15. La Llorona You have probably heard that name, as La Llorona
has become quite the legend. Especially in Mexico and Latin America, where
this video has been getting a ton of attention. This clip which has been racking up millions
of views appears to be a forest cam video. You can see a figure slowly move across the
forest with very slow movements. While many have claimed this is the infamous
legend, the flickering effect of the video makes me question the authenticity of it. Nevertheless, even the slightest possibility
of this video being real is enough to make it impossible to look away from. 14. $100 Haunted House If your house was haunted, would you stay? Or would you sell it for $100. abdulkarim published this haunting video,
claiming that the house’s owner is trying to sell the house for exactly that, but there
has yet to be a willing buyer. From the get-go, it’s clear something is
in the house. As the video begins, a loud bang is heard
on the top floor. The man taking the video cries out, as he
climbs the stairs, walking toward the room from where the sounds are coming. As he does, the shattering of glass is heard
downstairs. It seems there is more than one ghoul haunting
the place – or maybe just a very energetic one, moving all over the home. He leaves the downstairs ghost to himself
for a moment and continues forward, entering the haunted room. After walking in, it appears as though nothing
and no one is there. But the door slams behind him. He rushes over and swings it open, but it
slams aggressively closed again. Breathing heavily, he races out of the room. The door slams three times, over and over,
behind him. Finally, it slams closed for good and appears
to be shut. The man, getting a second wind of courage,
goes and kicks it open. He walks in the room, scanning the premises. Again, there’s nothing to be found. But yet another door inside the room begins
to slam shut as well. It does so repeatedly. The man walks toward it and around it. Nothing is there. No one is kicking it or causing all this mayhem. It could only be the paranormal. As he enters another room, leading to a large
outdoor balcony, something slams into the hanging overhead light. Glass shatters, and the light swings back
and forth. The video ends here. After watching it, there’s little wonder
no one is willing to pay even $100 to purchase this home. Who wants to live with all that racket? I certainly wouldn’t. 13. Unexpected Apparition In the moment, you might not catch some unexpected
apparition appearing around you. It’s only when you play that moment back
that you find it. Published by william villas in September of
2013, he writes in Malay: “This video was filmed on August 3, 2013 when we were waiting
for the troops to have a video clip that was still unavailable.” The video shows a group of men sitting and
talking in the darkness. They appear to be sitting in a stairwell. As they laugh, completely oblivious to what’s
going on around them, you see a girl dressed in white with long black hair and shoulders
hunched forward pass slowly by at the top of the stairway. The men must not have noticed in the moment,
as they continue on as usual. But they sure must have gotten the scare of
their lives when they watched this clip back later only to make this mysterious and unexpected
discovery. Once you see the apparition, you watch it
again. Over and over, because you can’t look away
from it. 12. Crazy Russian Exercise This entry takes us to Russia, where you know
some crazy is about to go down. We’ve all seen those “crazy Russian videos”
but this one…this one’s a little different. If you’ve ever wondered how “crazy Russians”
exercise, know this: they’re above getting on your average treadmill. Instead, they take to the skies. This video shoes Russians in high places doing
everyday weight training. You know, pushups, pull-ups, all that jazz. Hundreds of feet above ground. One man does pushups with one leg crossed
over the other, gripping the sides of the beam with both hands, while another below
him does pull-ups with nothing but a hundred-meter fall below to catch him. Even worse, he starts whipping his legs about,
making the viewer all the more nervous that something terrible is about to happen. Later, holding the sides of the beams, he
does a slow and painful-to-watch backwards somersault before shimmying his way back to
safety. The next exercise involves balancing with
their weight on a bar, their bodies precariously hanging over the side of the structure. The video continues from there with several
more nerve-wracking balancing acts, the two Russians seemingly enjoying testing their
fate to the extreme. The wind whipping their pants makes their
risk appear even more daunting. Fortunately, luck is on their side…but the
suspense that it might not be means you can’t look away for even a second. 11. Poltergeist We’ve seen plenty of poltergeists on Top15s,
but this one is particularly aggressive. Posted to r/veryspookyvideos, u/Amajormalfunction
writes: “Person captures saucer levitating as poltergeist takes over room.” The video begins in complete chaos, as the
light from an overhanging fan flashes on and off, while the fan is going. Then, on the wall, a picture in its frame
starts to bang. A moment later, a cup levitates off the table
flings up into the air and then falls to the floor. The man taking the video gets the heck out
of there. That’s right – put as many miles as you
can between you and that poltergeist. Seems like Mad Max. 10. Mayfly Swarm Bugs are awful on their own. But swarms of them…what a nightmare. Posted to YouTube in June of 2018, Phaylen
Fairchild writes that mayflies “swarm in from the lake every year and have to be snowplowed
off roads and walkways” The video shows Fairchild’s front deck absolutely
littered with the bugs. At first you think they’re a pile of fall
leaves or other debris. But upon closer inspection, you can see, as
Fairchild points out, hundreds of thousands of bugs all over the place. They’re on the deck floor, on the front
door, on the window, and on the entire exterior of this poor woman’s house. Fairchild notes that the spiders are having
