Hello, my name is Leah Oster. I’m 13 years old and I’m an author. (Music) I like to write because I can share
my view of ordinary and extraordinary experiences. I like to share what I would do and how I
would feel in the situations I might write about, that’s how I make characters. So I like writing realistic fiction the most,
but also enjoy fantasy fiction. My parents definitely inspire me, they encouraged
me to enter the kids write 4 kids contest. Also the authors of the books I love, inspire
me as well. Some of my favourite authors are J.K Rowling,
Lois Lowry, Dan Brown, John Green, and Jerry Spinelli. I like these authors because they’re all very
imaginative.The stories they write are detailed and make you think. That’s something I like to make sure I have
in my writing, to make sure that I described things. I want people to know how great reading and
writing can be. I make sure to tell them that when you’re
writing, you can create your own world. You can decide how to describe it and what
characters to put in. My advice to other authors would be to make
sure people read your work. If nobody reads it, you definitely won’t have
it published. Also write about things that mean a lot to
you. You’re more likely to write something interesting
and compelling if it interested you.

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