your beard is touching fucker you know
when you’re graded you look so good radiant it’s not long enough to braid
yet we got another against much right so I’m okay but you could just do this one
but yes oh come on that’s that’s what what she’s
braided that’s exactly what you will do you breathe and you put the all that’s
gonna look so we’re reporting kind of yes yes we do you want like a hair clip
or something welcome this is where you’re miss having
a daughter right now agreed are fun this is the podcast with which you would
expect the least amount of scrunchie conversation and yet we’ve opened with
it right away by the way Scott Magee here we’ve had Scott we all know Scott
before but we’ve had other guests on the podcast not a single male guest has had
a hair except for Richard have you noticed that oh yeah yeah this is shit
he’s not bald thank you from yes I know I’m pretty sure that if Julian’s just
when went for it wouldn’t be much to go for if you went for it would you have
hair hair yes but you think you could still do it did you thought see the
picture of granted was 20 years ago so we’re joined by Scott McGee here
Scott it’s kind of an OG from fuck that’s where I first heard of Julian
from from the what was my first podcast a bro Scott was also my first podcast
interview that was a person that had done things basically I flew here yep
three years ago three and a half years ago for that right but if you wanted
someone’s the same a good as yours yeah yeah is the time I met Julian so we’ve
come full circle I’m so happy that I would get you on the podcast because I
did my first one like 10 15 with you yeah I think it was June of 2013 it was
that Obama thing where you will I remember oh yeah yeah I’m glad you
reminded me that didn’t remember yeah yeah because you
missed it yeah I will do you will detail and then there was the day that kid had
the pipe bomb at the Santa Monica College vote yeah wasn’t my bomb the
president was here so he had to go to work or what Obama was in our city and
so we escorted him from no one the crazy thing is whenever a president goes
anywhere yeah there’s like a plan from the government from local agencies from
all the acronyms they’re a part of that the logistical planning of moving that
person around so he comes into our city and then moves to a house there’s a ton
of people like from to go from like a to be yeah all the streets are blocked off
with people alleys streets every every alley every sheet has somebody blocking
it off and then usually if I remember correctly two things ahead of time like
vantage points hours when they came he came through our town one time and they
go through they have to they tape off all the sewer lids and so that you know
that any sewer lid that’s been raised so it then they do that ahead of time and
like the amount of pre preparation for those fucking bananas I know and I
realized this when I was lucky enough check us out like you know we all do
things but I was able to get into a presidential motorcade which was really
cool just to be part right so we were going there we were part of the
protection detail so Obama was in a house we were outside the house in a car
with her gear on and rifles in our laps like as a reactive force then we start
getting calls of a shooting happening shooting right yeah and then right just
yeah you threaten to pipe boom and then you started tweeting yeah well he ended
up killing his dad right brother let his house on fire carjacked somebody shot a
bus drove shot some other people and it just kept escalating and we didn’t know
if it was like a diversion or not Oh go to stay – really yeah so that’s why I
wasn’t there first first we started developing relationship with him and
getting him on the show and there’s this first podcast and then it’s like hey I’m
sorry I’m not gonna be there you’re gonna go meet be strangers and good luck
because we had met at my gym in Torrance he’s the one who brought me about okay
to train and everything he was like one day contacted me I was like yeah that’s
how we met last time yeah we saw that came out and I remember he came out at
my birthday in June 12 2013 that first episode and then our first together was
November of 2013 right all right yeah in fact that’s where I just I was just
looking at this well hello a week that was six years ago
that’s what I know the viewers aren’t necessarily gonna go see this but I mean
that right there is that comes together that’s our first that’s after our first
podcast in 2013 oh man he’s way be few little baby video let’s see I’m about 15
pounds heavier back then I was for sure like this I
hope that helps for anybody yeah we’ll put the pin show yeah you were six years
ago Wow four seven now seven no yeah and then after that you were awesome natural
and a just such a mountain of an awesome accent yes exactly I was well it is
pretty on its own I think its charismatic enough I’m not even sure if
Julian’s charismatic I’m decided yet whatever works yeah yeah well so outside
of the the awesome accent just an incredible wealth of information so it
was natural to to continue the relationship and basically became a came
down to like over the years being a guest host right yeah that was that was
really cool because that when yet considerations are like I’m coming don’t
worry about it yeah the girl right now but I remember in the
beginning there were several times that like I really had to focus on what you
were saying yes like well it is not in my head people people don’t understand
but because they don’t do podcast but what there fails five six times it’s a