a heyday with this. You can’t look away from the creepy sight. Fairchild says that it stinks and will be
hard to clean up. It’s not noted where she lives, but mayflies
do appear near freshwater and are signs of a healthy water ecosystem. Swarms like this one can last for up to a
month. Seems like a summer holiday abroad is in order. 9. Ortega Ghost Girl Don’t you hate it when you’re alone in
your haunted house and the ghost girl comes out to play? Published in March of 2018, YouTuber JENCOR
shares this video of what he claims is the Ortega ghost girl. The man taking the video greets viewers, showing
them around his living room. He then gives us a tour of his home. At one point, a stand-up fan in one of the
rooms falls over, apparently of its own accord. You’ll find out later this is the haunted
room. He leaves, lights an incense stick, and after
a while, returns to the scene of the incident. A toy moves out from under the bed. As the man speaks to the spirit, saying “they”
told him she wanted to talk to him and that he’s going to close the door, you hear a
singsong voice, that of a little girl. When he shuts the door again, a loud banging
is repeatedly heard. He opens it to find a basket in front of the
door; not where it was last seen. Needless to say, he hightails it out of there. If you have no idea what’s going on here,
Aries Bautista has you covered in the comments. She writes: “The girl played 3 times hard
… he should not have opened. It is assumed that by touching 3 times he
opened a portal that the demons use to enter.” Well then I guess he should have kept that
portal closed. 8. Crybaby Bridge Some things are urban myth. Then again, some myths and legends have some
basis in reality. Published to YouTube in June of 2007 by Heather
Stone, this video shows Crybaby Bridge on Burroughs Road in Lavonia, Georgia. Apparently, there are several “cry baby
bridges” in the state of Georgia. They’re a thing of legend. This is one of those legends. Don’t be fooled by the modern concrete bridge,
linking the county’s two sides. The old iron bridge still stands alongside
it, and that’s where the haunting happens. This video shows a group of friends investigating
the local legend. According to the video, the story goes that
a new mother was riding home in a carriage with her newborn baby and, as they crossed
the bridge, the horse became spooked. He jumped up, causing the carriage to tip
over and the occupants both lost their lives. From there, you might hear a baby cry or haunting
horse hooves on the road. Or you might just see the woman in white,
searching for her baby over the bridge. When you come near her, she disappears. Will the group see any of this? You’re about to find out. The group arrives on the bridge, exits the
vehicle, and one of the girls screams the necessary words. A moment later, you can hear the car doors
lock. The car alarm then goes off and sounds as
though it’s going haywire. They all clamor back into the vehicle, and
as the driver is attempting to turn on the lights, you see the figure of a woman flash
into view ahead on the bridge. Screaming ensues. Lots of it. Although there are plenty of naysayers in
the comments, at least two attest to the validity of these girls’ claims. Brandon Childs notes, “I live over here
by this, you get used to hearing screaming girls and sometimes guys in the middle of
the night…but i do believe there is something about that bridge, weird stuff man.” Weird is an understatement. 7. Witch Takes Flight You expect to come across witches at night. But in the broad light of day…somehow that’s
even scarier. Published in July of 2019, this video purports
to show a witch spotted in Mexican ruins. A man is shown exploring the ruins. Little does he know, over his left shoulder
at a short distance glides the shadow of a witch. At first, the men are oblivious, but as they
turn around and walk back toward the entrance, the figure appears again, this time not lurking
in the shadows, but rather in the light of day. The men are aware of its presence this time,
and as they start to exclaim, the witch takes flight. Up, up, and away. Hopefully, as far away as humanly possible. The video is certainly blurry, which makes
determining what this figure actually is quite difficult. 6. Paranormal Activity One door shuts, another opens. YouTuber Just Paranormal published this video
in March of 2018. One of the dudes in the video says this paranormal
footage was filmed in his home. This shot was directed at him in the darkness,
and over his shoulder, behind him, a door slowly swings closed on its own. They were renovating the bathroom, which is
where the door closed. The man explains that this house was once
owned by his mother-in-law. Although they don’t know whether or not
anyone passed away in the home, his sister-in-law dabbled in witch-craft in high school. As the boys note, you never know what you’re
getting yourself into with that stuff, and this may have contributed to the strange happenings
occurring within the home. At the time, he’d been documenting all the
events occurring in his home, and when he heard footsteps, he started filming. This is why he was able to capture the door
closing on video. He then runs over to the door, opening it
to find no one there; there’s no fishing line on the door knob. To cover all the bases, he explores his home
the next day to see if air vents could explain the door closing. Nothing natural seems to explain this event. Could it be supernatural? What do you think? 5. Fear of Heights If you have a fear of heights, you might want
to step away slowly from the edge of this video. El Caminito del Rey – or “The King’s Little
Path” – is a high walkway in Spain that traverses a narrow gorge in El Chorro near
Malaga. Originally built to allow workers at the nearby
hydroelectric power plants to transport materials, the walkway was first constructed at the turn
of the 20th century. 3 feet in width and 330 feet above the river
below, the walkway twists and turns around the steep walls of the gorge in a way that
will make your head spin. It had been partially closed for more than
ten years, after it fell into disrepair. In fact, it was once called the “world’s
