We’re right now at the back
entrance of “H+ Hospital”. Managing Director Krishnamoorthy
of this Hospital… …was found dead in mysterious
condition from a fall in car. In regards to this, Mr.Sagayam has been
appointed to lead the investigation. Is it a murder or a Suicide? will
be known only post investigation. Camera, follow me. Sir! -Last night at the back entrance…
-Hold on. If you have another pill, pass it on.
I’m feeling dizzy as well. That one is for diabetes. -Sir.
-Now tell me. It was during 5:00am
this morning. The watchman found him, who
came through the back entrance. His name is Krishnamoorthy. Where’s the son at the moment? He’s got just one son. He’s on his way from America. Why is it crowded there? Clear them. Ask the crowd to
clear the scene. Hello! I’m calling from 3 Star
Health Insurance Company. We’ve been promoting our policies, do
you have a moment to hear them out. For instance… Medi-Claim, Life Insurance Policy, Pension
Policy with Death Benefit is being offered. Death Benefit? That’s right, anything can
happen at any moment. An unfortunate accident… …or a death due
to blood pressure. We’re the only company who offer
10% Death Benefit in the market. So your company’s
notion is to kill me. Sir, my name is Mahalakshmi
(Goddess of Fortune). Take it as a fortune call. Ok, so you meant
it in that sense. Just in case, if someone pushes me
down from a 14 storey building? That is, if someone kills me. Sir! Someone has committed a murder
and have pushed him down. I’m investigating
that, at the moment. Sir, are you a cop? No, no. Commissioner is on the phone. Hello Sir. Sagayam, your phone seems
to be engaged all the time. Nothing as such, it was
girl named Mahalakshmi. Seems like an Insurance agent. Are you kidding? Incident like this has occurred
in the city, for the first time. Have you started the
investigation yet? I’ve just arrived at the scene. Ok, finish and call me back. Hello. Who are you? and what
are you doing here? Staff? Hello, Sir. Let us finish our work here. Please leave and
come back later. What’s happening here? Hey, move…move. Everyone get back. Why are you pushing us off,
Sir, this is not fair. Why are you behaving like this? We’re from Press. Just let me do my job. Does it look like, freebies
are being distributed? Why are you guys crowding here. Everyone get to the front
gate and wait there. Leave, send them all. The construction
looks really tall. Sir…Sir! That’s an evidence. Check if the CCTV
footage is available. Did you see the CCTV footage? Check that right away. Yes, Sir. +65, which country is that? Is there a country named “+65”? +65, which country is that? No one’s around. I’m not that informed. -Sir.
-He’s here. CCTV footage hard
disk is missing. Sir…Sir. This confirms that it’s a murder. Do you log the entries? Who’s car is this? Respected PA,
Nambirajan sir’s car. Respected PA,
Nambirajan sir’s car. Can you remove respected
and sir and tell me now? It belongs to P.A. Nambirajan. Nambirajan! Only you’re capable of this. Sir. Only Ambulance is parked
at the parking lot. Doesn’t look suspicious. Thanks. Nambirajan, he’s Krishnamoorthy’s
Personal Assistant. Is he here? His phone is not
reachable at the moment. Ask him to come for
interrogation. Is the son has been
informed about this? It’s been informed. Forensic team is here. Let’s go. This is MD
Krishnamoorthy’s room. He was murdered here… …and his corpse was taken
through the lift to the terrace. Last night around 11pm… …chatting with someone
called Mani, over the Skype. 7pm. Murder victim is this
hospital’s MD, Krishnamoorthy. The murder took place
between 11pm-12am. The place of murder
was his room. But the corpse was dragged to
the terrace through the lift. And was pushed down
keeping inside the car. That’s seems confusing. CCTV footage hard
disk is missing. Kirshnamoorthy’s PA… …had logged in exactly at 12am
and left the place at 12:15am. In that span of 15 minutes. He’s taken that
hard disk with him. So… He knows the murderer. Just a minute. Sir! What are you doing, Sagayam? I’m addressing the PRESS. Keep away from them. No one needs to know anything. Ok. What’s it, Sir? As usual, you’ve been asked
not to share anything. Now… …shall I write the usual? Nambirajan! We’re looking for him. That’s it. You and Dad, use to
play a game in the car. Number game. Number game. Let’s play Shall we? Bet on number, 6. Number, 3. That red sedan. That CCTV footage… …hard disk, where’s it? It’s in this, Sri. Give that to him. Thank you. Who else knows about this? No one, just me and your dad. Wow, Uncle. Look, it’s 3. Not bad. Again, number, 6. Number, 7. Why is the Police,
looking for you? Assuming that I know everything. When you make money… …you feel happy. Right? Let the Police, keep
looking for you. I can’t take that risk. Sri… I’m your Uncle. I’ve been loyal to your
father for past 15 years. What do you think, I will do? OK! I’ll pick a number for you. Number 5 for you, and the same 6 for me.
That Grey sedan. Sri. Don’t harm me. Please, I won’t utter
a word to anyone. Uncle, give me your phone. For what, Sri. Uncle, give me your phone. Give my regards to Dad. If it’s “Cheran” then its
C, but this starts with P. This starts with C… …does that mean,
it’s “Cheran”. Hey, dude! I’m Melvin, from
Visual Communications. Can you tell me,
where’s Cheran Hostel? Good Morning, Sir. Cheran, Boys Hostel? Sorry Sir, good afternoon. Where the hell is
this Cheran hostel? I think, if we ask him.
We will get to know. Ok. Thank you. Let’s go. Excuse me. He’s been inquiring
about something. Where’s Cheran Hostel? Noor? No, I’m Melvin. That’s me, Noor. Who are the target audience? For the age group between 1-14 years… …the story can be conveyed
through pictures, not with text. Only then, they will get it. Same way, for the age group between 16-21. Hey, look here.
-Stop troubling her. Hey. Shut up and stop that. Give me that lighter. Hi, Shruthi. Did you watch Baahubali? In that Tamannaah is
looking like a wild cat. Just see. But they never showed
Anushka in the film. Shall we check if she
appears in this show? What do you want? Hi everyone,I’m Kavitha from BSc.
