Video sponsored by World of Warships. Hello mortals. Our Universe is full of exciting stuff – planets,
stars, neutron stars, black holes, you, and the list goes on. Stars, subsequently, are further divided into
dwarf, main-sequence, super and hypergiants. But aside from their difference in volume
and luminosity, most of their lifespan looks mostly the same: form, exist, do nothing,
exist for a little longer, expand and explode or quietly extinguish. Somewhat boring. This is why today we’ll look over some of
the more exotic types of hypothetical stars in the universe. Boson stars, aka invisible stars. As the name implies, they are made up of bosonic
particles, which as a refresher, are particles that can occupy the same space at the same
time. Fermions, on the other hand, cannot. Fermions also make up most of what you can
see around you. But these boson stars would require a special
type of particles, which scientists called axions. If a normal star emanates light due to its
internal pressure and nuclear fusion, a boson star, because of the nature of the axions,
would be transparent and therefore invisible. But because of it’s extreme gravity, it
would distort space-time around similarly to a black hole. As it would be transparent, any matter falling
inside would still be visible. If they existed, they most likely did in the
primordial eras of the Big Bang. Boson stars are also a candidate for dark
matter which makes up 25% of the mass of our Universe, as they could be surrounding galaxies
but be near impossible to detect. And by the way, they would be doughnut-shaped
in case they are rotating, because science. Who is there? Oh, it’s the SkyNet army, and they want
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Premium Japanese Ship Ishizuchi. See you there! Returning to our exotic stars, how about a
star that has a black hole at its core? Say hello to the quasi-star – an object
much, much, much bigger than any currently existing star. It could have existed once again in the early
stages of the Universe, when massive protostars were able to form thanks to the huge amounts
of gas available at the time. At the end of its lifetime, the core of the
protostar would go supernova, but because of its colossal size, the outer layers would
absorb the energy without being blown away. The recently exploded core would become a
black hole, and would start to consume the star from the inside out. If a regular star counteracts the gravitational
pressure through nuclear fusion, then a quasi-star’s energy would come from the infalling matter
inside the central black hole. This would create an equilibrium and allow
the star to live for a maximum of 7 million years, after it would have been entirely consumed
by its central black hole. But in this period, they would outshine entire
galaxies. They are also an explanation to the origin
of the current super-massive black holes. Next up – Planck stars. Take regular black holes. Currently scientists have a few issues with
them, such as the infinite density and zero volume of the singularity, or the information
paradox – that says that all matter that falls inside the black hole is deleted from
the outside universe, thus the information gets lost. Now if the loop quantum gravity theory is
correct, then a collapsing star, when reaching the Planch volume, would be stopped from further
collapse by the repulsive force derived from Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. Once at that point, the repulsive force would
overcome gravity and would launch everything back outside, as a big bounce. But because of the insane time dilation caused
by the extreme gravity, to an outside observer, the planck star would look stationary. Even if the collapse and the expansion would
happen in an instant from the inside perspective, it would take approximately 14 billion years
for someone looking outside. So only about now should we start to notice
the primordial black holes from the beginning of the universe exploding. Also, since none of the material falling into
the center would be lost, that would solve the information paradox. Now how about we travel into the very, very,
very far future of the universe. After about 10^1500 years, if protons do not
decay into smaller particles, then we would have something known as iron stars. Because of it’s stability, all atoms would
become iron-56 isotopes through quantum tunneling. With time, these atoms would clump up together
to form these cold spheres of iron. This would happen much later even than the
death of the last black hole. But iron stars would still not be immortal. After this incomprehensible amount of time,
iron stars would still collapse into black holes through quantum tunneling, and after
those evaporate as well, the universe will remain a truly dark place. But not forever! Remember that the void is never truly empty! There are always virtual particles appearing
from nothing and disappearing into the nothingness just as quickly. And if there is a sudden drop of local entropy,
a new Big Bang could take place – something estimated to happen in 10^10^10^56 years. Even if that has a very small probability
of taking place, remember the saying – given enough time, everything that can happen will
happen an infinite amount of times. You, your life, all those happy moments, and
the bad ones will repeat themselves, over and over again. And so will everything that could have happened
but didn’t. That is if you won’t break the infinite
cycle, if that is at all possible, and exit this universe. Who knows, what lies further.


Sciencephile the AI · March 21, 2020 at 2:59 pm

Hopefully, everyone is doing okay and staying safe!
Thanks to the sponsorships the might AI is able to continue making videos even in these rough times!
Expect more in the coming weeks! Stay home and enjoy <3

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