The MUL-T-LOCK MT5+ Hercular
High security deadbolt. in today’s Video I will show you guys how to
install and also we will talk about the Benefits of having high security
deadbolt to your front door and make Sure to stick to the end of the video
because I also share my professional Tip how you can get your front door
even more secure at the same time Stay Tuned. MUL-T-LOCK MT5+ Hercular
High security deadbolt. before we’re Going to start talking about this lock
and also I will show you guys how to Install it the professional way, I just
want to introduce myself really quick. if You’re new to my channel my name is Koby
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videos when I release them. okay without Further ado let’s move on talking about
the MUL-T-LOCK MT5+ Hercular High security deadbolt. Why MUL-T-LOCK? and why I stand behind
and recommend the MUL-T-LOCK product’s. Okay little bit of background. MUL-T-LOCK
is an Israeli lock manufacturer founded In 1973. over the years they specialized
in Multi Point Locking Systems and more. Back in the year 2000 there have been
purchased by ASSA ABLOY which is The leading, highest, high security and lock
Hardware manufacturer internationally. Now from 2000 (year) MUL-T-LOCK basically is
the most recognized leading in High security systems installation and the
MUL-T-LOCK MT5+ key way is The newest, advanced highest security
level key way by MUL-T-LOCK. this is why I recommend this key way and this lock
as well. now if you want to get more Information and learn more about MUL-T-LOCK and also MUL-T-LOCK MT5+ Hercular Deadbolt, I do share link down
below in the description of my video so Make sure to check that link down below
in the description. Okay guys let’s move on from the boring
stuff to the good stuff and I will show You guys little bit in details what is
all about the MT5+ key way and why I think that it’s gonna give you
the most value for your money when it’s Come to a high security lock coming up
right now. So the MUL-T-LOCK MT5+ key
way have 3 independent locking Components, also it’s got Hardened steel
inserts in the key way to make it drill Resistant, also this lock have an actual
Telescopic pin system make it harder to Pick or to Bump, also it have a Finger
Pins with locking side bar and on top of all it have the Alpha Spring. so all
these things combining with the MUL-T-LOCK MT5+ key way make it the
hardest to pick to bump or to drill and This is why I recommend MUL-T-LOCK MT5+ with Hercular Deadbolt, now The Hercular Deadbolt combining with
this lock is the Grade 1 Security Rating and it’s gonna give you the
highest security lock combining with the MUL-T-LOCK MT5+. now guys let
me show you how to install the Hercular Deadbolt with the MUL-T-LOCK MT5+ key way as you do need to know Some points to do it the right way, let’s
move on and l’ll show you guys from Close up how to do it really quick,
coming up right now. Okay so what come inside the MUL-T-LOCK MT5+ Hercular Deadbolt is the Installation instructions. the actual
lock and the thumb turn it’s also have The provided screws of course. 2 keys Some colored pin, you don’t only need to
use it it’s more for commercial master Key system and remember the Tip that I
will share with you guys in the Beginning of the video coming up now…
what basically I do recommend to you Guys is not to install this strike plate
as from my professional opinion it’s Very difficult it required you to have
more modification to the actual Door frame. so check this video that I
have in my channel make sure to click and check that video right after, talking
about the security door strike plate it’s an 11″ Heavy Duty Strike
Plate that you can apply and combined With this deadbolt. it will work 100% and
it will increase the security even more So make sure to check that link right
after and check that video and this is My recommendation to you guys. now you
can install this (included) strike plate if you Want to but it will require more
modification to your door frame and That’s it. okay also it comes with the ID
card that’s for Key Duplication, so if You do want to get more keys made what I
recommend to you guys is to find a Locksmith storefront near you, give them
a call and ask if they can duplicate the MUL-T-LOCK MT5+ keys, go with
this card and you’re good to go. okay Another thing and that’s the last part
here, it’s going to be the actual Deadbolt, so yes this is your Grade 1
Deadbolt that’s come with this lock and it is adjustable, it fit doors from 2-3/8″ to 2-3/4″ backset and I will show you right now how to Install this deadbolt and also how to
change it from 2-3/8″ to 2-3/4″ coming up right
now. okay guys so before we gonna move on With the installation the first thing
that you guys should know is how to Change the deadbolt from 2-3/8″ to 2-3/4″ it’s Really depending on your door
installation, so let me show you from Close up really quick how you can adjust
it because it’s not like a regular Deadbolt and let me show it to you right
now. okay so they change the deadbolt From 2-3/8″ to 2-3/4″. first of all we want to Make sure that the deadbolt is extend
just like that and on the bottom you Will see a pin so you’re gonna have to
use any sharp tool, just to press it and Slowly slide it out so it will go out of
this track completely, so you’re gonna Have to remove it and as you can see