most dangerous walkway,” as five passings occurred across only two years. Renovations allowed the walkway to be reopened
in 2015. Going back to the original, by 2006, much
of the path had deteriorated. Several sections of the original concrete
had completely collapsed, leaving large open gaps only traversable by the steel beams. The handrails were pretty much nonexistent
with only a safety wire in its stead. Regardless, daredevils still walked the King’s
Path, and passings occurred regularly. Published in March of 2011 by A.M., this video
shows what it was like to walk the King’s Path when it was in disrepair. The crumbling concrete stairs are guarded
only by a short length of handrail. As the hiker makes his way upward, you can
see the drop below is no joke. A single misplaced step can throw you hundreds
of feet to your demise. Despite the risk, you can see why people put
themselves in harm’s way. The solitude surrounded by the glittering
river below and the jagged rocks of the gorge is an experience worth having. Not to mention the adrenaline rush of being
a misstep away from passing on. Still, if your heart is pounding just by watching
this video, I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m certainly wouldn’t do it either. 4. Shadow Person Posted by u/cosmicmessenger01, this video
teaches you that whatever’s lurking in the shadows isn’t what you should fear; the
shadows, themselves, are. Taken at Campo Grande-MS-Penitentiary in Brazil,
the grainy footage shows a dark grey barracks, appearing empty at night. Although, it’s likely not empty, as clothes
hang on wires out of each of the windows. Now, watch on the bottom floor as something
appears to be moving out on the side of one wall. The shadow person begins to move upward before
moving sideways and appearing to duck down behind some clothing. You can then see the shadow duck out again,
moving in an amoeba-like style toward the wall and upward, before the shadow disappears
out of sight. What is going on here? Is there a prison ghost here? Whatever it is, I don’t want to find out. 3. Sleep Deprivation If you’ve ever known someone with a sleeping
disorder, then you know there’s tons of tossing and turning involved. But what if it’s not a sleep disorder at
all? What if it’s paranormal
Posted to r/veryspookyvideos by u/Amajormalfunction, the Redditor writes: “Ghostly apparition
appears near patient being studied for sleep deprivation and restlessness…” According to the video, this is real CCTV
footage from Kerala, India. A boy was being surveilled due to sleepwalking. But perhaps he was sleepwalking for a reason. The footage shows the boy sleeping – or
trying to. He covers his head completely with his blanket. As he appears to be dozing on his side, the
next moment, you see a vague white figure appear to climb on top of the boy. Although you think it might be a trick of
the light, in that same moment, the boy reacts startled, as if he feels the figure. Both of his hands fling, as if the spirit
momentarily enters him. The video isn’t without its skeptics. Redditor TheCommonLawWolf suggests in the
comments: “Looks like a VHS cctv system, if so this is probably just remnants of previous
recordings showing up on a recycled tape.” Could be. Or it could be something paranormal is in
that room. 2. Bedbug Farm Warning: once you watch this entry, you’ll
be itching all over. This video was shared on YouTube by Town and
Country Pest Solutions Inc. in January of 2011. It shows a bed bug infestation in Syracuse,
New York. The video challenges viewers to watch the
entire thing. But honestly, it’s so disgusting that you
can’t look away from it. The crew said they didn’t even have to inspect
for these bedbugs, as it’s one of the biggest infestations they’ve ever seen. They show the bugs on the curtains, on the
bedspread, and then the place they love most: the mattress. Apparently, whoever was residing here never
once called to report a bedbug problem. One of the crew says the evidence suggests
this infestation had been going on for months. There are tons of stains on the mattress as
well, from where the parasites gnawed the residents. They lift the sheet to find bed bugs crawling
all over the bottom side. The infestation reaches every corner of the
room, including where the ceiling meets the wall. Bedbugs are nestled up in the crevice. They pull a picture frame off the wall to
find more bugs crawling on the backside. They appear in singles and in clusters. When they lift the mattress off the bed, you
can see bugs scattering all over the bedspring platform. There are so many on the edge of the mattress
that the colony has eaten away at the fabric and apparently they also stink, according
to the crew. One of them says their dogs are usually trained
to smell the bedbugs to search out the infestation, but this one is so bad that even humans can
smell it. It’s so creepy, you can’t look away. You can practically feel them on you now,
can’t you? I did warn you. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. Are you curious about what I look like in
real life? Then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt
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we upload every Tuesday. 1. Levitating Creature Sometimes you see something that looks vaguely
familiar…until it completely surprises you. Posted by u/Amajormalfunction, this strange
figure was caught by a security camera in Turkey. Watch closely to catch what it does. The small figure appears to be trailing across
the road, walking upright. It twirls, at moments disappears, then is
captured again meandering around whimsically. Suddenly it moves forward then takes off into
the air, gliding smoothly upward, all the while twirling in place. It rises, floating, gliding, and soon is out
of sight. The timestamp says this occurred in February
of 2016 at around 2 in the morning. What is this thing? Of course, theories abound in the comments
section. With the most common suggestion being a helium
balloon. If that was the case though, wouldn’t it’s
movement be more supratic? And that doesn’t explain its sudden reincarnation.