Computer Science. Our college is conducting
a blood donation camp. Anyone interested in donating your
blood, please enroll your names. Hey!!! Burned him? What’s your name? Actually, I’m not interested. Do you realize, what’s happening? With the current demand, we need
1,18,000 units of blood in India. Not only that, there’s a count
of 8 people dying everyday. If you’re not interested, that’s fine. But don’t insult the
ones’s who are willing to. Sorry. Anyone else is interested? Me! You consider yourself as a
human being, look at him. Are you interested? Do you wish to donate? Sure, I will donate. Did you booze, yesterday? Nothing of that sort. Did you happen to smoke or chew
tobacco, in the past hour? For that, we haven’t
got a recess yet. He’s just kidding. What’s your name? Kathir. Anyone else is interested? What’s it and for what? They’re inviting for a feast. Kathir, come with me. Ok. -I’ll leave.
-Then, what ’bout us? Bye. Look, he’s going for that feast. -Bye.
-Bye.You…Are like an Angel, who I
picture all the time. I always long to
live along with you. Love is daunting,
without my knowledge. My eyes are always
in search of you. It’s hurting just like
the glass is piercing. Everything is going
beyond the horizon. You… Wonder you’re my day dream
or that killing thought? I’m totally confused. In midst of this restlessness, I’m
getting crushed and being scattered. Just like a high tide…I’m getting lost in to that. Oh girl, Oh girl…I’ve been
behind you all this while. Also have been following
you like a shadow. If at all when I see you, my
heart beat jumps like a puppy. Will my love for you, be heard. Will your breath, find
me over the time. This heart of mine, is
like a small swing. Which swings in your
direction day after day. It’s been searching
you, endlessly. In search of you… Your hand… Traits of it made me
fall in love with you. That’s where I found my solace. How’s it? How can you click me,
without my permission? You looked beautiful,
so I clicked. Isn’t it good? That’s fine, why are
you donating blood? That’s personal. You don’t ask… Hey…Hey! Selfie Time! Look here students, this is
called Central Incision. If you knock it hard
with a hammer here… …all the switches are open. That’s why, you’re
asked to use helmet. Excuse me, Doctor. Hello, Mr.Sagayam. Come, come. -How are you, Sir?
-Good morning, Sir. You came for
Krishnamoorthy, right? That’s right, the
post-mortem report. He’s a lefty. How can you be sure,
that he’s a lefty? Come, come, come.
Come to this side. -Actually
-What’s he doing? The murderer had used
a surgical knife. And it looks like
a very sharp cut. This nerve was cut… …full blood was lost. There’s a 6 inch deep
cut on the right side. And as he was moving
to the left… …that turned in
to another inch. Sir, just agree to
that he’s a lefty. Now it’s clear. He’s a lefty. Somehow made it through. Surgical knife, Doctor’s
coat & Hospital. Do you think he’s a doctor? No, no, no, no. The way knife was used… …seems like someone
with utmost rage. But, why it was done
to Krishnamoorthy… Did you know him? Yes of course, he’s
my batch mate. Great Surgeon. I think someone was behind him. Ramani, he’s a system operator
at Coimbatore Hospital. Here on, you’ll have
more work to tend to. Be careful. Leave it in the parking lot. Look here, you leave it in the
parking and I’ll get back soon. Very Good. Hello. Mr.Sagayam is here to meet you. Ask him to wait. Dispose the body. He’s dead. Fantastic. Put him in my car. Nambiraja, Krishnamoorthy’s PA. He’s a Lefty. Hello, Mr.Sagayam. How are you today? Hi. Please. Like to have a drink? In 1983…I think. When you had started your
career as a Sub-Inspector. I was at that time… …in my 12th grade. Lot of dreams. At that time, my father… …had a Clinic. Right here. A small one. A very small one. I’ve given you
medicines for 4 days. You should be fine, with that. If not, come back. I’ll prescribe something else. It’s a new medicine
from our company. This doesn’t carry the IMA number on it.
I won’t be able to prescribe this. If you wish, it will
happen for sure. It’s doing well in rural areas. There’s no issue with it. You may know Dr.Suresh
from the next street. He’s been prescribing
our company’s medicine. If you see now. He’s building a new house. Moreover got his son
in to Medical College. That’s not it, he’s been to
Thailand thrice on vacation. Hey, you get out. Sir. I inquired on my way here. You’re planning to get
your son in to… We will take care of everything. You start prescribing
our company’s medicine. The love which we have one you… …is what reflecting
on your prescription. You can leave. Sir, why don’t you
give it a thought. Get out! But now. Not only in India… …but in the entire world. We’ve been
providing medical facilities like no one else. This doesn’t happen
overnight, Mr.Sagayam. If our country is getting the
treatment which others don’t… …it’s ’cause of my
father’s hard work. And then a bit from my side. Good morning, Chennai. Did you kill your father? If you agree to it. The case will be done. We can go to he Commissioner
and finish the formalities. Even you can consult a good
advocate for your Bail. They have been wasting a lot
of time in this Country. And you being from America,
knows the value of time. That’s right, America. Value of time. If you don’t wish
to waste your time. Then. Arrest me. This way or this way? I lost my father. Murder! The game can’t be finished
that soon, Mr.Sagayam. These are your
father’s belongings. Sign here, please. Will you kill your father? I never got that chance. He committed suicide. A chronic alcoholic. Liversylosis. In fact. He’s a very bad person. I’m at peace, only
after his death. How about you? What If I say no? Can I come in, Sir? Come in. Your breakfast. What do you want, Mr.Sagayam? A glass of water. Why the trouble. Shall have a drink,
in that corner. Why are you taking there pills? Diabetes. Too sweet. Alright. It’s like,placing the
knife on the throat… …you chop the cabbage. That’s how he had
slit the throat. Not only that. He put the body in the car. Took it to terrace
and pushed it away. Imagine the rage that
killer towards him. Wonder how much he was charged in this
hospital, or there’s something else to it. Hey…Hey. Why the hell are you talking about
the bribes I had been taking? Will someone slit my throat for the
meager amount I take as bribe. You just can’t talk sensibly. Hang up, I’ll call you later. I said will call you back. When did you get to India? By Lufthansa, 7pm. This… Nambirajan. Is he your uncle? He’s my dad’s PA. Where’s he now? I’ve been looking for him too. If at all you see him, ask
him for that hard disk. -Sir.
