What’s going on everyone. Thanks for joining in today. I am BK. Back with another banger. Today I’m back in the MPC software it is the 2.6 I know in the title says something about the MPC
2.7 software. I just want to make a brief update as of this upload. there’s still
troubles with the MPC 2.7 I know couple people are still asking about the
updates and the current status alright status is AK I still have not released
any new information regarding the 2.7 status the firmware on the hardware
units the MPC X and MPC live is stable enough in standalone so if you’re using
an MPC 2.7 firmware you’re golden you’re good to go but as far as the software
for the computer on Mac OS X 10.7 which is high sierra then it’s still not
working so they’re still working on that I’m on top of it as soon as it if
there’s any updates you guys will be the second to know after I know because I I
do use a controller the MPC software on the computer and I like to use my MPC
life to control it especially we’re using pad performance mode one of the
main things that I do use the MPC live with the software so yeah that’s that
for that the other part of this video is I’m going to demo the Korg Triton take
my first spin live with you guys here today
it’s a classic workstation it’s like forget how many keys it is but it’s one
of those big piano keyboards with a bunch of sounds in it if you use outside
in the 90s he was rapping use definitely rap into
a beat that was created with the port riding Triton when I say 90s I mean like
99 so it’s basically the early 2000s he was outside rapping in the early two K’s
he was rapping to a Triton beat or beat made on a Triton we had a producer by
the name of rank link 6 he’s from my neighborhood that I grew up
in Brooklyn New York and you know he he had some placements he worked with
wu-tang work with with RZA he’s a dope doodies he’s resting in peace rest
resting in the heavens right now rest in peace link 6 but shit he was one of the
only guys in the neighborhood that had a Triton yeah like two of them he used to
walk around the neighborhood carrying one of them everywhere he go he had that
try and lugging it around now if you ever seen the train
you know that’s like asinine to be walking around the neighborhood with
such a large investment but I digress so that’s basically what I’m gonna do today
I’m gonna go through a couple of the sounds I may or may not make a beat but
it is what it is so let’s get into it all right so we got to try and load it
up when you first load it up it pretty much looks exactly like it did the
physical tryin if you ever seen it it had this screen right here on the top of
it and all these knobs on it so this is pretty much nostalgic in a VST for those
of us who seem or touched the physical hardware itself so I’m just gonna run
through a couple of the sounds it’s like over three thousand sounds there’s no
way I’m gonna do that right now I’m just running fuel a lot of the producers that we know or a
lot of the sounds the songs famous songs that we know were created with this very
same workstation you legato strings is beautiful as some drum
kits in there let’s see I just messing around
got a somewhat of a goof I’m gonna open up the new Triton I’m really just trying
to see how many of them I can get before it start to bug out in this MPC software so they have a browser they also have a
search so if you know if you owned one of these and you know the names of the
banks off top but your head you could get it and type it in the search for
whatever it is that you’re looking for I never owned one I was around it I played
with it but you know I don’t remember any of them off the top of my head
so I’m not gonna be searching that way but they do have a category and a
character so say you want a keyboard and you want it to be dark and you also want to have a filter
vacation there’s a sweeping EP is the funky razz piano and Pookie’s suitcases scared and record this so the sounds come with they have
effects already added to them but some of them don’t and it has was there’s one
two three four five six seven has seven slots on this particular one I’m not
sure of the other the other ones but they’re three open slots and you could
add your own effects they have filtered dynamics there’s pitch phase modulation
this modulation pitch shift here’s yard delay maybe er stands for
early reflections there’s also reverbs and there’s the
mono chain so you could you know you could go ahead and you could design your
own sounds as well within this has oscillators man staying a stack this thing is stacked gonna record this small salary Sacco sadly
kind of smooth Simon it’s gonna record this it’s coming along is but it is has like
a nostalgic feel to it add another one before I do that let me
check the CPU st. 12% and I got four of them there are some spikes but I believe is
because the recording software that’s why the spikes are happening found this
one since called man-of-war to send the the motion synth category so there are like I said there’s program
browser you access it by clicking browser then when you come down here
below there’s the factory there’s the EXB which is an expansion
and there’s several expansions in here that man-of-war came out of the trans
attack this is GM not certain what GM stands for good music and then there’s
the user Bank Bank a through D but again like this this to my Sam’s in here let
me see welcome for bass sound alright so I was
going through the bass patches came across this one hip funky bass I
know if it’s gonna work but Missy I like that you got a beat mount on my
bike that’s the cooker right there next thing you do go to your since we in the
NP just go to Psalm o and search your step
repeat this like I don’t know reflow down 16 bars oh no I’m a repeat it like
six times convert to sequence Oh go down here go here and go to track new you
that what I want hums me help though let’s see what half sound sounds like on
this nostalgic workstation VST imma just put it on the main channel just to see half-time don’t sound that bad on it but
I don’t know if I will put it on everything I you know choose pick and
choose which one I want to use from which one I don’t want to use but that’s
pretty much it man Triton is dope like I said it’s like a nostalgic feel for me
cuz I was outside when this was for real for real and I’ll shout out to the homie
lips rest in peace hope your family’s okay but Jimmy Lynx used to cook up on
the spot we’re at beautiful days man beautiful days beautiful days but you do
remember that music is life and his idea name keep banging Peace Love right till
next time as far as quark Triton goes the VST try the demo out you can just
you gotta go to the website sign up because it is like two hundred and fifty
dollars for this plugin go to the website sign up test it out if you like
it and you know it works for you then by all means make some bangers with it I
post up in the comment section if you want to see more joints like these to
appreciate you pitch yes