Okay so first let’s do something about
those nerves. And before we do that let me just say that I’m not a doctor. These
are tips that helped me but in no way is this professional or medical advice. Now,
if you’re like me, you probably have a billion thoughts racing through your
mind and you’re filled with first-day jitters. When I’m feeling really anxious
or nervous about something, there’s a lot of adrenaline going through my body;
there’s a lot of unknowns! Maybe you have a pit in your stomach and maybe your
hands get clammy. And I tend to feel very off-balance. Sure, I’m definitely excited but sometimes it can be kind of scary and
hard to control. To help with the mind racing-ness, the two things I find are the most helpful especially the day before a big day like your first day is to meditate and or
exercise. Meditating lowers your heart rate and makes you aware of your
physical state and surroundings. It makes me feel super grounded when my mind is a tornado lifting my thoughts up to 1,000 feet in the air. Just settling in and
connecting with my physical state really helps me calm down. There are apps out
there to help you meditate so try them out! I love using headspace and Calm; I’m
not sponsored by them, but I really love their apps and so I highly recommend you
try them out. Okay so number two: Exercising. Physical exercise gets my
heart rate up which releases endorphins. Now, these endorphins are the key because they’re what relaxes my body. They’re the happy chemicals in your brain! Also,
our bodies are naturally made to relax after intense physical activity. However,
this doesn’t translate to intense mental activity – Our bodies don’t treat it the
same way. So, exercising is almost like tricking your brain to force it to relax.
Exercise, whether it be doing cardio for 30 minutes or maybe just going out on a
long walk, is a really great way to regain balance. These two things –
meditating and exercising – always caml me and get me out of my panicky mode. Now if you want to learn more about forming healthy habits like this one as you kick
off in your career, there will be a future episode on that,
so check in on that later. All right, so hopefully now our hearts are calmer and
we feel a bit more physically balanced. So now let’s talk a bit about first-day