In this video, we’ll demonstrate how to
replace the main control board on your GE Appliances washer. To replace the main
control board, first disconnect the power by unplugging the washer or turning off
the circuit breaker. Then move the washer away from the wall for easy access to
the back of the washer. Place a towel on top of the washer to protect the washer
and the control panel during installation. Next, remove all of the
knobs off the front of the control panel. Then, remove all of the screws from the
back of the control panel. Now slide the control panel to the right
and lift forward. Place the control panel gently on the towel. Now you have access
to the old control board. Detach all of the wires connected to the old control board. Then, remove the bracket and mounting screws. Now you can lift the old control board
off of the panel. The new control board will be packed in an anti-static plastic
bag. When handling the new board, please wear gloves to reduce the risk of damaging the electronic components. The new board will not have a jumper plug. You will need to remove this plug from the the old board and install it on to the
new one. Then, position the new board onto the panel. Securing it in place with a
bracket and mounting screws. Now, connect the wires to the new board. And slide the panel to the left to lock it into place. Replace the screws on the back and the
knobs on the front. Finally, reconnect the unit to power. For genuine replacement
parts, shop now at And be sure to subscribe to our
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susan scott · March 2, 2019 at 7:18 pm

My washer sometimes doesnt agitate sometimes after resetting it agitates. It used to not fill now it fills but sometimes does not agitate or spin sometimes it does usually after resetting. Not sure what could be wrong so I do not know what part I may need.

susan scott · March 2, 2019 at 7:18 pm

How do you know when you need a new control board?

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