bit nerve-wracking like you know now it’s just talking but back then like you
have this the you know like you have a helmet you have a microphone and the
guys are careful you’re doing this you’re doing that and you’re like but
people are going to listen to me no strangers not bless you come fuck up now
it’s recorded so you at first it’s yeah okay right I apologize for the helmet
that was no actually thank God because then I could hear my cell phone was that
my accent Jesus Christ but he was he was always cool yeah and I guess some some
context for the listeners there’s on podcast there’s several different ways
that are done there’s done with a different type of microphones yep well
my headset or whether they’re like I use for the CC waves over here on table
stands or these little lav mics that are on your shirt and they were all
different yeah all different and they capture sound differently and so
speaking of that why don’t you do a video please explain people so that so
they see the podcast from off site in yeah let me back one thing you’re good
yeah so Scott has a podcast right now called the CC way yeah essentially
one-to-one interviews you yes right one-on-one interviews that are in this
setting in this place which I’ll get a little bit of video like a roundabout of
it so you guys can see it but Scott has this very meticulous very like
intentional vibe in here right and I think that’s to create good
conversation and all of those things but it’s very interesting for me because I
see it visually it’s so compelling and that the podcast is audio only so tell
us tell us why all right I grew up sharing a room
with my sister.. I didn’t have my own room till I was 23 years old. And so
when I had my own space, I really was very grateful for it. And I took
care of it. And at the time – like 22, 23 years old, my buddies used to make fun of me,
and calling it the hotel room. Like, I get to have my own room..
I like this, it’s my space. I can just be in here..
So now moving forward, a lot of years having space to take care
of it is not something I take for granted. And so everything in here I
really am thinking and thoughtful about. It has to be something that has
meaning to me. I don’t just like put stuff up. yes meaning to you it came from a place
then it’s great because then people when people are here they know who they’re
talking to so that creates that creates a bone
right away most maybe they can help me figure out myself here’s all the stuff that I got on the
wall guessing we do have stuff for free so tell me why this is about expression
not you know introversion but actually that’s if you I mean over your shoulder
over this door over there Tim in most case sign above my door it’s actually
similar to the one in the matrix there’s Latin for know thyself okay so part of
the space is really doing that and exploring myself and getting to know
what I like what goes on what speaks to me what feelings does the stuff bring
about yeah and that’s part of when people come in here because you know the
podcast is very intimate I don’t like to have a
eko podcast they’re like people come on they’ve been on a lot of different
podcasts I’ll listen to them and I generally pick up on there’s something
going on with that person that they’re not talking about yeah
that’s where you were try to try to go yes because a lot of podcasts are very
resume centered you know that’s my least favorite thing about poppy especially
kind of coming in the fitness space mm-hmm was any time you would interview
someone it would be so how did you get started in powerlifting okay or how many
times you have to hear the story about how someone started doing Crossfit okay
maybe how many times it was funny speed tell me about yourself yeah again well
it was like for Julian on having him when he was on other podcasts me is just
a listener at that time as I always could see was like these guys they pump
in the brakes just on the information always so yeah it wasn’t enough space so
but with the CC way you tend to find that little spot where there’s something
going on and it’s that kind of where you just try to that’s what I try to blow oh
yeah so a lot of things with that especially when when people have done
that a lot I will open up with a with a straight right like it like in like in
boxing like Muhammad Ali when he fought some people he would a straight right
was something that was not expected there’s like a odd punch yeah till I
throw them off so I know what cuz now cuz everyone thinks that’s gonna go this
way oh I’ve been on podcast before we’re just gonna do this so you gonna maybe we
make small talk for 10 minutes yeah la la da so the first question I’ll knock
them off of that then it kind of oh like and then get their attention
and that’s what I’m trying to get their attention and then really actually start
talking yeah and so I’ve I you know when people come on I pay a lot of attention
to what they’ve written in their podcasts and I’ve actually referred to
if you want to hear more about that listen to this podcast and I’ll refer to
any other podcast and then we’ll talk about what it’s really going on because
a lot of times anyone that’s listening to this knows you are not your resume
that doesn’t like that doesn’t explain actually like your character it’s all
the hardships and the setbacks and the adversity and
the heartbreaks and like the real hard nitty gritty stuff that we’re all ghosts
you don’t make sure you if that defines your character it’s not like your
certificate or your any of that stuff and then that’s what we talk about but
