Understanding data is critical to your
business. However, when your data is stored in
different locations and in a variety of formats, efficiently importing and analyzing all of that data can be challenging. CaseWare IDEA Data Analytics helps you
solve the data challenge. IDEA is an easy to use, data analysis
platform, that allows audit, finance and compliance professionals to view all their disparate data as though they were one. Whether you’re
assessing internal controls, conducting operational
audits or identifying potential fraud, IDEA ensures complete visibility of every facet of data that affects your
business. IDEA enables you to effortlessly import an infinite amount of data from virtually
any source, including SAP with step-by-step
assistance. Additionally, you can import PDFs and
plain text files without changing the source data as the
imports are read-only. IDEA offers easy to use data analytics
features that require no programming knowledge. You can join, correlate, and compare
databases from disparate sources, and use advanced Benford’s Law analysis to better combat fraud, providing a streamlined experience that
outperform spreadsheets and other audit software. The IDEA interactive audit trail
provides a graphical history of the actions you perform, documenting your analysis procedures for future use. Save time and get results quickly with
Smart Analyzer. A collection of ready-made analytics
designed for business areas such as general ledger, fixed assets, inventory, accounts payables, and receivables. For
collaborative analytics, IDEA Server enables team members to
move files seamlessly between personal and shared projects, regardless of team
member location or the data volume or variety. IDEA’s
collaborative analytics platform can scale to support large teams with the
added bonus of a more secure environment for sensitive
data. Minimize risk and maximize your peace of mind. IDEA Data Analytics Platform from CaseWare offers a comprehensive view of your data so you can see the big picture, identify patterns, and explore
transactional data in depth. Request a demo of IDEA today.

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