– Indoor training keeps
getting better and better. It’s getting more immersive,
more realistic, and more fun, and in this video, we’re going
to show you an app called Rouvy which allows you to ride, race, or train virtually in real
places, so in places like the Stelvio Pass, outdoors, and many more. Now before we carry on
and show you the app and all the features and things
that you can do in Rouvy, be sure to subscribe to
GCN if you haven’t already, and also click the bell icon as this way you’ll get notifications
when we upload videos, and it helps support the channel. (air whooshes) (metal screeches) There are quite a few indoor
training apps out there. Some of them use virtual
worlds and virtual reality, and others use interactive videos. Rouvy is different because
it uses augmented reality. What is augmented reality, I hear you ask? It takes the real world and
projects virtual images onto it. So in this case, you or
I cycling on a real road that really exists. So there’s loads of options to choose from within the Rouvy app. So you could cycle up the
Stelvio Pass or the Paso Ciao or the Ironman Coeur course
if you’re tri-curious, but there’s absolutely
loads to choose from. I mean, there’s even a partnership
with the Tour de Suisse, meaning you get to ride stages of the beautiful Tour de Suisse, as well, which is rather exciting. Rouvy has over 7,000 kilometers of routes including 70 iconic places
and over 3,000 odd films. All the videos effectively offer basic levels of augmented reality in that you can ride them
virtually and see your stats. However, there is a selection of dedicated augmented reality videos that offer a greater
level of augmented reality with avatars, road signs that appear, and other features too. What’s really cool about
it is if you’re training for a specific event or you’re
going to a specific place and you want to train and
prepare for a specific climb that’s in that event or maybe
even the whole route itself, you often can. So for example, if you were
doing the Maratona Dolomites, you’ve got the Paso Ciao
there and the Valparola and several others. So you could practice those climbs in the comfort of your own home. If you speak to any coach, they’ll say regardless of
what you’re training for, one of the most important things to include within your
training is specificity, and you can’t get more
specific than training for the specific climbs that
you’re going to be doing in your chosen event,
which is really cool. Just looking through here, I’ve spotted that there is the Valparola, and the Passo Valparola is a climb that I actually everested last year. So it’s quite a special one for me, and one that I’m very
familiar having ridden up and down it 12 times in a day. (laughs) So I’m going to click on
that one and fire it up and have a ride, that,
and see how it goes. So we select the climb, dead easy, and then it gives you the
option to pick your senses and pay your senses if
you haven’t already. But it’s all very intuitive
and very straightforward to do and pretty quick. So there we go. It’s connecting my turbo
and my heart rate strap. To use Rouvy yourself, you
can use just a standard non-smart trainer if you
pair it with a speed sensor, and this means that you’ll
have to adjust the resistance manually yourself so when
you get to a steeper point, it tells you in the video,
and then you just turn up the resistance and make it
a little bit more difficult, but to get the best and
most immersive experience, I suggest using a smart trainer
like this Elite Toretto X, and the reason it is that
it automatically changes the resistance for you when
you encounter a less steep or steeper section of road. When you get on a steep section of road, you really feel the difference. It’s mad how it accurately replicates the changes in gradients,
what you get in real life. This is a climb I feel like I
know like the back of my hand having ridden it 12
times in a day (laughs), and I remember this bit. I love this bit ’cause this bit’s only 4%, or it felt a lot flatter
when I was doing it, and it is in the game,
but then there’s the bits that I remember hating
where the gradient ramps up, and the trainer responds
and it gets much harder. I’ve also got fond memories of this hotel coming up on the left ’cause
that’s where we were staying, and I remember about
halfway through my ride, Emma Puli was waiting for me there with the greatest apple
strudel I’ve ever had in my entire life (laughs). Good times. In addition to the videos
that are built into the app, there is the option to
create your own videos too. User-generated content is supported, but the professionally done
videos on climbs like this, they’ve often been filmed