-What’s it? There’s a Ambulance with blood
stains in the parking lot. -Come soon
-Where? Sir, this is that Ambulance. Sir! I can see something like
an eye lying there. I’m sure, it’s an eye. There’s just an
Ambulance parked there. Bend over and bury yourself. The case would have
got solved that day. Don’t you stand in
front of me, get out. Where else do you have branches? Madurai, Trichy & Coimbatore. So, you have branches in the
cities which has Airport. Why is he looking at
the number plates? This… TN-99, which city is that? TN-99? TN-99…9! Which city is that? Was it you? who sent the text? Yes. Did she donate blood? This is quite an
usual thing for us. -Are you guys from same college?
-Yes. Sir, this is Selvi. Hi! She can never be
without Kavitha. Can you drop her back, once
Kavitha gains consciousness. Sure. Because, I have to go and serve
lunch for the kids at school. She won’t trouble you at all. You be here with him, I’m leaving. Is that fine? Come here. Kathir. Kathir! Where am I? You’re at Hospital. Oh god, what happened? That’s what I’m asking,
what happened to me? Oh that, I was mesmerized by
you clicking your pictures. And looking at them you fainted. That created a
cinematic situation. Oh god, I should
be at the school. Why does one wants to go to school
in this cinematic situation. Idiot, I have to go to school. You’re an idiot, we
have to go to college. Seems like you got
amnesia from the fall. Kavitha. Kavitha, are you alright. Wait, I’ll come too. Aren’t you going
to college today? I’ll drop you at
school and then go. This is our first auto ride. Shall we… …take a selfie. If at all you take
another picture. Hey, then you don’t need this? Who’s this? My Father. Oh, ok. Your father, can’t speak? No. Do you have money? I do, you carry on. Take this. Look,I’m totally fine. Nothing’s wrong with me. You guys concentrate there. Come here. Silent National Anthem. Oh, sorry. In their language. Hi! What happened to you,
heard you fainted. I had gone to the hospital. Nothing’s wrong. I’m totally fine. Great. I took good rest there. He was the one, who
took me there. Thank you. They’re thanking you. Oh, you guys are welcome. Hey. What’s your name? What’s it? She’s asking for your name. Oh, it’s Kathir. How do I tell them? K A T H I R Tell me. KATHIR! That’s right. -Oh, god. Kathir.
-Bye. She donated blood. Post which she fainted. Then you took her
to the hospital. What happened next? She’s doing something to me. I’ve been thinking
of her all the time. I just want to keep
looking at her. But don’t know, how to
express the same to her. Better, talk to her father. Sir, look here. I’ve been in love with your
daughter, since yesterday. In this past 24 hours,
I’ve never made her cry. I haven’t even laid my
finger on your daughter. Getting your daughter married
to someone she doesn’t like… …just for the sake of duty. Is better than getting her
married to someone she likes. If your daughter is in love,
don’t look for the religion. Check if he’s a good
or a bad person. You can just get a Husband
to your daughter. But not the one, she likes. Speak to him like that. Her dad is deaf. How you are here? I should be asking
that question. But I did instead. Ok, what’s it now? Oh no, you’ll get worked up.
If I say so. I’ll better talk to your father. Where is he? He’s there at the office. Your father is deaf, right? Bloody. Don’t get angry. You carry on. -Hello Uncle.
-Hello.-Come in.
-I’ll wait. I’ll talk to you later. Bye. Come in. Uncle, I’m the one, that day… I know, I remember. -Hello.
-Hi, Hi, Hi. -Uncle…
-Tell me. It’s nothing, but… Uncle, even that
you can’t hear me. But you shouldn’t
read my lips as well. Actually, I should have said
this to Kavitha to be precise. I would have. But couldn’t. Kavitha, will anyways come
to you for the approval. That’s why, I… …came directly to
convey my love to her. Kavitha. She’s not like me nor you. She’s different. She speaks to differently
able people. She pursues people
to donate blood. She fights, she gets angry. I don’t know uncle. I don’t get any of
these things, Uncle. That’s why I like her very much. I can’t explain that feeling. It doesn’t matter
if you can’t hear. One day, Kavitha will come
to you and explain this. You just wait and see. Kathir. You done talking? We’re still talking. What’s did he say? He’s saying that, he
likes you very much. Did you tell him
that, you like me? Your father… …can hear? He knows to read lips. Oh, ok. There’s no reaction from him. Bag! Bye. It’s said that, if you take
a stranger on a trip… …their child, gets to
go abroad in return. Do you even consider the girls in
our class as the good looking ones? True. Buddy, If you wish
can invite Kavitha. If so, her friends
will come along too. Then me and my buddy can be
joyous, what do you say? That’s a great idea, buddy. Kathir. Sounds like Kavitha
is been calling me. That’s right, Kavitha is
the one who’s calling you. Looks crowded. Kavitha. Hey, buddy. While you’re at it, convince Aswathy on the
left and Kalpana on the right as well. Ok, ok. There are few morons, who come to
college just to bump in to you. I’ll show you guys
how to handle them. Tell me, Kavitha. -Kathir.
-Yes. I want demonstrate
something with your help. Sure, why not. Give me your bat. Take it. Come here. Girls! I’ll show you guys, how to handle the
ones, who try to bump in to you. Watch now. Buddy, you better be careful. Bump in to me. How? Like this. Is this how Karate is? That’s it? Hey… …get back. Go. -Keep going.
-How far? Look at him going at it. Is this enough? Now come on. Here I come. Now this is Karate. What’s this Kavitha?
