hey guys it’s Eddie the Magic Monk. If
you’re watching this video you probably have some subtitles that you want to
hard codes to your video and you’ve tried it a lot of times with VLC and it
doesn’t work which is my case so if you have the subtitles and the video under
one same location in my case the desktop with the same name so they’re both
called push up one is .mp4 the other one is .srt then you can continue with
the tutorial and also make sure you have VLC installed as well. So if you double
click on the video you should open up the video with the subtitles, right, and
the subtitles are working but the problem is they’re not hard-coded so if
you right-click and you disable the subtitles then it’s gone there’s no
subtitles so to make sure that the subtitles are hard-coded what you’re
going to do is don’t open up the file just double click on VLC ok now this is
the only way that it’s going to work I know I’ve tried everything else nothing
else works so go to media go to stream and then now is where you add the file
ok you’re going to add the push up dot mp4 now don’t worry about use a subtitle
file here because if you click this and something else will go wrong ok now
you’re going to click stream stream ok and then you’re going to click Next
because the source file is already there click Next
new destination is file click Add and just type in the path of your new video
or just browse so push up but this time I’m going to call it english sub push up
ok save so it’ll be saved to my desktop next
activate transcoding that has to be ticked click edit selected profile and
then go to subtitles and now is where you highlight subtitles codec teat 140
overlay subtitles safe alright and then click Next and here is an important
thing s codec equals T 140 you have to delete
that ok just delete it so once you delete that and then you’re going to
click stream and now it looks like it’s playing the video but it’s actually
not ok it’s actually not sorry it looks like it’s playing the video but
the video is not showing on the screen but it is actually creating the file for
you so if you can see your desktop there is now an English sub pushup.mp4
that’s being created so now you just have to wait until this is done and once
it’s done the icon on your desktop should change from this whatever you
call this obstacle thing or hat or whatever it is to to the actual video
thumbnail so just wait for that to happen. So I’ve been waiting for a while
and you can see that the progress thing has finished but the icon is still this
icon which is a bit annoying but anyway so now I’m going to close this down
alright and you can see that it’s turned into a thumbnail so yep you do have to
close it down first and then it turns into a thumbnail okay now I’m going to
show you a bit of magic so I’m going to get rid of these two files ok so I’m
just going to move them somewhere else I won’t put them in this folder so get rid
of them so let’s create another folder here actually just move these two files
in there so now what I’m going to do is I’m going to double click on this and
subtitles will still show up right so double click and you can see that there
are subtitles ok there are subtitles working correctly and if you right-click
it doesn’t even know that there are subtitles ok so this is now hard-coded
with VLC ok thanks for watching guys see you next time.

Rahul Bakshi · February 3, 2020 at 8:41 am

You are the steely eyed missile man Magic Monk!

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