to get that out of people oh yeah so to go by is so much I think that’s what
people miss that’s why we use certain microphones will change the reaction of
people that you get based on that like when we are doing a webcast podcast you
have the helmet what people will realize is first podcast you do well fine you’ll
notice the helmet after a while becomes in comfortable you start sweating it
yeah it makes you and if you hear your own voice and that’s not something you
do it’s disorienting there’s somebody who was trying to talk and be open and
vulnerable is just a barrier to that total often so to go back to the space
is when people come well first of all you know I always do it in person
for a lot of different reasons but you’re not gonna get that done over
there you know so when people are traveling they’re generally there in
their car they’re probably rushing there’s traffic there’s all kinds of
noise all kinds of stuff to assault your village like relax
just driving in LA already is it’s sympathetic responsible so to get them
to switch into that Julia knows all about this and so I’m sure your
listeners to get them into a parasympathetic State it starts and like
I set it up prior to them even arriving and so once they’re here they parked the
car that I’ve arrived oh my god oh we hug it out but once they actually step
into here that’s really where it starts like the whole process is already start
so the Lighting’s a certain way I get the candle going a certain amount of
time prior to the show I don’t want a sort of scent in here to clean I don’t
have a lot of clutter because I want them it’s like
have like a freedom like when it’s nice and clean and it cleans not the same
it’s it’s it helps you relax yeah yeah I can move in the space there’s nothing in
your way you could everything is there to kind of be here and it’s just us
happy some matches yep I have a certain type of music playing I
have a certain volume because it really just helps and then to let that person
know that they are very very important to me I was about to see their shoes how
much you care about them being confortable and yeah yeah yeah the
people who come on or like it’s such a special conversation so every step of
the process I value tremendously I think people felt
on the son of Noah nerve-wracking it can be for some of the not the interviewer
or could you be doing it but the interviewee is sometimes that’s why some
podcast don’t go well is because it takes almost nothing to get the right
the wrong vibe out of someone and the entire hour is ruined like some people
in never recover then you’ll be yes or no in sales you’ll be like uh-huh
yeah and it’s once you’re there men who that’s a whole podcast I still get
really I still get I don’t say nervous excited yeah but it’s I out work my
nervousness so I out prepare that your way out of it yeah I prepared so much
them now I’m not I’m just nervous I’ve already I’ve actually already done the
episode my strategy Scott is the opposite what I do see I purposely
Aundre prepare so that when I’m nervous I’m like yeah that’s probably why but
I’ve learned I’ve learned and a lot of that I’ve learned from the wad cast is
they were generally like certain points in the arc of the episode that I want to
highlight in this person and it’s not just for the episode right now
or the week it comes out but I’m thinking generational you know that
person’s kids you’re gonna listen to this or my kids are gonna listen to this
when they’re 25 years old so I’m thinking of that and like it’s somewhat
of it like it not a keepsake there’s something to pass down to other
generations yeah so I’m mindful of that and so to be able
to get to the story that’s where I need to prepare because without that we veer
off on too many tangents mm-hmm and and there’s value in tangents often because
it just sometimes they feel organic hmm the issue is so like that’s why I think
as a podcast host we can fall into that trap of like tangents are great next
thing we know the hour is up yeah but if you only have certain amount of time
with a person a lot on the podcast as well because Scott has a very very
specific idea or what he wants to do with a podcast I don’t think there’s
very few people I can do it that can do what Scott does all that minutia of
detail that’s exactly Scott if you didn’t know we’re not doing it like that
you will never the podcast would be gone by now you would have never put down
much work the only reason you put the work is cause you can put the work me I
had very specific constraints we stopped the podcast cause for me if there’s
something kind of pressure on like I’m not doing it I will not you know like so
I don’t want to monetize because I don’t want to I won’t do a specific subject
because it has to be done I’m not gonna ask what you want to hear me you know
like well I’ll do a Q&A but you’re not going to tell me what to say what to do
on a podcast or stuff like that I’m right now it’s not gonna happen so if
you put that kind of pressure it’ll stop being what the podcast is for
me and I just won’t do it we are extremely clear with every
stylist it’s like it has to be for me it’s my psychotherapy session
whatever is spinning in my head it has to come out so tangents so be it but
that’s with it but that’s where the beauty of this is exactly and especially
knowing why you’re doing it yeah baby no there’s nothing against that from my
side no no but that’s the answer we all for you yes to be your podcast and
that’s where people because I’m people ask you you know what should I do