I’m talking and you… Hey! He’s dancing. Now he’s hugging her. What’s next? Why did you say something
like that to my Dad? Letting you know first, then you
letting your Dad know the same… …that seemed boring to me. That’s why, I approached
him directly. Shall we go to Ooty? You can get your
friends as well. It’ll be fun. I’ll get my friends too. Shall we go to Ooty or not? Let me know. Why are you guys
reacting to this? If one gets hurt, it’s
felt by everyone. Poor you. Love, which was in its own zone. I’m begging now for the same. Why can’t you just
express your love to me. Time is running out. My respect is getting tarnished. Why can’t you just
express your love to me. If at all, you say yes to this. I will dance with joy. But if you choose to say no. I’ll sing in depression. I’m getting weaker,
waiting for you. I’m getting shaken up. And my heart is broken. Just ’cause you don’t express your
love, my heart is locking on to it. It’s dark like the city,
which has ran out of power. It’s been a week. And you entered in to my
dreams the week after. Finally you’re in my
heart by third week. And now you’re
running in my veins. You look in to my eyes. You don’t feel shy,
while you smile. But you give me a stern
look, when I propose. This is not right. Oh dear, Oh dear! I was just saying no
for the sake of it. I was born just for you. I’m dying to live with
you, day after day. Save me, by just expressing
your love to me. Why can’t you just
express your love to me. I’ve been waiting! Waiting! Waiting! I’m getting weaker,
waiting for you. I’m getting shaken up. And my heart is broken. Just ’cause you don’t express your
love, my heart is locking on to it. It’s dark like the city,
which has ran out of power. Where is she? “Mother” Hold on to me. “Mother” “Mother” “Mother” That’s correct. “Father” “Father” Do you want this? Is that right? No. Hey, that’s a correct one. Hi! Come, come outside. Come on, come on.
Kavitha you come too. Be careful. Hi. Sorry, Selvi wasn’t
keeping well. That’s why couldn’t make it. It’s ok dear. -Hey!
-Ok, sorry. That’s fine, what happened? No idea, all of a sudden
she just fainted. You could have
called and informed. Where are you headed now? Where do you want to go? I have to go to Hospital. I need to get Selvi’s
medical reports. Sure, let’s go. Oh shoot, your father. Stop, right there.I’m going out to
get the reports.
Take this, I’ll take Selvi. Let’s go. Sure. -This way.
-Ok… Oh, God! Ticket? Kavitha. How long are we going to donate blood
and roaming around the school. Why don’t we do
something different? I’m doing, what I love the most. If you like the same,
you do it as well. I can’t waste my time on your
bike roaming around Ooty. Why do they bring
pets on the bus. Roaming…Ooty! Can you get me 2
tickets to Ooty? This bus doesn’t go there. She said the same thing. Then just, CH
Peelaimedu 2 tickets. It’s 20 bucks. -Thank you.
-Ok. Take this. Ticket. Ticket…Ticket! Is someone here
without a ticket? Kavitha, if you use this method,
will we understand everything? Close your eyes. -I meant close your eyes.
-Sorry, sorry. “Mother” “Mother” Ok Kavitha, give me your hand. Close your eyes. “I..” “Love…” What are you saying? Close your eyes,
will let you know. “I…” “Love…” “You”. Kavitha. Kavitha. Who’s that in the checked shirt? It’s not clear in the
CCTV footage as well. Did you inquire, who it was? Where did you find this footage? It’s from the
Hospital’s private hub. Did you check Ramani’s
system at home, for a copy? What the hell are you doing? Great, why don’t you
call in the Police too. Let them come and
ransack everything. Sir! Look. Sir. Sir. We’re getting the search
warrant, not until tomorrow. Until then, you can
help rather being idle. Blood hounds. Run! Sir. There’s a missing complaint lodged by
Ramani’s wife, stating he’s missing. When? Day before, midnight. This is Ramani’s room. He’s shouldn’t take even a
strand of hair from here. -Come here.
-Sir. Check if this matches
with that eye? Get the DNA report. Sir. This is a restricted area. -You can’t be here.
-I got the warrant. You don’t require that. The entire evidence will be
destroyed, as they keep disappearing. Hey. If you find a pharmacy,
please get my tablets. Driver, there’s one
around that left corner. Tell me. Kavitha, hasn’t been to
college since 3 days. Hey. Get me a Tea. Tea. Hahaha….order there. Hey Palani, get 3
cups of Tea here. Ok, tell me now. Kavitha, hasn’t been to
college since 3 days. We’re aware of that. Are you sad about it? Let’s get to the school and check,
first tell us what’s the issue. I confessed my love to Kavitha. What? What are you saying? You had proposed to Kavitha. She’s hasn’t turned up to
college in past 3 days. Do you think Tea, is the
solution to this issue? What is this? Hey! What did Kavitha say to that? She said “Father”. “Father”. “Father”. I call my Father, with
a different name. Don’t you think that’s a wrong
way to cal your father? I’ll use my words cautiously. Thank you. Come in, please join us. Are you guys, Madurai? No! Kathir, this is Melivin
and he’s Noor. I didn’t ask for your name. I asked for the city. Where are you from? I’m from Madurai as well. Where in Madurai? Salem. Then why are you drinking at
Coimbatore, if you’re from Salem. I couldn’t take that depression,
and that’s how my liquor got over. Our buddy is sad, so do you. So and So. Ok, what’s the sob story here. Not sure, what is it. Sister Kavitha, haven’t been
coming to college since 3 days. Is Kavitha your sister? You’re still here? No, no she isn’t. Love? How? It’s the same with me too. Thank you. That’s great. -You’re great.
-You proceed. When we have achieved
everything in life… …and if we don’t have the love
of our life. It feels empty. At the same time. Even if we don’t have
anything with us. But if we have the
love of our life. Then, the entire world is in our hands.
Am I right? That sounds great. Where are you guys headed? We are headed to Hostel. Oh, ok. What about you? I’m headed to Gandhipuram. Why don’t you do one thing. Drop me at the Hostel and then
you guys can go to Gandhipuram. Fine with us. Aren’t you guys singing? Hey. Hey! Ask him to get down, we’re here. Hey, ask him to get down. He got down at the
Hostel, long back. He got down at the
Hostel it seems. Then why did we come here? Why did we come? Not sure, why. He doesn’t know. It’s fine, if he doesn’t know. Hey. It’s your father. He identified your
Dad, perfectly. -Good boy.
-That’s me. Hey, Kavitha is here. Idiot, that’s your father. Let’s take an Auto… Damn it, get down. …it’ll be late if
we take the bus. Kathir! My father has seen it as well. Buddy, pull me up. Give me your leg. Hey, Dad. If at all, we get the girl we love… Shall we go quadraples
on the bike? Dad. Camera? Dad! He always, tells me everything. He was upset since past 2 days,
’cause you had scolded him. That’s just an excuse for him. How did the camera end up
with Kavitha, you damn it. Oh no, Dad. Waiter, waiter… I’m on the way, Air Force One
is required immediately. Hi! You can’t even maintain a
decency, while sitting down. Shall I sit or leave? Hey. You’re already seated, just
remove that bone from your mouth. Dad. Last night at the bus stand… -What’s this?
