Yo… Desolation and sacrilege,
Exclamation and panic fits Hesitation and madness,
Cause I’m decimating them averages Elevating way past them s**ts,
Destination: Lake Hazardous Second place? It ain’t happening, b**ch,
Those mental statements, they mad as s**t I’m fresh up out the asylum,
Here’s the thing; I’m an item Sonning all of these so called Dark Knights,
Word to Gloria Steinem I don’t like ’em, don’t invite ’em
Tell them motherf**kers I’m eying ’em Y’all ain’t bout the vision like I am,
Play your role, but know this ain’t Skyrim Pressing buttons,
Hide your food source; I’m a glutton I want muffins , You’re just mutton
F**king sheep; I seen you bleating with the cretins So I cut in, I’m the reason winter’s coming
They’ll be shivering and shuddering You can picture me predicting freezing; ’tis the season Yeh yeh… Rapidfire Hey Lemme get a two bout to go play I’ve been on the move like all day I can only tell you what my soul say Better listen now before you’re so late Hang with hella shooters,
It’s like all my friends got cameras Might just use that bar on my project,
And go bananas Your boy is on a wave,
I’m just hoping you understand this You can bet I’m here to stay,
The proof is right here on the canvas , ayyy Call the squad good vibrations Time is something that I’m not wasting The humans round me only want greatness So don’t take it personal,
If I don’t f**k with you baby, Don’t make me take you back to the basement I mean I’ll gladly come to this one any day or occasion Some people I grew up with think,
I’m practically famous And I’m just tryna show the world,
That that’s a factual statement So show me somebody who doubts me,
I need someone to prove wrong Never been so god damn proud of me,
Believe in you and take it Way above the balcony manifesting,
Every vision before I’m gone… skyy Let’s get it… Yeahh I’m reppin’ Seoul city 82, this ain’t no K Pop,
But I ride for Vancity 내 flow 는 litty , Yeah I stay hot On my mind 은 온전히 the 종이 종이,
Papers stay stacked All of them rappers be rapping and fronting,
Bout the things that they’re not, look… 난 돈을 버내 더 원해 the f**king rap money 내 미랜 뻔해 more money 다 챙겨 내 주머니 얼만큼 벌어야 세게 영양을 줄 수있니?
인기는 너내나 가져 I’m taking M’s with me Sheesh! Now can’t nobody do it like me, I be balling like I’m KD,
I be grinding hard for the cheese 내 위치는 우주 위에,
너낸 전부다 잠수 하고 있지 I’m just getting started, I’m getting hunnits,
넌 잔돈만 벌고 있지 turn up.. Wooh! We getting paid, getting laid,
Getting fame, you’re so lame All you ever do is always stay the same ay! 긍정한 정신을 가져봐 ay!
두 손을 모으고 기도해 ay! 너네 와 달러, 다 챙겨 Dollars
이재 좀 관 둬, I’m gone Shout out Rapidfire!
I rep the 2-5-4, Nairobi. Uh. Afroooooooo, let’s go! Uh. Yippe yo,
Yippe f**king ka-ye Woke up in the morning what I do?
I smoked a J Woke up in the morning on my knees I gotta pray,
Yo, it’s not like n***as get to live like this everyday I rock my J’s,
Same pair everyday Food for thought and some ganja,
Keep me fed through the day God damn, man damn, had to come up with a plan,
Had to find a f**king way to get the whole squad paid Engineer so in the day, I’m in the office.
Black shirt, black tie, sipping coffee Then at night,
Man, I pull up in the Nikes Nice tee is all white,
Grab the mic and spit it right Shawry mayne,
Caught a bus, caught a train, caught two planes ‎Just to make it to the West Coast mayne So you know I can’t relax no way,
Told my mom don’t stress, I’ll bring the checks your way Raps fun, I do this s**t for free,
I do this s**t to prove that I can choose who I can be I do this s**t to prove,
To all the youth dem that your dreams, Is within your reach,
Only you can choose if you’ll succeed We done losing,
Man, we coming for these winnings Paint a picture of your future,
Make that be your only vision Afrolution is on a mission,
Bless Nairobi, she’s been with me If you don’t f**x with it,
Better not get near it Better not get near it.
If you don’t f**x with it, better not get near it That’s how we do it. Afrooooooooo, wooh!


THIRDWAV · February 20, 2018 at 9:26 pm

Ekke fuckin killed this shit

the best of fortnite · January 28, 2019 at 9:57 am

This is fucking firee ❤

Z'jana Min · April 4, 2019 at 1:11 am

Yesss my asiansss

고길이 · December 28, 2019 at 4:45 am

1:56 KSH!

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