with my podcast I’ll stuff like that and I’m like first of all you have to be
interesting by the way people sorry but carries my Mario’s Jack I think we need
to say you sorry but this statue is the it has to be your podcast yeah you
wouldn’t never make it you don’t need you won’t do 15 episodes
I do think the beauty in it too is it I I was like looking back that’s 20 20
just just turned right now and so over the course of the last decade I think
actually that from 2010 to 2020 I think the podcast space is actually done more
to change what media is and how its consumed than anything else right out
there truthfully it’s decentralized everything to where now there’s no
fucking rules you know you can have a podcast that’s one hours you can have
six hours you can have seven minutes you can tell small contain stories you can
have two hour-long hangs you can be really informative you can sell sell so
you can do anything yeah and that’s pretty fucking beautiful
the nice thing is there the night the problem is a lot of people don’t know
where to carve out their space and that is and they just kind of do everybody’s
there well it looks easy and when he’s done well without a wrong idea
oh it also goes back to like there y-yeah like when somebody asked me I was
like why I’d really think about why you’re doing it yeah you feel doing it
for you by the way you never work well let’s start with that’s got why well are
you doing the CC Way podcast I really started and this is still like something
I’m actually exploring right cuz just doing a podcast even how is social media
it’s like a weird me thing right it’s kind of this weird look at me thing I
killed still kind of struggle with that part a little bit do you think it’s are
you saying you struggle with it because you feel like it’s like open
attention-seeking or is it the vulnerability you know I’m not seeking attention no but I you
see what I did yeah why don’t I remember thing I remember when we first start
when I first started doing podcasts the first couple years there’s a lot of
nights where it’s like why am I doing this who wants to fucking hear this you
know what do you do what that’s the impostor syndrome yeah you always have
that a little bit especially when they do well it’s like what do people want to
listen to me anyway yeah it’s always that way of chilling well that’s what
that that is actually why I’m like grabbing guests all the time
but I realized sometimes I don’t need i guest mm-hmm you know I’ve done some
episodes solo in fact later on tonight and I’m probably over a chord and a solo
episode no but I only do it when there’s actually a very specific story if I had
to ever do a podcast solo I would that’s the one time I would have to have a
massive amount of preparation just because I wouldn’t know where to start
or where did we think not having someone to that’s a level up there yes I’ve had
to do a couple times where we’ll do recaps on my where do you say we’ll do
multiple interviews at the Arnold or something and I’ll have like 15
interviews that are all four minutes long so drop the interview you’d have to
record like yeah a little cut in a non segment I never ever ever redo or edit
anything that I say or anyone ever says on the podcast is just kind of out the
way it works but I’ll be goddamned if I wasn’t doing ten retakes for every
single one of those things I couldn’t say two sentences without fucking it up
and my whole policy on the podcast was always like whatever it is that comes
out it’s just the way it is imperfect or not you be that often enough you’re
putting yourself actually out there instead of some scripted version but
I’ll be goddamned if I didn’t have the opportunity to immediately hit delete
and go back and redo I’ll go I would lose my mind you know I tell you both
something you should both try it okay so how do you do it like I’m very curious
how do you do a podcast ritual okay let’s go back to let’s go back to the Y
yeah right so my very first episode was just me coming from and that also
encompasses the Y so when my first son when my wife was pregnant my dad had
cancer and he was fighting cancer and they came down to a point where it
looked like he wasn’t gonna make it so wife’s pregnant with his first
grandson and it doesn’t look like he’s gonna make it
so I remember going in to his hospital room and like having that conversation
with him like hey actually just actually articulating putting it out there that
you are not gonna be around for your grandson having to say those words like
to that person yeah just to express that out loud and submit it to yourself like
to your dad and you’re not gonna be around so start writing to him no that’s
a boil station so yeah and then I said I will give it to him when he’s of age so
knowing that and this is a my dad flashing was like all the times of
teaching how to ride a bike teaching how to throw a baseball football like I said
racing him wrestling like playing intent like all the stuff that you know dad’s
do it’s to be able to say that to him about his grandson that he’s not really
gay ever know so fast forward my son is born he’s able to come to the hospital
when he was born and then one week to the day later I get a call from my mom
and all she’s doing is apologizing to me and she’s not calling to apologize to me
to tell me that my dad died she’s calling to apologize that he didn’t
finish writing so he’s writing on the iPad and about two paragraphs into it of
him writing to his grandson he’s coughs up blood and dies he knows information
on an iPad that I never knew so that usually he died writing to your
