerooski. – [Both] Consent isn’t
some Hail Mary you throw… down the field, in hopes to
touch yes, at the last second. Consent means you can’t
start the game unless the Ref blows the whistle first. – And if you can’t get
down with that, then… – [Both] (chanting) Na na na na. Na na na na. Hey, hey, hey. – Goodbye. (cheering and applause)

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