Yo b**ch a trick, I’m tryna cop a field,
Aint got a dill and I don’t pop no pill You can’t stop the real, you got them chills
On my way to a mill, ay. My b**ch so bad, everybody in the city
Tryna see her t**ties in the viddies And its lity cause her face still pretty,
Yeah, is you still with me, look. Brown boy finna blow up, know what,
Never grow up, ‘less you tryna smoke up In a corolla, but it should have been a jet,
I should have known Yoda in a past life And I rap nice, voice a crack pipe,
For this crack right, got a bad wife So you bag right and we glad right,
Always have bad days, never had bad nights I been the King and that never change,
I got respect without the chain Love hurts but time heals,
Do a show for nothing, this ain’t Seinfeld I don’t stay in a lane, but my doors Kramer,
Brace yourself that a no-brainer Young Kresnt always loyal,
But if she acting up Imma have to trade her Katrina or a Nina,
Two b**ches with my finger right between her I got to f**ck her then leave her,
That’s a weight off my shoulders, you keep her Okay, f**k up beats, flood up the streets,
With bars so hard, make you not wanna speak Read my mind, reed between the lines,
Like doing coke and weed at the same time Hang time, I got hang time.
High standards if they dissing mans goin’ bang 9’s. You don’t get the slang though? Is you not gang though?
You ain’t hear about the noose, that’s how we hang tho. Kresnt. Yeahhh Yeahh Take a little trip backpack,
Back to the alleys ways back to my molly days Back to the good times drinking in the back of a shack,
Packed with the fact we all under-age and under paid Had to sell weed to pay for my bad habits,
Not your class average. Cause I never went to class, but an avid hustler,
A young age… I was taught that crime pays Take a shot glass from your shop class you broke into,
F**k the girl from your home room that you’re into In the same room that you skipped for the whole week,
Taking sex-ed hands on no sheets Growing up with the right friends
Last your whole life, going up till the light ends Pass the torch up north, don’t forget your passport,
‘Cause we ain’t shutting downy the city till the night ends Say goodbye to ur problems throw ’em in the trash can,
It rain on the daily in this city If you f**king with me,
Got dope and pretty hoes that’s complementary Take a ride to my elementary And the many memories with my homies,
Reminiscing these days when we’re lonely Show love to your hometown,
Got your back and never back down Got your back and never back down, ay! Greened out. I go by the name of LORD SLY. Look. Check it. Look. My intuition is telling me there’ll better days,
Most of you n***as are not straight no vertabraes Sever the head of the snake so we can part ways,
See Mamas happy, sell out the Barclays It’s so crazy with the dynamics,
I go psychotic and write italics Life is the type of b**ch I hit one and just quit it,
Her bestie karma I hit once and just quit it. I mean with the flow, diabolic,
The African Chewbacca, I’m iconic I said I’m mean with the flow, diabolic,
The African Chewbacca, I’m iconic I’m motivated never hesitated,
Every step that I take is calculated Every move that I make is celebrated,
I’m one of the greatest and I have to say it Though yet to prove it, my work is due soon,
You wolves in sheep clothing, I brought the full moon Motivation for my nephew and my niece,
Disciplined gangster I say “thank you” and “please” Shakes hands with rats but never talk about cheese,
You better than me please, you better than me please Check my Steeze, my rhymes and my syllables,
A n***a you can trust, I stand by my principles You can’t walk in my shoes you don’t have the testicles I counted my blessings and run out of decimals, ay, ay. Counted my blessings and run out of decimals,
Counted my blessings and run out of decimals Like Black Panther, going through the rituals I don’t know who you listen to or what the f**k you heard,
I wear glasses for fashion, I’ve never been a nerd My side chick a baker, I’m all about my bread.
You have just witnessed the flow of the Jabari tribe Go spread the word. Came along way from them Craigslist days,
Young a** n***a just trynna get paid Momma always told me boy stay in your lane,
But they still gone hate that’s just part of the game If they ain’t know the name then I bet they do now,
And only thing that changed is the damn bank amount Shawty on the way I gave her keys to the house,
If she ain’t down to f**k then she sleep on the couch I pull up clean I be schemin’ about,
Say I ain’t king what you talkin’ about Finna get it dirty, say she clean down south,
So after I’m done she be walk-in it out I’m ten toes down when I’m walking around,
Shhh, be quiet. What’s that sound? Body was lost, gun never found,
Stolen Crown Sound, you ain’t gonna run the town All you see is red flags all I see is white towels,
Beat that boy a** Louis V be the belt ‘Bout to mark in the game somebody pass me the felt,
And my heart so cold but I still make her melt Play your cards right or ya a** get dealt,
Put a price on ya head, Naw n***a I’ll do the s**t myself

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