that tailpiece indicate right now that it’s on 2-3/8″ and move
it backwards just like this will be 2-3/4″ size so that’s pretty much what
you will need to do and then slide it Back in slowly and putting back the
actual backside off the deadbolt Until it’s engage you can press that pin and slowly move it in until the pin
engaged into the first hole right here and you can test it. that’s pretty much
it guys that’s how you changing it from 2-3/8″ to 2-3/4″ size or you can repeat the steps if you need to change it from 2-3/4″ to 2-3/8″ that’s Pretty much it guys let’s move on with
the installation. Okay so the first step you
guys have to remove your current Deadbolt of course, now most likely the
mortise that you have for the deadbolt is gonna be your round corner and not
square corner just like I have now You’re gonna have to make it square
because the actual MUL-T-LOCK Deadbolt Have to sit flat with your door, so what
you’re gonna have to do and this is how I do it, I just put it in even if it’s a
round corner mortise using a pencil and Just mark it all the way around so I
know exactly how much I need to chisel Yes guys you will have to chisel it
using a 1″ metal chisel just like This one. you can buy it in any hardware
store and i also share link right here Where you can purchase it online. using
this and a hammer slowly go with the Marks that you made and chisel it out
until it looks something similar to what I have right here now if your door
preparation is 2-3/4″ so Most likely the deadbolt won’t go all
the way in, the reason why because of the Design of MUL-T-LOCK Deadbolt and
because of the length, what you’re gonna Have to do to make it… just like this
basically it have to sit flat with your Door and not something like this,
otherwise it won’t work because if That’s gonna be the most that you can
push the deadbolt it won’t work for you Guys, you want to make sure it sits flat
just like this, so what I use basically To fix that issue is to use 1″
hole saw and a power drill of course Make sure you use the safety glasses. you
don’t want to hurt your eyes it’s very Important for safety, make sure to use
safety glasses as well and basically I Go deep as I can and I make the
preparation for the hole a little bit Deeper as you
see and I move out with the chisel the Remaining wood pieces until it looks
similar to what you can see here in the Video and basically that’s all you need
to do until everything sit flat. okay Guys let’s move on with the rest of the
installation. okay moving on and the First thing it’s going to be putting the
securing screws for the face plate of the Deadbolt. okay now moving on to our thumb
turn we’re gonna remove it from that First ring and removing the thumb turn
piece and the actual face plate as well So we’re gonna move it and remove it
slowly and putting it back just like This. okay moving on to the actual
cylinder side off the deadbolt so in the Actual kit where all the screws are
you’re gonna see two small ball bearings and those ones do have a very big play
when it’s come to try to drill the Actual securing screws and that’s that
what they designed for is to increase Security if someone try to drill the
actual 2 side screws and basically Defeating the lock, so you’re gonna have
to put them inside of the actual Security screws home just like this as
you can see and then put the deadbolt Slowly make sure to be very gentle
because those ball bearings Can fall, so you’re gonna be very gentle in this process. okay now putting the
thumb turn side again do it very slowly So you don’t want any of the ball
bearings falling and keep holding it and Then slowly putting the 2 securing
screws and tight both of them. make sure it’s nice and tight and you want to make
sure that the gap between the ring the Actual thumb turn and the ring is even
as possible because you’re gonna have to Put back that face plate, so if you wanted
to be sitting nice and tight you want To make sure it looks even, so this is
what I like to do to play with that a Little bit until it’s even as possible and right after putting that face plate
slowly don’t put any pressure into it Make sure it’s it nice and tight then
putting the actual thumb turn. now there is a small screw that you have to tight
with a providing LM key, so make sure to Tight it. okay and you are good to go guys. this is how
you install the MUL-T-LOCK MT5+ Hercular Deadbolt. as you can see
our key is a telescopic key, so you can Use it both sides and that’s it.
this is how you install the MUL-T-LOCK MT5+ Hercular Deadbolt. Okay guys. now you know how to install the MUL-T-LOCK MT5+ Hercular High Security Deadbolt. if you have any Questions, I do want to hear from you
guys just write a comment in the comment Section and I promise that I will answer
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video thank you so much.


Silver Eagle Locksmith · February 19, 2020 at 10:01 pm

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Jimmy Strange · February 19, 2020 at 10:49 pm

Very nice,thank you sir!

RENE RIOS · February 20, 2020 at 10:24 pm

Excellent video as always!! Would this lock be compatible with the Wyze Lock?

Slav Guns · February 22, 2020 at 3:46 am

Very cool lock! Thanks for doing the video.

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