son and even though there was only a couple paragraphs in it
what that was was new and novel enough to where like think of is it a missed
opportunity because like fuck if there was so much more of this there was
someone well more yeah I know they already taught me a lot about him about
like he was very stoic he was you know very you know his generation had this
stiff upper lip he didn’t really open up very much you know he just
very gritty and fought through and did what he needed to do for his family and
so that it didn’t hit me at first you know and it took a while but I realized
and that’s part of where I really learned to express myself I was like you
know what I’m gonna start creating content for what I do that ya know i’mma
start creating content for my kids and so if you actually look at my Instagram
majority of my posts I’m talking to my kids when they’re 20 years old when
they’re 25 years old in case something happens to me hmm
their message is like if you like oh you’re your engineer he’s always so deep
and positive like hey I’m leaving stuff for my kids hey I told you no one wanted
yeah yeah yeah it’s also good for me to express that stuff and so that first
episode was called for dad and I shared the story I shared a little bit more
detailed like some the Invictus balm I have up here I shared that with my dad I
shared this poem I said that I wanted him to know that what he and mom did for
me raising me it was not in vain I’m gonna teach his grandson everything he
taught me and so I go over all this in that episode and so solo solo
so if teachers they have you ever done a solo podcast before before that okay so
so did you write that down did you do I had a lot of notes because I actually
had a lot of stuff that I’d written to him so again this is like
my first episode on a podcast that just first episode of my own podcast after
doing the walk past for five couples big jokes when fucking five years five years
yeah and so that was a slightly different turn raise it like that and so
I didn’t know I was like I want it but really I wanted to get all I wanted to
get that information out there for my kids to be able to find one day because
I looked at like how can I start creating stuff right now that are is
gonna be able to be found in 20 years mm-hmm we put in a computer like they’re
not gonna know that that computer might break down yeah so I actually handwrite
it somewhere what if there’s a fire gets lost in the shovel I looked around it
like these evergreen apps I wasn’t sure they’re gonna be around
and so it I didn’t know I didn’t know but I was like you know what anything I
do on social media or on podcasts and I put out in the digital world they’re
gonna be smart enough to know down the line to find him plus if anything you
put out there that you didn’t want to they certainly would be able to find it
in 10 years anyways yeah might as well fill it up with the things there yes so
I told you so I told that story and for dad right and a lot of this stuff and I
put it out there and had a tremendous amount of positive things that happened
with other people that listened to resonated with a lot of people which is
like a collateral benefit right I remember there’s you know people and
there’s a guy in South Korea that reached out to his dad they didn’t talk
to you in 10 years and I kept getting all this feet without the cool yeah a
lot of this a lot of this feedback now and then you know what that built I mean
it’s already there but that that’s what I mean when I see like that
vulnerability is strength mm-hmm-hmm not you make a difference but
not being vulnerable is a weakness yeah because not not having what it takes to
put that out there like not being willing to put yourself in that
situation you’re basically taking your experience away from
any value to anyone else who could value it just like that guy most likely would
he have sent something to his father who fucking knows but sir it’s probably not
that day and probably not about a week and probably not that month and yep
it makes a difference yeah so that so that podcast and that really highlighted
why there’s a lot of other reasons but like when I say health is wealth mm-hmm
because you can have all the money in the world if you’re not healthy it
doesn’t matter how old was he when he died 64 yeah yeah so yeah you not even
retired so the phone was yeah so that was one example of neat is sitting down
and I had some some typewritten notes and every time I do it I have I type up
a lot of it did you print it do – yes it also needs to be tangible yeah yeah and
so and I didn’t expect this but then I started doing stories again like what do
I want to put out there as a reminder for my kids and other people he doesn’t
make you want to write funny you say that because for the last week
I’ve really been heavily considering writing a book right yeah yeah because
that but they Instagram writing on Instagram and then been expressive
through the podcast has been like an outlet you know taking like pressure off
the valve or something you know being helping know try to help that helps I
think this is a part of podcast uh I think so that’s not why I started the
podcast but this is a main reason I continue it now is what it does for me
as a personally it’s hard to explain this is what like a podcast it’s if
you’re not doing it for you you you never last I do it because for me allows
me to have all the stuff in my head can finally has the way out and as long as
it’s funny it’s like that you know collapsing of the web in quantum
mechanics if someone can hear the stuff in my head it’s out it doesn’t have to
