“That’s an important thing about SU – there
are so many options and so many different things you can be a part of and it is really
important to take advantage of that” “I still think about it to this day, I would
really like to go back. I made a lot of friends I am still in contact
with” “I went to Florence. It was the best experience in my life, I’ve
never been outside the country so that was a big, big step for me”
“I had Italian professors, they spoke in English and taught in English”
“It was a really cool experience to get that different outlook on engineering and
see how there is a worldwide perspective on it”
“Engineers are problem solvers and nowadays a lot of the problems the world has are international,
intercontinental and you need to learn about different cultures and about different people
to work with them and solve problems so being able to go abroad was truly transformational
in that it helped me understand how other people perceive different things”
“I was a student first but I also realized there was much more to college than being
a student” “I was able to do a lot, I went to Portugal,
I went to Spain, I went to London, I went to Greece”
“For the abroad program, we are able to take the same engineering classes that we
would be taking here, we can take them abroad. So you won’t miss any classes, you won’t
be behind” “Being able to return home and continuing
exactly where I left off was absolutely amazing. I got to be with my friends when I got back,
I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything, I was on the right path and I graduated at
the same time” “I think it’s really awesome that Syracuse
has a small little Syracuse in Florence essentially. Everything is just so seamless and I love
that” “I had always known I wanted to go abroad
and I love traveling so I was really glad SU really makes an effort to give everybody
that opportunity – especially engineers”

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