-Dad! Uncle, this is what
he did last night. Hey. Everyone is looking here. The entire crowd witnessed it. What are you getting at? What do you want me
to say, Kathir, what? I saw everything. What’s left to see. It’s all your fault, Uncle. Uncle. Don’t keep nagging. Dad, she is accusing as
if I’m drunk always. Oh, so you have plans
of that sort too? Last night your dad… …got you a camera, thinking
you’ll become a great photographer. But the first photo on that was
your disgusting drunk face. Why do you even
need this anymore. Sell this one too and get
drunk with that money. What are you
actually getting at? You won’t get it, Kathir. You won’t understand anything. It’s better you don’t get it. You don’t have to get it,
what your father thinks. You don’t have to get it,
what this world thinks. Also you don’t have to understand,
what’s on my mind either. Get lost. I’ll leave, Uncle. Go, sell this and get drunk. If
that’s what makes you happy. At least, start
studying hereafter. Hey! What did you say? repeat that. Say it. Say it. Do you know what he said? I’m not like, how I used to be. Just in a moment… …you became a part of my soul. You and me… …no matter what others say. Our love. You and me, lost in the air. Flying around. I’m not like, how I used to be. Just in a moment… …you became a part of my soul. Oh love, I really
like you a lot. But still my love for you
will pretend not to. How was your trip
to USA, Doctor? Nothing great, Doctor. The long flight of 22 hours. Tires you out totally. And then, when you’re leaving
please check on Ward #3 too. Ok, Doctor. -Hey
-Sir? How long does it take
from America to India? Approximately 20 hours. Don’t you think, Madam? Sriram, 7 ‘O’ Clock, Lufthansa. Sriram came down to India, 12 hours
within the death of Krishnamoorthy. Sir, this is Ramani’s DNA report.
It matched with the eye. Where’s the body? We just got Ramani’s call logs. Check for the last
dialed numbers. If that’s the case, he received
a call before he died. -Was it on 5th of the March?
-Yes, Sir. Get me the Ambulance
and the Auto driver. Before they’re nabbed
by the Police. I want them. Is this the house?How many room does it have.Sir, be careful. This is not a good sign,
shall we get back. Sir, the house seems
to be unlocked. No one is in the house. They left the place leaving
the milk on stove. Sir, he’s that
Ambulance’s driver. Thank God, he found it. March 5th. This is the only number which
is live in this entire case. If we catch this one,
we can find the truth. Get me that number. …07544. Wait! Who’s in charge of Sulur? I think, it’s Sathya. Take down this address. “Omega Godown, Sulur”. Ask that Sathya, to
go to that Godown. Ok, Sir. See. Sulur, Omega Godown. Take the left ahead of you. Sir, Police. Back, back! Flash the lights from this car. He’s a left hander, right? I don’t think so, Mr.Sagayam. He’s a right handed too. Ambidextrous! Left side of the skull, is
crushed in to 7 pieces. Whereas on the
right hand side… …it’s crushed in to 8 pieces. So obviously… Only a person who can
use both the hands. Could have committed this murder. These are my PM reports. So if we go according
to your report. He should have killed those 3, 24 hours
ahead of Krishnamoorthy was dead. Yes, exactly. Thank you, Doctor. You’re welcome. -Hey.
-Sir. Throw few questions at
me regarding this case. You’re a senior
officer, how can I… Just ask. Mr.Sagayam. Why was MD.Krishnamoorthy killed, and was
pushed over from top of the building? To make others realize his anger. Why not, Sriram? He could
have killed Krishnamoorthy. He was not in India
at that moment. When did he get to India? He arrived, within 12 hours
from Krishnamoorthy was killed. He knew, Krishnamoorthy
was going to be killed. So Sriram, knew the killer? Definitely, he’s aware of it. Ok. Us, sorry I meant you… The one who is
trying to kill you. Is that Sriram or the Murderer? Nambirajan? Either should be dead or
would have got settled. Krishnamoorthy,
Nambirajan & Ramani. They’re related to H+ Hospital. Ambulance Driver. Ambulance Helper. Auto Driver. These people are not
related to H+ Hospital. What’s connecting them? Except for Krishnamoorthy and Nambirajan,
everyone else is from Coimbatore. That’s the only
link between them. This case didn’t originate in
Chennai, but from Coimbatore. Before MD.Krishnamoorthy
was killed in Chennai. There were 3 who were dead. Who was the first one
to bite the dust. Driver. Sir, he’s the Auto Driver. Make list of all the criminal cases in
Coimbatore during last three months. Ok, Sir. Sir! What happened Sagayam? Any improvements? I have found one suspect, Sir. In fact, I’ve set a trap and waiting
for the mouse to bite the cheese. I can’t wait anymore, Mr.Sagayam. Your deadline is short. I know. I know, Sir. Thanks. Sir. There have been 6
cases, in two months. Two were accidents. And then three were murders,
which were convicted. Then one hit and run by an Auto. Case details. It was 5th of March,
with a college student. Which College? Not sure, which College… Hey, where you running off to. Noor, catch him. Hey, don’t leave
him, catch him soon. I can’t run beyond this. Hey, tell us what
did you gift her? We won’t leave you, no
matter where you go. Hey fatty catch him. Buddy, don’t insult us like this.
