Tracer. Arguably the most iconic character in Overwatch. She is on the box art after all. She’s cool, she’s funny, she’s spunky, she’s
unique, and you can get all this just by looking at her at a glance. But, how does one go about making a character
with this much personality SO recognizable? Well I’m going to tell you how because this
is… First of all, a little bit of character design
101. Now, who is this character? It’s MARI-OH GOD. What happened? Well anyway, if a character is designed well
you should be able to tell who they are JUST by looking at their silhouette, or the basic
shapes that make up that silhouette. And this isn’t even one of his iconic poses
he’s just kinda standing there at an angle and you STILL knew it was Mario. And if you DIDNT… stop this video right
now and go play a Mario game. Then work aaaall the way up the timeline till
Overwatch. Ok? Ok. Let’s take these beautiful concept illustrations
by Arnold Tsang and silhouette them out. You can still totally tell who every character
is, even when they’re not next to each other. This is really important in character design
because you want every character to be recognizable at a quick glance. In fact, every characters in game assets were
created completely from scratched. That means all the character models and animations
were made from the ground up to fit each character’s unique style and personality. Normally, base assets for game characters
are copy and pasted. That’s how you end up with weird quirks like
ALL the men AND women characters being the exact same height. Hey, remember when Ubisoft said animating
women was hard? LOL! Now lets take just the tank characters. You’ll notice right off the bat, they’re huge. But not only are they tall, they’re also much
wider than the other characters. They’re intimidating. You don’t want to fuck with these guys. You’ll find most of their weight in the middle,
in their core, and it’ll need to be distributed downward to the legs in order to hold all
that weight, with the exception of DVA because she’s pretty light on her feet. Now lets look at the offensive characters. Offense is a pretty broad roll, but more or
less these characters are looking a lot more… human shaped. Now of all of these, you can probably tell
right away which one is the fastest. It’s the small size and the long skinny legs
that give it away. She’s like, what 70% leg? Tracer’s pose here is also one of energy and
friendliness. She’s completely open. She’s waving. She doesn’t even have a weapon in her hand. Then you have the polar opposite here with
McCree. Hand in front of his face, he’s peaking out
from under his hat. He’s closed off. McCree is strictly business. Another major factor in character design is
head shape. Think about it, a person’s HEAD is the first
thing you look at… most of the time. Comeonnow. Eyes up. What are you doing? Across the entire roster of Overwatch characters
we have many head shapes. But let’s take a look at JUST the head shapes
of all of the offensive characters. Some much more anthropomorphic than others. Here we’ve outlined the basic head shape,
and what features DEFINE them. Genji is defined by his angular armor and
V shaped eye slits. McCree is defined by his giant hat that cuts
right across his face. Pharrah is perhaps the most basic with her
helmet off. Her helmet adds a lot more angles, but leaves
her jaw exposed. More on that in a minute. Reaper’s head shape is probably the most obscure. He has a normal shaped head under all that stuff there,
but I’d say the triangular hood is what defines the basic shape. You can see it especially well after you silhouette him out. Soldier 76 is defined by his visor. Men tend to have harder, more angular jaws
while women tend to have more rounded jaws. That’s why Pharah having her jaw exposed makes
sense. If we left it up to the basic head shapes,
then thats it, all the men would look more or less the same, and all the women would
look more or less the same. Now with all that said, we’re left with Tracer. Tracer is defined by her goggles and more
prominently her spiky hair. It’s what helps you notice her at a glance. It helps you pick her out of a lineup super
easily. Hell you can even pick her out of a lineup
of other spiky haired characters because of the unique shape of her spikes. THATS how effective this design is. Her physical appearance isn’t the only thing
that gives her personality. They had to take all this personality and
apply it to her animation. She’s ready to go, knees bent down low, she’s
itching to get started. She’s FAST, but LIGHT and floaty. Her jump gives her a lot of hang time and
slams her down, but she catches it with her legs cause they’re STRONG as FUCK. One unique thing about the animation of Overwatch
is that every character model rig has what they call “noodle bones,” or simply adjustable
bones so you can do stuff like THIS! This allows the type of smear frames you’d
see in 2D animation like anime. It allows animators to give their work some
extra life, some more bounce and character. Being able to squash and stretch objects and
characters at will is part of what make’s Overwatch’s in game animation look so cinematic. It’s all about those little details. And you can see those details in her jump
animation. Look at that… HORRIFIC looking torso. Tracers run cycle show’s her floatiness. She almost looks like she’s gliding along. Her legs are coming up high and she has a
slight bounce so she’s definitely pushing herself, but her feet look like they’re just
skimming the ground. Very very graceful. We can compare this to the polar opposite,
Reinhardt. You can totally FEEL the weight here as he
SLAMS down, almost like the animation speeds up at the end of each step. It’s ALMOST as if, you can tell a little bit
about the characters just from their RUN cycle. HEH!? HEH!? (yaknowwhatimean?) If you think about it, this game is really
all about the characters. It’s a team based shooter with like, 2 game
modes. The variety comes from switching between all
these unique characters. We feel like we know them, even though there’s
so little information about any of them. All we have to go on are their voice lines,
and of course, their design and animation. Ok some of them have these animated shorts
that are like REALLY cool and emotional and breathtaking but even THOSE don’t give that
much away. If anything they’re more of a celebration
of these character’s design and animation! And all of these traits being applied to Tracer’s
design and animation are what make her so easily recognizable, so easily readable at
first glance. It’s what makes us fall in love with some
of these characters even though we have very little to go on. And this type of emotional connection is what
sets Overwatch apart from all of the other hero based shooters. That and the perfect balance between game
types. And you know, that it’s a GOOD GAME. I’m sorry. ANYWAY WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK about Tracer’s
design and animation? If you liked this video and want to see more
like it please give it a like and write in the comments GUYS I LIKED THIS AND I WANT
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see you in another video, yeah?


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