[intro music] With Oracle Storage Cloud Service you
get a cost-effective, secure, and reliable way to store and access data from
any environment connected to the internet. But how exactly do you access
the service to store and retrieve data? With Oracle Storage Cloud Software
Appliance you can quickly and easily connect your on-premise applications to
Oracle Storage Cloud Service using standard file-based network protocols.
There’s no need to invoke REST API calls or use the Java SDK. You simply deploy
and launch the appliance on a host in your data center then create local
file systems and map them to your containers in Oracle Storage Cloud
Service. To upload data to a container you just copy the data to the
appropriate local file system. The software appliance transparently caches
the data, encrypts it, and uploads it to Oracle Storage Cloud Service. Frequently
accessed data is cached locally so your applications retrieve data as fast as
they would if they used storage within your data center. To make sure your data
remains secure in transit you can configure the software appliance to
automatically encrypt sensitive data before it leaves your data center. You
retain full control over the keys used to encrypt your data. Handling large files couldn’t be simpler.
Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance segments the files and upload them to
Oracle Storage Cloud Service. Interrupted uploads are resumed transparently. Easy,
secure, fast, and affordable storage in the cloud. To learn more visit cloud.oracle.com/storage. [exit music]

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