keep spinning now it’s in the world it’s not mine anymore it’s out you’re
transferring energy that’s that to me that’s what the
podcast is but that’s why we did it the way we’re doing it because I can’t do
that and so I decided Mia we were very clear we start over I was like this has
to be me transferring energy or knowledge and they can be number nobody
else no limits no none of that stuff because otherwise you become the second
he becomes working out yep so I did another episode on one of the
solo episodes was actually on this book here the art of living fictitious there
are some stoic philosophy stuff that I got years ago from my aunt who fast
forward when I put out this episode was diagnosed with stage four cancer
and so I dedicated the episode completely to her and that brought the
fire up in me to put an episode on that out I’ve done one on grief right because
you have oh yeah but you have the right mentality took for me I’m doomed many
times to writing yeah but you have do you have what it takes to write well
thank you yummy pursue and then and you have the structure but without losing
the creativity and the vulnerability I think the biggest problem is usually
when people have structure like you do then incapable of expressing true
feelings because you know they try to make they try to put words together well
I think it sound good in knowledge at that part I’m not I’m not really
interested in anything sounding good yeah other than like cutting through
right to the point that we as human beings feel without the façades yeah yes
right and so right I thought about I’m like is my garage door can I just gonna
turn into a big whiteboard and I have a Ephrata wand that’s my yeah yeah but
either me that’s where I thrive but that’s for writing it’s it’s a failure
like I’ll never be able to write the way I want I’ll go crazy before that you
know you’ll do really good so I can’t wait for you to go after that yeah well
still good with that yeah I think the ability to articulate solo anyways what
that what that is it is so how is it it’s kind of just the nature of what
writing is I mean if it’s just now whether you’re more familiar with you
know what I mean the podcast space is so how to dysentry
aliy plus it’s in your voice though that’s the other things I think writing
is valuable but for you for your kids from their older yeah it’d be you it’s
really nice to hear your dad say those things yeah you know don’t get tired
left oh oh yeah I’ve been to bring this up earlier thank you so really it’s a
fucking diva after we podcast but I wish it was
higher but people ask like why don’t I do them more often okay there you go
and I’m like it’s such a huge emotional investment for me right it’s the most
draining thing yeah yeah it like the the preparation is one thing and lucky for
me I I naturally am just able to like pay attention to something for a long
period of time mm-hmm like I can do it like you tell me to do something I’m
like I’ll focus on it until it’s done so probably to a fault because it my
wife gets annoyed with that but uh I need some don’t you yeah but I really
like it deep into like the guests and like what makes them generally what
makes them hurt I’ve had people long that have kids have committed suicide
I’ve had people come on who lost a kid to and I in a car collision and really
being hit that one yeah but really like getting empathetic and really feeling
them so I can’t help them tell a story right and then I’m just like tired and I
need to take a break yeah I’m sold so much I people don’t
understand when you go into those subjects men because I had that in
assessments so not even in a podcast just in assessment and you absorb a lot
of it yeah it’s it’s emotionally it’s ranking it’s so draining
yeah it certainly takes a toll and it’s I I don’t have the emotional bandwidth
to do it weekly I don’t when that’s also not like your
job is a job where you’re not engaged or death another problem you know
like it’s all it’s not like you just do this so I can just do podcast it’s also
not like you go and sack groceries for five days either you know yeah when you
put the Gasman which by the way I’m very grateful for that was a lot of work yeah
which by the way they don’t fucking do for you in Europe at all so yeah you’re
doing this in your by the way also for the video guys I just want their tattoos
on much higher chair yeah so you know it’s not as much taller
yeah I actually here’s the deal though I gave them I gave you that and that there
specifically with me back so I’m not out angling you if I wanted to win yeah I
love you in any way but so that was also sold that was the reason you did not do
the video it’s not interfere with your guests to money well also though before
when we talked about before throat I Wisconsin law enforcement has been for
quite a few years and 13 years now 13 years in Los Angeles belly of the beast
so I’m guessing it’s not like you’re just sitting around like the Maytag
repairman waiting for no first you want to feel yeah yeah so so I’m guessing
that’s a little heavy to be coming in and then coming home and then having a
big podcast to plan and do I think to work podcasting in at all even if you
don’t give a shit truthfully if you want to have a fun
podcast that’s an hour once a week it’s still a lot if I can work you got a
disconnect from your week you got to go somewhere you’ve got to make it matter
all of that so don’t have any sweet to Auntie palm it’s not that simple because
some days you’re tired or whatever you’re nervous and you have to be on the
