I’m part of the Software Team. So together
we’re just crafting and building the best EV software out there in the industry. The
main thing was that I was looking for new challenges at the time. And I discovered EV-Box.
Couple of conversations, and it ended up to be THE challenge for at least a couple of
years to come. It’s very busy. It’s a very good vibe. People are very bright, very smart,
and very open. So the culture of the company is great. And also the industry, in which
we’re operating, is brilliant. It’s so fresh, so flexible. It’s so undefined. So wherever
you move, especially in the software space, wherever you go, you kind of leave your footprints.
It’s just like the center of creation. I think that’s the way to put it. I think there are
two parts of it actually. One of them is the team; team work, working with people.
And the other thing is, well, the software challenges that are there. So handling,
making the software smart, handling the volumes of data, making some predictions etcetera. I know how to use a Walkman. And uh, things like that… First of all, you should try.
You should not hesitate in applying. The other thing would be to be very open-minded. And
be ready to get out of your comfort zone. That goes for many, many things. You definitely
have to get out of your specialty area many times. And be prepared, be willing to help
others, cause EV-Box is all about delivering the best EV solution as a whole. So that goes
about every aspect of the business.

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