Hello everyone
I’m Paulo Costa Be welcomed to my bench, And today we will install the software and test the laser printer Elekslaser A3 Pro I started by going to the official website of the brand, get the software, I’ll leave the link in the description I started by downloading elekscam 3.1 I made a folder on the desktop, and I also burned other files because I might need them. On this page you can follow all the installation steps, print modes and settings If it does not work we have to change some settings in windows, here you can see how to solve Now we will unpack the installation file and install the software, We open and program and here we have it. Do not forget to connect the controller card to the power supply and the computer We have to select the door you are going to use Here my door is COM 4 I put the value 10 and I will test the movements of the axes Here in the setings I selected the type of machine to operate, and was ready to use, Let’s do the first test. Never forget to wear glasses, it is very important not to have eye injuries. Now let’s try other modes Here we can increase or decrease the printing area In the preview show the area where you will print Which is good because you can align the objects Press this button to activate the laser clik on start and start recording right away. Now we are going to record in outline text mode, it will record outside the text or object. Now in realtext mode it takes a bit longer because it also carries more in the impression Here I will make the experience in acrylic, here also worked very well, This is now going to be the first job, it’s for a friend of mine to offer to the son he’s from Benfica, we’ll see how he’s going to stay. hese were some tests I did with my new Lekslaser A3 Pro printer has a good print size I can already do good work If you want to see my next job, I’m going to work with her. do not forget to see this channel to see the project be sure to enable notifications If you like this video leave your comment leave the comment until the next video

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