Please stop, don’t run. Where did he disappear? Hey! Why are they chasing you? Your birthday is coming
up on 5th of March. So, they’re chasing asking,
what am I going to gift you? I told them, I did already. What did you get me? Hey! Don’t you remember,
what I gave that day? What’s this? Have a look. Wear this on my Birthday. Oh god, this is not good. It’s ok, I’ll take it. Ok, what are you going to
gift me on my Birthday? Can you ask the
same, with a smile? Finally caught. Kavitha. What did he gift
you, what was it? Nothing, that I can boast of. If he does, I’ll let you know. What’s that, you have given her. Hey buddies. I have been searching for
you guys, everywhere. Listen carefully, sister’s
marriage is fixed for tomorrow. You guys have to be there, the
groom is going on-site for a job. So the marriage was fixed all of
a sudden, here’s the invitation. Definitely. Give this to someone else. I’m leaving, I still have to hire,
photographer, marriage hall and decorations. Buddy, haven’t arranged
for booze yet. You guys have to
be there for sure. Hey, don’t forget to
arrange for booze. Hey, get her something
which she likes. What does Kavitha desire? Why don’t you ask her. He’ll ask us everything. He’s like that. Hello, Dad. What’s it son, where are you? School or College? Who’s that? I’m at college. There’s been no calls
from you, are you pissed? I’m not pissed, Dad. Kavitha’s birthday is coming up,
there’s a confusion what to gift her. Mel, is asking me to
buy what she likes. Whereas, Noor is asking me
to get what she requires. Dad, what was your
first gift to Mom? Me… Only after I got her a gold
chain from reputed jeweler. She respected me as a person,
moreover gave birth to you. Ok, what’s the balance
in the account? I think, may be
around 25 or 26k. Hello! Hey, hey, hey. Hello!!! Hey, listen. That’s it, I’m screwed. -Hello.
-Welcome. -Chain.
-No, Ring. Do you wish to see
Chain or Rings? If you’re confused, why
don’t we draw notes. Why not, let’s write it down. Why don’t you write them. Ok, Sir. Idiot, be quiet. Hey. Are you guys going to pick? That’s great. You’re a smart baby. Hey! China! Oh God, it’s not China,
it’s written Chain. I was saying the same with
an excitement in Tamil. You go to your Mother. It’s great. This looks good. Sure it is. It’s nice. Ok. Finally, chain it is. It looks good. How much do you
thing it will cost? Ok, where have you
planned to gift this? In Ooty. At a lonely place. Just us. What about us? I can see many
beautiful faces here. The bill is 24,000/-. Ok. Do you accept Debit Card? We do, but there’s an issue
with the network at the moment. There’s an ATM close
by, you can withdraw. Why is he calling now? You failed in English? Yes buddy, I’ll be the only one who
will have an arrears in English. What happened, didn’t
you withdraw cash? Will do, we have time for that. Do you need cash, how
much do you need? I have enough. Then what? That’s fine, why didn’t you
pick up George’s call? What does he want? He’s been looking for a photographer,
for his sister’s wedding. What? ‘Cause, everyone is
quoting around 70-80K. Did you hear that? My Dad is a photographer. I’m a photographer. Is there anyone, who can
click better than me? Bloody. Hey, you do one thing,
fix him for 24,000/-. -Why, 24,000/-?
-Just, shut up. Ok, I’ll speak to him. Let’s go. Understand, dude. -Hey.
-Hey. Just be quiet. Hi Uncle. -Son, how are you?
-I’m fine, Uncle. -Aunty didn’t come?
-No she couldn’t. Why is that? Hey, why are you asking? I asked for a Photographer,
where is he? Don’t worry about that, but
he’s strict with payments. How much is he asking? He was asking for 25,000/-. But I got you a bargain,
and fixed it at 24,000/-. Ok, ask him to come,
it’s getting late. Hey! Look there. Doesn’t our buddy looks
like a photographer? -Hi.
-Hi. -What’s he doing here?
-Love. Sorry, Sir. Sorry? Can’t you see if
you’re holding an camera. Sorry Sir, don’t get angry. To hell with your sorry. Click them well. Sorry, Sir. Somehow, they learn
to say sorry. Can you please move
a little backward? Little to the left. When do you think, he’ll be done. I’m not aware of that. Hey, what’s up? Hey, sit down. When did he come? -Long back.
-This is our third round. Hey, photographer. I have to leave, can’t you
eat after clicking me? He will, once he’s done eating. Why? Can’t it be done after
clicking my picture? Do the job, for what
you’re here for. Hey, I’ll go and come. Does he need this? Is it over? Hey, Kathir. Hey. You’re leaving without
taking your payment. It’s not required. What’s wrong with him? Obviously, if strangers
yell at him. Give that to me. Ignore that idiot. Take the payment, when
you’ve done your job. -Let’ leave.
-Bye. -Good man.
-Shut up. Take this, Sir. The bill is 24,500/-. 24,500/-? Yesterday, you said
it was 24,000/-. And now you have
hiked the price. Today the rate of Gold per
gram has increased to Rs.62/-. That makes an increase
of Rs.500/ Sovereign. When they increase
it, so we have too. Who’s increasing it? It’s the Americans. Who have purchased Gold in $’s. If the value of $ increases,
so does the value of Gold. Same way, if the value of Gold increases.