on motorbikes or on cars meaning that the footage is very smooth, as I’m sure you can see, and the resolution’s nice and clear too. I’m currently enjoying
the peace and serenity of riding solo up the Valparola, but there is the option to
ride with others as well, a little downhill bit, (laughs) and you could log on
with one of your friends, arrange to do it at the same time, you could ride up the climb together either racing or doing
it solo, which is nice, and also you can put on bots as well. So anyone that’s ridden
this within the app, you can select them as
a bot to ride against, either get someone to chase
or someone to chase you which is kind of cool. You can see I’ve actually put
a bot on down at the bottom, but they’re (laughs)
behind me at the moment. Although that’s not
going to last much longer at the speed I’m
currently riding. (laughs) It’s nice to have the
social element though, it’s really cool, and according to Rouvy, there’s races that you can do as well, and apparently there’s
around $10,000 in prizes given out annually for races on Rouvy. Nice. So we’re approaching the
top of the Valparola now, and you can sort of see the view, but it’s bringing back very
strong memories for me. I mean, I would have loved
to have used this tool to train on for this climb. I mean, the preparation
would have been excellent. ‘Cause it’s very
representative of the effort, but there I can see coming into view that big hotel that’s right at the top, and every time I’d come up this climb when I was everesting, I’d see that there, and I’d be like yes! Thank goodness. That is always a nice thing to see, and then when you get up to the top here, the views are just incredible. It’s actually the site of an
old World War I battlefield as well, fact. But that’s a beautiful place. (exhales) I’ve switched on to a different climb now. This, as many of you will recognize, is the Stelvio Pass coming
up from the Bormio side. It’s an absolute epic climb. It’s like got to be one of the
climbs to do before you die. Without a doubt, definitely a top 10, and this is the famous 14 tornado
section about half way up, 14 hair pins that, it’s like spaghetti draped across a mountain, but it’s mad being able to just do this in the comfort of your own home, and if you were going out there for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to ride it, as many people do and
make that pilgrimage, it’s amazing that you could
practice and prepare for it at home in such a specific way. As part of the augmented
reality experience, you can see there’s a
rider up ahead of me there, and little signs appear
on the side of the road. They pop up, and they tell
you what the gradient is. That one ominously says 14%. Great, that’s my favorite gradient, but I’m catching this dude. There we go, see you later. (laughs) I’m getting
competitive with bots. Anyway (laughs), there’s
another one up there. So I think I’m going to try
and catch him as well (laughs). I’ll show you, bot. But, well, Stelvio is tough, but right up until this
moment, all I’ve shown you is mega epic climbs, but
Rouvy isn’t just climbs. You can also do flat rides
as I’m quite relieved about, and I’m sure many of you will be as well. Now in addition to the flat rides and flat routes that are on here, there are also workouts
and training plans. So you don’t have to just
do rides up big climbs. You can do structured
interval sessions as well. There’s lots you can choose from that have been created by
expert cycling coaches, but you can also input
your own interval session from something like TrainingPeaks, and there’s a session
builder in the app as well. So you can build your own session. (groans) I’m getting pretty tired. (laughs) Oh, man. Oh look, 11%. (breathes) I’m just very thankful, (laughs) as I get to the top there. I’m not everesting this today. It’s not an easy climb, but
if you want to everest it, then you can do in your own house. (laughs) That’d be insane. Oh, so to use Rouvy,
you’ll need a subscription, and they offer a 14-day free
trial without a credit card which means if you do forget to cancel it after the end of the 14 days, you won’t get roped into
paying, which is nice, but if you do want to
carry on after the 14 days, then it’s $10 a month from there on in, and it’s supported on
a number of platforms. So you can use iOS, Android,
Windows, and also Mac which is currently in
a beta mode. (exhales) However, Rouvy is offering
an extended 30-day free trial to the viewers of this video. To access it, simply click on the link in the description below. I hope you’ve enjoyed
this first look at Rouvy and found it clear and informative, and if you have, then
please give it a thumbs up. Share it with your friends. Now to watch another
video on indoor training, you can click down here on my Direto X.


