Every year, over 15 lakh students pursue engineering. Students put in a lot of money and three to four years of hard work to pursue courses like B.Com, BCA and B.Tech. Even then, 93% of these students are not able to secure jobs. Shivam: I used to work as a labour in a bakery shop. I had to work for twelve hours a day and all thirty days of the month. Aslam: When I was very young, my father came to Delhi. He used to drive a rickshaw. Shakruddin: I had passed my tenth standard exams. I had to leave my studies after that. Ajay: The income from farming was not much. We could barely survive. We couldn’t fulfil most of our needs. I heard about NavGurukul. When I heard about NavGurukul, I left everything else. There was a test. It contained some logical questions. Questions of the level of ninth and tenth standard. Students like Shivam and Aslam who want to achieve something great in their lives, and are prepared to work hard for it. For such students, NavGurukul has launched a one-year program to learn software engineering. You must have used WhatsApp. In this program, we learn to make mobile apps like WhatsApp. I always used to think that only students from science stream become software engineers. I never thought that even we could become one. We thought that one had to pick science stream in eleventh standard. Then study B.Tech in Software Engineering. Then we could be a Software Engineer. That is not necessary. You just need to know some English such that you can understand it. and some Mathematics such that you can use logic. A student who has graduated the tenth standard can also do it. In a college, I don’t think anyone can learn as fast as we did here. In NavGurukul, we used to have fun along with studies In a way, our lives have completely changed. I have thought of something different. I want to build my own startup. I am working at Augmax Labs now and my salary is Rs.35,000. Many students like Shivam and Aslam have completed this program and secured jobs with salaries ranging from Rs.20,000 to Rs.40,000. With the help of some big IT companies, NavGurukul is launching such scholarships through which students from poor families can pursue this program for free and get guaranteed jobs. Any student who feels that on getting this opportunity, he/she can work very hard and go the extra mile, it doesn’t matter if they are in school, in college or have dropped out of studies, if they have scored high or low in exams, they can apply for this scholarship. To apply for the scholarship, you can call on the number given on the screen. For more information, visit our website wwww.navgurukul.org.

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