Well hello there! You are just in time. I need to request captioning
for some of my videos. But since my online video
platform does not allow uploading caption
files, I will also need to request CaptionSync’s Video
Encoding service as well. You may follow along to
request video encoding for your own videos. Before submitting
videos to CaptionSync, we need to do two things. First, we need to ensure
that the videos are either in the .MOV, .MP4,
.F4V or .M4V format. Then we need to decide
on the type of encoding service to request. CaptionSync offers two
types of encoding services. The first is to add a Subtitle
Track, encoding the captions into a selectable subtitle
track of the MP4 media file. The second option is
called Open Captions, which encodes the captions
directly into the video frame of the media file, usually
below the original video frame. Ok, so now that we’ve got our
videos in the correct format and we know which
encoding service we need, we can start making the request. Log into your CaptionSync
account and navigate to the New Captioning
Submission page. Open the Advanced Settings to
bring up the settings panel. From the Video Encoding
tab, select the type of encoding you want to request. You can see our written tutorial
for more information on how to configure the
Appearance settings for Video Encoding requests. When you’ve made all the
changes, click Apply Changes. Note that you can see if
Video Encoding was selected on the Summary Sticky. All that’s left is to
complete the fields on the New Captioning
Submission page. Once Video Encoding
has been completed, you will receive an
email with a link to the Submission Details page. Just scroll down to the
Video Encoding Results field and download the
final MP4 video. There are a couple of other
things to keep in mind about CaptionSync’s
Video Encoding feature: because the encoded videos
are potentially quite large, we only keep them in
our system for 90 days, so make sure you
download the result soon after it is available. If you need to do a
“redo” of the submission, video encoding results will
automatically be regenerated, provided you do the
redo within 90 days of the original submission. That’s all there is to it. If you have any questions
feel free to contact us, and as usual check out our
CaptionSync Support Center under the Help link in your
account, as it has answers to many of the most
common questions. I’ll see you next time!

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