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I like that they also have decent normal workouts (as opposed to the silly ones in Zwift). Still have to look if they have a mode based on heartrate.

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#3 zwift reward and morale boost systems.
#4 it's the only one that's an actual devellopped product that isn't just simple code accompanied by videos filmed by a car going faster than you can ride and thus creating a low fps video when riding slow.
zwift runs at 4k fps, and even tho the graphics look cartoony to some, it's a look that never gets old.
Just look at games like world of warcraft, it's a still going strong after all these years because the graphics are timeless, not defined by technology to make it look real to life.
Anything trying to look lifelike will eventually die, and if i'm going to sink thousands of hours into something, i prefer to not having to switch platforms along the way because of things looking out of date.

I do however wish that zwift ads way more maps, because i'm not fond of new york, london or the other city type maps there are.
Watopia is great, but i wish it had a really long and flat course where you wouldn't have to see the same stuff 10 times on your 5 hour rides without having to climb a mountain to avoid it..
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The video sync with Rouvy is horrible. It makes me sick when I ride too long. I have tried it many times – I always leave it for Zwift. HOWEVER, if Road Grand Tours could get their act together, I think they are much better than Zwift. I have no hope for that though – RGT seems to be dead in the water now.

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Onroulelaboule · January 11, 2020 at 2:49 pm

Rouvy is very very good but not perfect. In my view, outdoor simulation film are much better for indoor training then artificial environment. It is more motivating for me to do ride I did in the past like beautiful Costa Brava, Costa Almafi.
After using it for 2 years there some tip for a better experience:
1- Searches for good videos with 4 and 5 stars videos. Look for video maker like Ride withoutstomach, Gupomuc. There is some perfect video in the video library.
2- Download the videos before training. This help for the quality and fluidity.
3- Have a good internet connection.
4- Have a good up to date tablet or computer that can manage 4k and put it on a big screen tv for better immersion.
Rouvy is not perfect but better then riding in winter here ;o)

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David Stakes · January 13, 2020 at 5:11 am

Have been using Rouvy for over a year now, after a bad fall smashing up my shoulder. I was confined indoors for nearly 8 months after 2 months I had had enough of the limitations of Zwift, not being into racing at my age 69. And trying to keep Zwift interesting with its limited courses. Someone put me onto Rouvy, hooked straight away. And was ideal for a long spell indoors for Rehab, and keeping my motivation. Anyhow it has worked and like the idea I can ride somewhere different everyday. I download the routes to get around any connection issues in streaming. Rouvy suits me as I can ride at my own pace, and do any structured training in a different place everyday. Only have a Dumb trainer again no real problem, as it is supported in the Rouvy list. The Algorithm seems to work better than Zwifts on climbs. Anyhow Rouvy is a great platform and it is getting better, and is the same cost as Zwift.

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I'm using Rouvy for a few monts and on that same trainer – Elite Direto X and I'm quite happy with both. Rode Monte Zoncolan yesterday

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I switched from 'another virtual trainer' when they put the price up. Did all my prep for an event last winter on Rouvy using British Cycling training plans in Training Peaks. Just the job!

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Inner Wolf · January 13, 2020 at 9:23 pm

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Jackie Gammon · January 15, 2020 at 7:48 pm

Not sure why I need to hear that you climbed something 12 times/day… oh wait, heard it more than that. If I'm watching this video to get info, it would be much more interesting to hear about the product and NOT the riders agenda.

Jack Whitehouse · January 19, 2020 at 5:35 pm

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Michael Hogan · January 24, 2020 at 12:05 am

Code Invalid. I guess I won't try it.

barry hambly · January 24, 2020 at 10:48 pm

Nice to see this as Rouvy is really a good app been using for awhile, if you want to ride in the real world this is one of 2 to do that in a great way (I have both) the other is that top Smart Trainer makers own app Rouvy has rides from around the world and for UK riders it has a number of Yorkshire rides which I have been doing plus Lake District and Fred Witton rides It makes a good break from riding virtual reality which I also do but nice to see the real world and climb places which are real and which the pros race up TDF Giro etc and climbs like Zoncolan nice long one to keep you fit

James Quilter · January 25, 2020 at 1:33 pm

Interesting stuff. Alongside this it might also be helpful checking out this list of trainers that have been rated alongside each other with data analysis using Python. https://turbocyclist.com/bike-gear-reviews/best-direct-drive-trainers

Adam Mills · January 28, 2020 at 9:52 pm

Love Rouvey!!

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