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AnyTrans for Cloud today for free, just by clicking the link in the description. So you may have never heard the name Craig
Federighi before, but he’s an integral part of Apple’s executive team. He serves as Apple’s senior vice president
of Software Engineering, reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook. Craig oversees the development of iOS and
macOS, so that means his teams are responsible for delivering the software at the heart of
Apple’s innovative products, including the applications, frameworks, and user interface. Yes, that’s right, he’s responsible for
the user interface of iOS and macOS so that means if you hated the flat, colorful redesign
of iOS 7, just know that it wasn’t all Jonathan Ive’s fault. So where exactly did all of this start for
Federighi? Well it all began in his hometown of Lafayette,
California. An area known for its beautiful rolling hills,
good schools, and wealthy population. Federighi graduated from Acalanes High School
in 1987 which immediately set him on a path to success, since the high school had a pretty
incredible reputation. It was the first school designed by Ernest
Kump and became the prototype for what came to be known as the “California School,”
consisting of rectangular single-story modern buildings in parallel rows separated by gardens,
with no hallways. Its openness to the outdoors and expansion
abilities were revolutionary at the time, and the style was replicated all across the
state. Federighi’s high school also offered an
impressive amount of facilities including a track, several fields (an astro-turf field,
a grass field, and a baseball field), a pool, tennis courts, two gyms, two quads, and a
state-of-the-art performing arts center. Now I’m not sure if any of your high schools
had all of that but mine definitely did not. But what’s more interesting are the arts
programs Federighi was exposed to as a high school student. He had the opportunity to take digital design,
graphic arts, and video production which may have helped him develop an interest in the
work he’d eventually be doing at Apple. After he graduated from Acalanes High School,
Federighi attended the prestigious University of California, Berkley. There, he earned a bachelors degree in electrical
engineering and computer science, and went on to earn a masters in computer science. Now this is where things get exciting for
Federighi. His professional career began at Steve Job’s
computer company called NeXT. He was interested in developing enterprise
programs for the company, something that had never been done before since NeXT was always
focused on the consumer and education markets. Federighi’s biggest breakthrough at NeXT
was creating a piece of software called EoF, or Enterprise Objects Framework. It allowed desktop computers to connect with
a common database used by a business, something that may sound simple in theory, but was actually
a very complex to execute. This EoF software that Federighi developed
was so robust and innovative that it’s still a crucial part of the Xcode program at Apple
today. But his career took a turn in 1996 when NeXT
was acquired by Apple. He stayed on board at Apple for the next three
years until 1999 when Federighi left Apple to join the enterprise IT company called Ariba. The details of his accomplishments at the
firm are vague, but what is known are the leadership roles he played while working there. First he served as Ariba’s Chief Technology
Officer and later as the Vice President of Internet Services. But ten years later in 2009 Federighi left
Ariba and rejoined Apple, where he helped lead Macintosh software engineering. And since then, his role at Apple has only
grown. Just two years after being back at Apple,
Federighi was promoted to vice president of Mac Software Engineering, replacing Bertrand
Serlet who left Apple to focus less on products and more on science. And at this time, Federighi began to develop
a reputation among Apple fans as being quite the comedian when he started appeared on stage
during keynotes. And his first appearance was during Apple’s
2009 Worldwide Developers Conference. He helped Bertrand Serlet introduce Mac OS
X Snow Leopard. He didn’t crack any jokes during that presentation,
but he did have a very natural stage presence that would serve him well later on. Let’s take a quick look at what that keynote
was like [clip] His next appearance was the following year
in 2010 during Apple’s “Back to the Mac” event, where he demoed a few of the new features
that were included in Mac OS X Lion. Let’s look at a clip from that keynote [clip]
As you could see, he still had a very professional demeanor and wasn’t quite ready to show
his playful side. But an interesting power shift took place
at the end of 2012. Scott Forstall, Apple’s senior vice president
of iOS software, left the company, which meant his position was up for grabs. And many people in the tech community were
left wondering who would fill the void Forstall left. Well they got their answer when Apple named
Craig Federighi the senior vice president of software engineering, which meant he would
oversee development of macOS and iOS. Now maybe this new title gave Federighi the
confidence boost he needed to begin to cracking jokes on stage during Apple’s keynotes,
or maybe he’d finally just become comfortable with the environment at Apple. But either way, his presentation during Apple’s
2013 Worldwide Developers Conference came as a surprise to most people watching. He retained his natural stage presence that
we had all come to expect, but added some great humor that no one expected. During this presentation is when he cracked
some of his most memorable jokes that are still talked about today. Let’s take a look at some of them now [clip]
As you could see, his jokes were pretty clever and delivered well thanks to his great stage
presence. So it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that
he developed quite a reputation inside and outside of Apple. But this was just the beginning of Federighi’s
appearances on stage. The following year in 2014 he presented again
during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference where he introduced iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite. And again, Federighi gave a great performance. [clip]
Now by this time Federighi basically had his own fan club, and many articles were written
about him by some of his biggest admirers. Here’s an excerpt from a writeup by Alyssa
Bereznak where she writes, “Who is Craig Federighi, you ask? Craig is a cold glass of kombucha after a
tough Bikram yoga class. Craig is the high you get when you catch the
perfect wave and just carve it. Craig is ceramic hors d’oeuvres bowls that
just came out of the kiln perfectly glazed. Craig is the grilled cheese on the In-N-Out
Secret Menu. Craig is the open parking spot on a sunny
day at the bottom of Mount Tamalpais. Craig is a long, cold shower after a weekend
at Burning Man. Craig is avocado toast on the porch as the
sun rises.” I wonder if Craig knows someone wrote that
about him. So another year passed and as Apple’s 2015
Worldwide Developers Conference rolled around, it seemed like Craig Federighi was talked
about almost as much as the new software. And Apple gave the people what they wanted,
since Federighi was on stage for the majority of the 2-hour presentation. During which he introduced iOS 9 and Mac OS
X El Capitan, and he didn’t forget to bring the jokes [clip]
And he delivered again during Apple’s 2016 Worldwide
Developers conference [clip] But in September 2017 Federighi finally experienced
his first technical difficulty on stage during an Apple Special Event. Now before we look at the clip, I should preface
this by saying that the faux pas wasn’t Federighi’s fault. I’ll explain why after we watch what happened
[clip] So the reason why Federighi couldn’t unlock the iPhone with Face ID was because
Apple employees had inadvertently triggered Face ID before the keynote began, requiring
a passcode by the time Federighi tried to unlock it. So it appears Federighi is poised to become
the new presentation rockstar at Apple, a title no one has really had since Steve Jobs. And we can expect to see a lot more of him
in the years to come. So that is the history of Craig Federighi,
and if you want to vote for the next video topic, don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next


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