From Admin, click Room Key Set Up on the left. You will find the Room Key Configuration page here. Open the Hotel Lock application. Choose Admin on User Code and hit Enter. Click Create/Manage Guest Rooms. Click Add Guestroom. Enter the room details. You will find the details you have created at the bottom of the Guestrooms List. Click Exit. Click the Reception button. Choose the room number you have just created. Choose the expiration date for the card you are issuing. Click Issue Card then hit the OK button. Then click Exit and then Exit again. Then hit the Exit button to leave the Hotel Lock application. Go to the eBridge Mifare2 Key Card application. Type “hiread” on the search box and open the the hiread folder. Choose “hiread.exe” file. Click Start on the pop up screen. Then minimize the screen. Choose Hi-Read Mifare2 on the drop down menu. Tick “Unlock Deadlock” and “Access Public Doors”. Then click OK. On the Host/IP section, delete the IP address and type “localhost”. Click Submit then “Read Card” then press OK. Click “Acquire”, the Hotel ID section will automatically populate. Once you have clicked Acquire, wait for the drop down, place the card on the reader and click OK. Follow the same procedure to encode the key cards to their corresponding room numbers. Click “Submit” once you have finished encoding the key cards. Click Home. Click Walkups. Then Daily to book the room. Choose the room type and the room number. Click Next. Enter the guest details. Then click Add. Click Next. Enter the Amount Tendered. Choose the form of payment and click Finish. Click Issue Key. In the window “Place guest card on reader..” click OK, do as shown in the right. “Card 1 returned issue status success” click OK. Right click Guest Check-In to open a new tab. On the Guest Registration/Check In page, click List. Click to open the reservation you made. In the Custom Fields tab you will find the card ID related to this reservation.

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