matter what so at first the first 10 minutes it’s always it comes out of your
emotional battery yeah sometimes I said prior I don’t know if I did the video
and I remember but I’ll say you know I don’t even sometimes I hit record but I
don’t just start talking I can’t I do my own like breath work mm-hmm and kind of
wait until I can kind until I’m in like this cognitive state
man ago yeah that’s not just like boom to initiate the relationship with the
person you are in front of you for them to go into deep stuff with the trust
that is required in a podcast and everything I think people will never
understand the the work that goes wisdom that you do within yourself to be able
to be in that state to create the trust from that person in a stressful
environment because when you’re being recorded is its address right that that
openness comes from the energy that you put in it and all that energy is being
created by you is you don’t suck it up from the person you don’t suck it up
from the universe that one comes from inside and I’ve found it’s extremely 20
it is that is and so it for the right reason is and with with video it is just
another like the message and the conversation is what is important to me
yeah everything else after that is secondary like photographs video because
those are just other distractions coming in and grabbing and like fighting for
attention mm-hmm and so if I’m talking to someone I want their attention on the
conversation I don’t want them to think too much about their posture or where
the camera is are they smiling what what is their stories our face telling or
just reminding them that they are being interviewed yeah that it’s not a
conversation with yeah yeah that alone the second again people that are not
used to with the second they remember all the being interviewed the first ad
might come up the world’s might change they might go into that story that yeah
you wanted to get out of them it’s it’s it’s a tough hour and even for the
person being interviewed it is taxing especially at first like you live I
remember the first even the webcast podcasts which were simple because it’s
communication information but it’s a lot of jokes and everything you come out and
you remind me of jujitsu session that feels like I’m a genealogy I’d spent you
don’t need a car but you would have oh my god like I just did that and you’re
like and then you can’t say when is it coming
up two weeks what I need to wait two weeks to hear myself but that’s not
right both sigh did you see what widths so you’re like happy nice sound was that
okay like all men are number it’s yeah after what you are yeah but the first
the feels few times it’s something like I it must be something for your for your
people to come and have those kinds of conversation I would the the next two
hours after the podcast I’d be very curious to see the mental state in if
they go into such deep conversation and stuff like that how they handle it after
yeah we don’t the drive back Oh like be by yourself in the car on the drive back
don’t have somewhere else talking to you just take that time to come down like
you’ll feel it’s coming down from the high coming of a past it’s very very
specific oh I also that’s not my intention you know that’s just yeah I
just the nature of how it’s gonna be perceiving so being but the circle back
to highlight something about to about law enforcement I think people forget
when it comes to first responders all over the country is day in and day out
for days weeks months years decades that these guys and girls are constantly
responding to the worst parts of human behavior
they’re dealing with acute and chronic stress and trauma that’s the nature of
the job all the time in absorbing I don’t know if you guys have ever called
9-1-1 but that’s like a just to do that to call 9-1-1 is a big deal
and downs you in trouble something yeah like that could be the worst day of that
person’s life but they’re the first responders that’s just you know call 9
out of however many they go to that don’t know and that takes a toll that I
think you know they’re starting to be like an awakening to realize how kind of
hard that is on a human what about for you though yeah you know I see when you
would you describe that right you’re going on however many calls it’s always
it’s always much it’s always intense it’s always think but I’m guessing
you’re kind of in and then you’re out if you will of that situation and on to the
next in which you maybe never even see a lot of the context and is that maybe
what you find often in this podcast as well where you’re able to do while
you’re talking with somebody about something difficult you’re actually able
to get through the next few steps of it which is processing it understanding and
feeling a human connection to it which often I suppose sometimes you get a
situation stable and secure and then you’re needed somewhere else when it
comes to work yeah a lot of the calls though some of them are just you know
could be anything like my neighbors TV is loud yeah well I go talking
neighborhood want to sit down with that guy for an hour that might be well there
is a cool I didn’t like like getting to know each other and actually talking to
each other but but a lot not all the calls are just like have a moist roll
yeah I think you know I’m not psychologist here and I don’t think
anyone really fully understands the how it builds up and how we store emotional
trauma there are those certain calls that are
really bad sometimes people have to retire from stuff they’ve seen some
calls something’s happen that like stick with us or in our minds all the time
