Alright welcome everyone to Schulich
star tonight 12 it’s gonna be an epic night with some
incredible startup companies from the alumni and from the student base that
are coming here to pitch and we’re excited for our keynote speaker Eva Lau
as well thank you all for coming out and braving the snow from last night I
almost put up my Schulich tooque today but it got a little bit warmer as we
went along Next is Homadorma Hi everyone I’m Cypher from Homadorma
renting it’s painful it’s a job supposed to be done by
the Realtors in reality they don’t really care
on average realtor makes 20 times more in buying or selling than renting
it is simply not their focus as a result when you are trying to rent a room or rent a house or rent an apartment we have to go out there go to the website
trying to contact the landlord directly and try to strike a deal with them
usually this is how it works Browse listings online contact landlord
asked question get answers scheduled the viewing to bunch of cheques cause simply the landlord don’t trust you and then pay to book it’s been this one has been
running for quite a while but the thing is doesn’t it look too I don’t know dated last century 20th why don’t we just cut to the point like that browse pay to book
isn’t that what Amazon’s doing well about 13 years ago I tried exactly this
in York University so 13 years ago I was an international student of just just
you know getting ready to come to York University my first trip outside of the
China and then I checked the website of York University I found one of these
four guys actually Assiniboine right four building is there someone there hiding
in the back you guys know that it’s the cheapest on campus
so I really wanted to book it directly on York University website but there was
no way for me to do it the only access that I can tell it’s
I had to contact the housing office of York University so I sent an email
to Amy how long do I have to keep stay in it one month or at least one
semester or a year Amy says you have to sign a lease for a year but we accept 60 days
notice me what’s a 60 days notice does that mean like I’m quitting the first 60
days without being charged oh it’s a real email by the way i did sent Amy the name is fake but the answer was real so no that’s she said it means you have
to give notice 60 days prior to the date you want to move out me so does that mean if I give a 60 days notice I can move around and get my
remaining housing fee back now for those of you out there if you think that I
look like a idiot in this email that’s because I was because I was an
international student coming to Canada for the first time what are you guys
thinking I’m not an idiot come on for the first time I had no idea what’s
the Canadian how the Canadian rental system worked
I had no idea how you know what it means by 60-day notice actually I challenge you
guys in the audience that I can pick any of you that ask you to explain what does
it mean by 60-day notice see you are silent
well actually Amy Amy is very willing to help
she helped me a lot by sending me this email which totally confused me well
coming from a culture from in East Asia I was not really willing to accept the
fact that I was being stupid so the only right thing that I could say at that
point was thank you you made it quite clear for me I decided I want to take this apartment
but can I change the day to August 21st another change
Amy it was very helpful she said I booked this $680 a month much higher now I know here’s the payment structure please let
me know when it’s done as I can hold the offer for you only for two weeks so far
so good right I spotted another thing I’ve
checked my York University student account found this so what is this $226.70
for the deposit Is the pr-rated rent charge for August would you please tell
me what’s this pr-rated rent charge international students you know what I’m
talking about we’re already paying higher than the
domestic students how there’s another rate for permanent resident that’s what I
thought so she didn’t beep on my email for
two days and the two days later I got this hello you were supposed to arrive
to your apartment August 21st I cannot hold this apartment for you any longer
as you did not pay unless I hear from you tomorrow
I will have to cancel this offer so what went wrong here
two things first there was not enough information for me to book the
apartment on York University website without human interaction whenever had
any question my only source of information was Amy I kept asking her
questions over and over again and even around the same topic as you could see it
actually happened eventually I exhausted my only communication channel second Amy did not trust me I said I was going to book it right how many times have you
told the landlord that you were going to take that apartment but you walked
because you didn’t really put down any payment I didn’t know I did not do
anything either there’s no trust here after graduating from schulich I decided to figure out a way to solve this problem at least for a group of people that I
most familiar with international students I built this
it’s a platform for international students to book homestay in Canada
for those of you out there were not so familiar with the homestay concept
just consider it as a type of student rental usually meals are provided you’re
living together with hosts so I want to tackle those two issues first build
transparency standardize the booking process one two three four simple steps you can do it without human interaction second
build a Help Center full of articles for hosts and for students to read to browse
I just want to do it again without human interaction they can figure out how to
do it by themselves then build trust picture on the left
uploaded by the host herself picture on the right taken by me I went to the
property I use my own not phone a real camera to take the photos same room just if you could tell right same angle I didn’t Photoshop it so one thing
I learnt from here is that well a lot of people you guys know how to take
photos or to say selfie but not really properly photos so I went out there I
took the real photos I was not only able to convince the student that these
are the real priority but I can also make it a better sell criminal
background checks on the hosts landlords if we find anyone that
we’re not having to deal with they’re out providing review thing staff
student host by far some of you might wonder sound familiar right you’re just the
copycat of airbnb to that my answer is yes we are we’re also copycat of Uber
Tapbao Booking PayPal Facebook any kind of a share stuff you can think out there
you can find something in us to actually nothing at Homadorma was
unprecedented previously which is accumulation of small and small
important changes put together this is what we’re now 10,000 homestay hosts
1 million revenue 1,000 bookings processed this is done by three employees in just
three years and the other day when I was looking at this data I realize we
already taken a small step in solving the bigger rental problem 6% of our customers are from Canada so what’s our next step first
shape our product to cater to the local rental needs on our website it says study
abroad it’s not really for rental but it will change get funding for that and
grow that 6 percent I’m pretty sure given it enough time this small step is
going to become a giant leap into solving the bigger rental issue like
that thank you buys It is a QR code you can use your phone to scan just you know

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