In over 2,000 years, change has been a constant, and the rate of change is increasing. Never has this been truer than in government. So how do you deal with change when your government software is rigid and inflexible? POSSE. What is POSSE? POSSE is a flexible workflow engine—a platform that can be easily configured by its users. And, here’s the best part: those rules can be quickly and easily changed at any time. With POSSE, you’ll find: a powerful web-based platform with a full suite of tools for automating all types of government processes, mobile applications for remote workers, an easy to navigate online portal for citizens, integration with GIS systems, comprehensive reporting tools, and an open interface that connects to all your other enterprise applications. We’ve spent decades perfecting our award-winning platform. In fact, it’s so revolutionary, POSSE has even been inducted into the Smithsonian Institution’s collection of innovative software. Contact us, and you’ll understand why POSSE is the solution of choice for so many leading North American government agencies. Just imagine the possibilities.

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