So do the value of $ increases. Overall, they gain a lot. What business, do
we have with that. Are you going to buy this? I will buy it. My love is facing issues
pertaining America. Obama! Hey, Buddy. How
come you’re here? It’s Kavitha’s
Birthday tomorrow. So, came down to get her a gift. Did you get it? Not yet. That’s fine, let’s get inside. It’s ok. So, tell me. How did everything go at,
George’s sister’s wedding? Everything went well. Dad is not in town. That’s why couldn’t make it. Did he get pissed? -No
-No? Why do you look weird? What’s it? Did you eat anything? What’s it? I’m done with my shift,
so came to inform you. I had asked someone
for the night shift. If you call my boss,
he will send someone. I’m not keeping well. Is that so. You can leave. Thank you. Hey, Shall I do this
job?Just for a day. Idiot, there are
people for that. Let me do this, just for a day. Why is that? That’s not it, I had mentioned
about Kavitha’s gift, right? I’m short of 500/- for that. I’m really going to swear at you. If you need cash, take it from register. What happened, didn’t
your dad transfer cash? No, I do have cash
in the account. I don’t get it, you have cash but
you’re saying that short of 500/-. I don’t understand. It’s not that. When I give her that
Chain, tomorrow. I don’t wish to see yours
or my Dad’s hand in it. Don’t become an Idiot,
in the name of love. Hey. Where are you going? You may struggle for your love. But I can’t see my friend
suffering for that. Kavitha, is really very lucky. Brother. Don’t look at the TV now. I went through a lot for this. You can check the
news, after I leave. Now, give me that chain. Take this. Hello Kavitha, where are you? I’ve been waiting for long
at that same bus stop. Ok, ok…ok. The lights are green now. I’ll be there in two minutes. Here on, I’m going
to walk on clouds. Along which, I’ll
hold your hands. Beyond this horizon. Let’s go on a journey. For which, I don’t even need a breath,
just our kiss will be enough. You come in very coyishly. That made my heart
walk endlessly. Was standing there astounded. You kept killing me,
with your antics. In the shadows of your hugs. I get lost in to them. Just give me a hint. I’ll just mingle in to the
dust, from your path. Just like the mild drizzle and the
ray of sunshine, come together. Your anger and shyness
came together. That made our love all
the more romantic. It was that moment, which
neither had love nor intimacy. That moment! Look, look around… No one will love someone,
to the extent like we do. You’re the theme of my book, in that
auspicious occasion. It’s all you. You’re my soul,
so is my worship. No matter what happens,
I’m your only friend. I will be your Bharathi, I will be
your madness. Just ’cause of you. You come in very coyishly. That made my heart
walk endlessly. Was standing there astounded. You kept killing me,
with your antics. In the shadows of your fringes. I get lost in to them. Just give me a hint. I’ll just mingle in to the
dust, from your path. That pleasant smell of greenery,
at the stroke of first rainfall. That’s the same scent, which is
diffused in few parts of your body. That moment of last breath,
when my eyes are closing… …you will appear at that
time like I’m your thought. Just like the music floating in the
air, I’ll enter your heart and love you. Just like the bushes in the jungle,
you’ll leave my fringes messy. Is this earth enough for you. Or else you need more. The glances you’ve have thrown. Are just like the sunshine
mixed in the morning air… Hey. Move your vehicle. Go. And this… Get lost. Kavitha. Name of that Girl? Kavitha, from B.Sc CS. Kathir. When was the last
time, you saw Kathir? He hasn’t come to the
college,since three days. Where’s Kathir now? His father came
and took him away. Take Kathir’s father
in to custody. Where’s Kathir. Don’t get too upset, Son. Do you want water? I’ll go and get it. That was the last
time, I saw him. Everyone father take their child
to be the most honest one. But yours is a different case. No matter who is it. We might suspect our wife… …but will never
suspect our children. To be honest… The most powerful thing is love for
children than weakness for women. Sir. A Father should
believe in his child. Kathir was three years old,
when his mother passed away. If at all, he likes
someone, that’s it. He’ll start to behave
like a child with them. Does he lose his
temper, quite often? Is there anyone, who
doesn’t lose their temper. Everyone does. Money is never his worry. If someone is in trouble, he won’t
mind giving his life to them. He’s killed one
too many as well. Sir. I don’t think so, he would
have done anything that grave. He’ll listen to me. For god sake, don’t convict
him with some big accusation. I beg of you. -Get him.
-Please get down. Hey!!! Headlines for Today. Main suspect in the murder of H+
hospital’s Krishnamoorthy is Kathir. In regards to this, his father was
taken by police for investigation. But he died, due to hit
by a unidentified car. Is this an incident or a scheme of
Kathir to escape the clutches of law… …is being investigated
by the Police department. Sir? He was the one, who
ran over his Father. How can you expect him to
turn up at the Hospital? -Let him go, he’s here. Dad. Dad. Kavitha is not dead. Kavitha is not dead. Dad. She’s not dead. Kavitha is not dead. Kavitha is not dead. Dad! Sir. Tell me, Mr.Sagayam. The accused is with me at the moment. Was calling in regards to
the video documentation… Sagayam? Sagayam? Are you online? Hello? Hello, hello. Sorry Sir. Was feeling a bit dizzy. I forgot to take my meds. Are you alright? Yes Sir, I’ll finish
the documentation… …I’ll present him front of
Magistrate and arrest him. Ok, take care of yourself. Yes Sir, I will take my meds. Hey, un-cuff him. -Hey, Sathya.
-Sir? Get me meds for Diabetes, my
blood pressure is rising. Give me that. -Please hurry.
-Ok, Sir. Hold this. Name is Kathir. S/O Dayalan, Mother is no more.
And photography is your interest. And now, Kavitha. See, I have cracked the case. You’ve done the murders. All of them were
committed by you. Don’t instigate me, my
Blood Pressure is rising. I just need answers
for 3 questions. #1 Why did you kill
Krishnamoorthy? #2 Why is Sriram on
a look out for you? #3 What happened to Kavitha? Tell me. Come on, tell me. Speak up. Reply, you damn it. Kathir. I’ll go and get it for you. I’m Kavitha from B.Sc
Computer Science. Nothing is wrong with me. —-Kathir—- Kathir, this way… Nothing is wrong with me. Do you like me? I’ve been waiting for long,
at that same bus stop. You don’t get it don’t you. Come, let’s go. Stop, stop. Why are you
running away so fast. Get to the side, come here. Get to this corner. They’ll crash in to you. No one, knows to drive here. They’ll crash in to you. Don’t leave. Don’t leave, Kavitha. Don’t leave, Kavitha. Don’t leave, Kavitha. Please don’t leave, Kavitha. Kavitha. Kavitha. Kavitha. Kavitha! Kavitha. Kavitha. Why did you crash in to her? She was just standing
in one corner. Then why did you
crash in to her? Tell me! They just gave me
Rs.500/- for this. I don’t know anything else. If you need to know more,
ask that Ambulance driver. I don’t know anything else. They just gave me 500, I
don’t know anything else. Auto driver was suppose to come,
there’s no call from him. Eventually he has to come
here for his payment. Will take care of him then. Did Ramani Sir, call you? About tomorrow’s work? What did you guys do to her? Tell me, what did you guys do? Tell me. Leave me. Tell me. Come on, tell me. What did you guys do? Tell me. In spite of Green
at the Signal… …you were stranded with
your bike switched off. I went past you. That girl, got down
from the pavement. I crashed in to her. The Ambulance was waiting
for me to get there. As per our plan, I left
as soon as the Auto came. But we saw, even you
were lying there hurt. We just picked up Kavitha
and left the place. Do we really have to do this? Don’t deflect from the work, for
which you’ve been paid for. Tell me, damn it. Oh, God. Kill him, Kill him. Don’t let go of him. I don’t know anything
more than this. They just asked me to do this. Let me go, please let me go. I was just paid
Rs.5000/- for this. It was Ramani, who
ordered this kill. I don’t know anything else. Let me go. I have a family to raise. Please, let me go. Take it down. Name is Swetha. Tomorrow at KG Theater bus stop. I’ll be waiting at Hospital’s parking lot,
come and get the details and advance. Ramani? Who are you? What do you need? Who the hell are you? Why are they following you? If you like him too, then…. I can’t ride with
you on the bike. Ok, what gift am I
getting for birthday. I like what I’m doing. Tell me, what’s it. What’s it? What’s left to say, I
just saw everything. Kathir. I want to give them a
demo, with your help. You don’t have to understand. Neither have to worry about,
what your dad thinks about you. Nor have to worry
about the society. But you have, about
what I think. Why did you click my pictures? It was H+ Hospital MD. He was asking for H
“+ve” blood group. I just gave him the address. And I was paid
Rs.50,000/- for that. I swear, I don’t
know anything else. Doctor? What’s wrong with you? Doctor, is there any problem? What did you guys do to Kavitha? Which Kavitha? You didn’t even know her name.
