what up, what up, thank you guys for
joining in today. I am BK. back with another banger. yes yes yes
today we getting into copying pads you know some people do the drop the sample
on a single pad and then copy the pads but I realized that a lot of you who are
new to the MPC world don’t realize that there’s an auto chop is a threshold chop,
a manual chop, BPM chop, some of you just don’t venture off into the other options
the sample edit some people are coming from machine and they’re used to a
certain workflow some people are coming from DAW’s
fruity loops sorry FL studios so the way that they go about
slicing samples is a little bit different. the method that i’ma show you
guys today is one of the easiest ways but it’s also it’s also a little a
little hard because you’re copying the same sample across all same across all
the pads and if you don’t know how to make the adjustments you you’ll get lost
in the sauce so that’s what we’ll be doing today if you are not a beginner
this might not be for you so I have more advanced stuff on the channel if you
need to like I already know that BK I know you know hey this is for the people
who don’t know alright but I do thank you for stopping in
so I have a sample already pre-loaded I’m gonna just do what you know the
brand new guy will do the you know the loader sample first first things first though I’m
gonna tune the sample because I want no problems private so say you have that
sample on your program the first program that you have you drop the sample on pad
a1 if you want to copy it to multiple pads you can hold down if you’re in the
software and you don’t have a controller such as an MPC Live X or MPC touch or
any of the other NPCs you can hold down alt option and drag that sounds like a
hot mess right the other option that you can do if you have a controller one of
the npc’s is to hold down the copy button press the pad that you want to
copy hold down the the copy button press the pad and then press on multiple ads now you see that it copied it across all
those pads right if you press the pads right after one another is gonna sound
like a hot mess so the next thing that you want to do after you copy the pads
you wanna go to program edit you want to change it from in the master section you
want to change it from polyphony tamaño okay now once you do that you’re good to
go so now we have the samples laid out on
eight pads I want to edit each pad separately we want different parts of
the sample on each pad so what you want to do is you go to edit your samples if
you’re on your your hardware you will click Edit samples which takes you to
sample edit now once you in here we want to make sure that you’re on program a
post to trim or chop you want to make sure that you’re you’re in program
alright now once you’re in here so you got the pads you start chopping
it this is pad one you like what’s going on
everything’s the same right so what you have to do is right here where it says
slice all to pad you want to change that to pad right so slice change it to pad
that becomes pad parameters in a nutshell right add two you move the
start point to the end point then pad to move the end point to wherever you want
it add three starts where pad 2 started so you change pad to pad 3 to pad so once you got that all situated you
get a little bit more intricate with your chops like you can get them on the
kick and the snare of the sample after you get it exactly how you want
you then could look for other parts of the sample in which you you know that
you want a sample all right so you got your chops not you want to know what BPM
you’re gonna be working in the difficulties when you when you’re
chopping this way is that you really gotten you know you got a nope
you got a no no all right if you know you know it’s pretty much the same
what I’m going to have parameters I mean program edit edit zones select all and
want to hit warp the MPC software already calculated the BPM feel so you
don’t really have to do much calculation I like to double check my work though
but I didn’t start off the process the way that I usually do so I’m going to go
with what the NPC is saying saying eighty two point five zero I’m gonna
warp it as you can see all of the work zone snap if I change the BPM to 82.5 all right so boom you got that now
you just record do what you wanna do oh no we are mad in this recording
process the joy I had to pause the video real quick and go do something and then
I got lost when I came back and that’s pretty much it so you know if you it’ll
all be edited up smooth and it all makes sense by this point but uh it’s pretty
simple drag you drop the sample drawing the sample edit you do the manual chop
select your your edit points make sure you’re on your in pad parameters once
you’re in pad parameters you’re able to make those fine adjustments within each
sample or each pad you know and you got your joint off-camera when I came back
before I started recording I found another part of the sample that I’m
probably gonna go cook up on my old table
I’m gonna just play for you what I got and then close out but if you found any
thing useful in this video please do thumb it up be sure to share it be sure
to subscribe if you are not subscribed I don’t know what you waiting for
do remember that music is life it is our DNA keep banging peace love light till
next time peace is


Tera Greene · January 10, 2020 at 9:43 am

don't get "lost in the sauce" 😂 thanks and happy new year!

Bk Banga · January 10, 2020 at 12:59 pm

Intro: 0:00
Method Of Madness: 1:04
Load Sample: 2:00
Copy to Multiple Pads: 2:40 [Hold Alt + Click & Drag***]
*Any MPC Hardware Unit*: 3:15 [Hold Copy + Press pad + Press additional pads]
Program Edit: 3:56
Edit Each Pad Individually: 4:38
Pad Parameters: 5:20
More Intricate Chops: 6:56
BPM/Warp: 7:53
Edit All Zones: 8:24
Warp: 8:42
Record your Program Chops: 9:47
Tune (PITCH) Sample: 11:00
Final Words: 11:15
Sequences: 12:38

deviantdutch · January 12, 2020 at 2:41 am

Thanks for the in-depth explanation bro! I'm a newby so I wonder how the sample is loaded into the software that I just sampled on the mpc ?

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