I wanted to do something with software development,
and I found a lot of courses here. And there was a special track for
specialization in that course. I liked the University of Copenhagen
because it was among the best universities – – for computer science
here in Northern Europe. A lot of my friends were applying in Europe,
and I just took a chance and applied here. And it is my destiny that I am here today. I like how the professors actually want to
help people pass the courses. And how students are engaging
the professors in order to learn – – rather than in order to
make an impression in class. My favorite course is software
architecture and development – – and it is about designing and
developing software. What are the requirements,
and how should one plan for the users. That is my interest area, because in the
future my focus will be – – requirements for the users and
something which can help them, – – not something which is just there
for marketability. The conversation between professors
and students is really nice, – – and sometimes the professor even stops
the lecture to answer all the questions. Most of the professors are available
to the students anytime, – – and it’s really nice to have
a direct line to your professor – – or to the guy who knows exactly what
you are going through at this time. In Denmark it is not that hard
to find jobs. So if you have your skills right,
you can find it, – – and if you are from DIKU,
it is especially not hard, – – because they really want you.
I have personally experienced that. I think I could have
a very interesting job here. I know that they require people from
computer science in big companies – – and I will try to find a job
and a career here. There is this university website
where you can find jobs – – according to your field of study. They guide you how to find a job,
how to make your CV, – – how to start something of you own.
So they are very supportive. On the Career Day they organized
this “company dating” – – where I could personally
interact with companies. They gave me a lot of information. They helped me realise what
exactly I wanted to work on. It was really welcoming, and
there were a few companies – – with whom I was offered
to have my thesis. In the beginning it was really
nice with the international students, – – because we all wanted
to get to know each other. And it is especially nice
here in Copenhagen – – because there are
so many of them – – and you will always find someone
you can contact and catch up with. I really like the study environment. I can spend my whole day,
because DIKU is open 24/7. Even the canteen
where I can grab some food. There are so many places you
can go – closed rooms, open areas – – with people coming and going. We got so much information
from the welcome programme here. And the internationals, we
met each other – – and I made some friends there. I didn’t feel like I was
going to a classroom. For me it was like going to a
group discussion with my friends. Because we met and there was
this instant connection. Like “Yeah, ok, this is that,”
and we talked, and we are friends now. Living in Copenhagen is like my
most wonderful experience so far. It is the first time I’ve moved
away from my family and friends – – and I don’t feel like I am away
in another continent or country. Copenhagen makes me feel
like I am at home. There are so many places to go,
like cafés, bars. And there are so many events
and concerts, and – – there are so many things,
so if you have the time, – – there is always somewhere to go
to meet people or catch up with friends. I find myself very comfortable,
I really like people here. They are very friendly
and welcoming – – so I would like to live here
for a long time – – because I like this country a lot.

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