“H +ve”. They didn’t even know her name. What was her fault in this? H +ve. That’s it, the name
doesn’t matter at all. Only their blood
groups matter to us. I became a Doctor to do
service to the people. Inside a small cabin. I use to take a fee
of just Rs.10/-. I used to treat people with no
intention of doing business. But unfortunately my
son, is a businessman. I couldn’t make him a doctor. But he made me a businessman. Your Kavitha’s, blood group. H… Hey, Hey, Hey. Just then, I learned that
Sriram was behind all this. Let’s make a deal. Tell me, what do you want? Kavitha. I have no issues, if you’re
going to kill my father. It would be better, if it’s
not in front of my eyes… The business he was running
under Indian currency… …I have turned that
in to American $’s. I just need him,
for my business. Sorry, Dad. Very very sorry. Dad! You have to come down. He needs me, and I want him. Let me go, I have to kill him. Hey! If that’s the case,
you’ll have to kill many. I can’t let you go, there’s
something called Law. I have too much to do. I have to file a report and
take you to the court. Hey, where is he, who
went to get my medicines. Let go of me, Sir. Hey, Hey. Sir, sir hold on a minute. Let me go. Let me go. He’s a innocent guy. Innocent? How can he attack
a senior officer? Get up, Sir. Get up. Is your head spinning, the
medicines will be here. Where did he go? Hey you. Lift him. Lift him well. Hello, Mr.Kashayam! Or is it, Sagayam? You both joins hands, and made
my work all the more easier. I was anyways, going to kill
the weak links in my business. And that he did it, more over wanted
to nab him and you did that for me. Thank you. I might have let him go. But… …he slit my father’s
throat right in front of me. Poor him. Tragic. Sorry, Dad. I can’t let go of
him, with ease. Hey, stop the nonsense. You’ll kill him and he
will kill you it seems… …then who am I in all this? Look here. He’s the one, who killed
your father Krishnamoorthy. I have to take him to the
court and produce him. I’ll come back. I will not let you go. Make way. You’re welcome. I was wondering. Why is this commissioner, is showing
such an interest in this case. ‘Cause of you? Nope. It’s ’cause of my money. You can’t buy everything
with your money. Foolish. Sagayam! You’re looking very tired. That’s because of my medicine. Humans start to blabber
when they lose hope. Just like that. My Dad too. Will keep chattering
about something. He doesn’t know to Socialize. I taught him. More than the certificate
of an honest man. The status of a wealthy
man is important. I know, all these
ethics are outdated. When right from drinking water till
education has turned in to business. It’s hard for you and
me to remain a Human. Correct. Mr.Sagayam. My business is of the Hospital. Pure Business. It won’t prosper, if
there are no patients. If I want my business
to run smoothly. None of the disease, should
be cured completely. If the companies which invented
medicines start to cure the diseases. Then it will be a
disease free world. If all the medicines, start to cure, how
will the Pharma companies make money. Have to invent new diseases. And then invent new
medicines for that. That’s our only job. Mr.Sagayam. Sagayam? Mr.Sagayam! The meds you’re taking are
manufactured by my company. In a way, you’re my customer. Those pills won’t cure you. You will remain a
patient until the end. Now you need these pills, right? The desperation of one,
while losing their life… …is the starting
point for my business. I can’t stop. You contribute a portion of salary towards
my business, so I won’t kill you. ‘Cause that’s business ethics. You’ll die anyways. Hey, lift him up. Hey. Hey, brother. Kavitha. Kavitha… What’s with you and
ranting “Kavitha”. Do you want to meet her? Shall I send you there? But. She had a rare blood group. “H +’ve”. Very rare. Just two among a
population of a million. It’s a big deal. This blood group. Once she had donated
blood at the College. We marked her, at that time. They can’t just die. I thought will make
best use of her. A foreigner. Offered 2 Crores for a Unit. Thought of using her to the max. But she was weak. Very weak. Just now, I sold all her organs. And saved three foreigners. Try. But I never expected for
you to come behind her. That was my mistake. And your’s as well. Very good. What’s your Blood Group? “Cause, I don’t like
to waste anything. If at all you had asked. She would’ve donated willingly. Kathir. Buddy, Kathir. Buddy, look. -Look.
-Look, here. Please look. Buddy, look here. The bees are disturbing her. Kavitha. Kavitha. Kavitha. Wake up, Kavitha. No need, Kavitha. It’s not fair, Kavitha. Let’s leave, Kavitha. It’s not fair, Kavitha. Let’s leave, Kavitha. Kavitha. Uncle. Please talk to her. She’ll listen to you. No need of this,
let’s leave Kavitha. You talk in sign language,
please talk to her in that. Kavitha, let’s leave. I have got something for you… I forgot to let you
know, Kavitha. Please wake up, Kavitha. Buddy, please listen. Please wait, will take her too. Hey, ask her to come along. Wake up, Kavitha. I’m not able to take
this, please Kavitha. Ask her to come, buddy. Kavitha, please come with us. Hey, Kavitha is leaving us. Kavitha…Kavitha. Call her. Kavitha, is leaving us buddy. She’s leaving.

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