there’s been calls with kids that affected me of my kids and still do to
this day and then you know go away no truly
well our like ability to deal with it right our ability to cope with stress
isn’t something that’s really taught well it’s well it’s be honest like even
in a cop culture is like be tough shut up suck it up oh yeah yeah but that
again is a old school culture exactly like it doesn’t have to be like that you
can we do so much good yeah but there’s there’s yeah you got a
compartmentalize sometimes to be too effective while you’re doing the job but
then you have to deal with it yeah but there’s so much I don’t I don’t know the
answer for this but like there’s so much there’s so much that everybody would
need to go and there’s a lot of people that really need it they don’t realize
it right so chefs wait just to fix a problem is always to recognize there is
one I think on yeah even on a cultural level the fact that to allow the guys to
go like oh my goodness what was that and like no same interest and I was
literally that affected by it but you know like on a cultural level
not just like because I’m sure you had guys where you we’re able to talk to
after and maybe bring them back a little bit or stuff like that but that’s just
in a way our kindness of your heart that’s you know your code that you have
but on an institutional level like they need to understand that just sending the
cops back home like well well here’s the deal if you talk about and generally I
apologize really because usually this topic derails like but we had bill on
the podcast if you have someone that’s applying to be in law enforcement right
that process is stressful so you’re the sympathetic state of like the
interview process physical fitness tests and medical at the psychic sound like
all of it and then if you get hired you get put into a high-stress Academy where
you’re getting yelled at all the time you go yell out some speeches you have
to worry about your uniform you gotta worry about your tests you gotta make
sure you’re walking and step that you’re not late that you’re doing you’re
studying and you’re not the misspelling words it’s constant stress and then you
get put in traffic and you’re driving traffic and then you got homework to do
and the whole thing is stressful then you put into a field training program
with a field training officer and they’re stressed within the department
they’re stressed like how do I talk to I say yes sir just say yes ma’am to
everybody you might not to make eye contact with somebody like what is it
where’s the new guy fit in here yeah like there’s all kinds of stress they’re
just getting judged by a training officer and that you haven’t even dealt
with police work yet no yeah you haven’t done the bad stuff
you okay so that’s so cranked up into the sympathetic state and then you you
get off as a an officer in the field and then there’s all that you’re still and
then you’ll stop styled yeah sympathetic state all the time traffic calls and
then let’s just say you’re having you know family kids
I don’t know relationship problems yes so all this stuff goes on and then
you’re constantly dealing with the worst parts of human behavior so that’s just
the thread that’s running through them yes so here’s the thing so this whole
thing right and this isn’t just law enforcement
it could still in you know medical doctor feeling an emergency room nurse
paramedic doesn’t matter but I’m in law enforcement so that’s the example on
things so yeah at no point in time in there so I always asking it and if
anyone’s in law enforcement all along with these questions
the department has taught you how to put your uniform on it’s the part taught you
how to draw your pistol if I asked everyone at
an agency how do you get clear a class-3 like stovepipe malfunction in your hand
guy right away everyone knows right away how
do you call this dress yes not sleeping so the chances of that stovepipe
happening in real life or like point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero
zero zero I’ve never even heard of it happening everybody knows how to do it
immediately no and I say how do you cope with stress what do you think the most
common answers are a drink I best dress yeah
oh no it’s usually some quiet and looking around with the eyes trying to
like look to stimulate a part of the brain that doesn’t have the answer
anyways yeah so the that part of going into stress is a chance of that
happening is a 100% and right now if you look at like law enforcement suicides
are I think last I checked was more than double the amount of officers that have
been killed in the line of duty so traffic acts and this fights
shootings add up everything that officers have in killing line of duty
suicides it’s double that and so yeah it’s good for you
so nevers not a lot of lives being lost by the way amber weapons but that’s not
even the only four sometimes we need to put in what I want to see next to that
is spousal violence beating up the kids you know like the drinking like all the
stuff that stress will lead you to because if you’re about to snap and
commit suicide chances are the year before that was now gradually some
wreckage yeah there’s a ton of symptoms yeah and
actually one of the one of the big ones that people say that are kind of aware
when it comes to coping with stress and it’s a great answer which is physical
fitness and working out no question but by its very nature it’s still a
sympathetic response like guys are cranking up their music they’re doing
the holidays or gasps I gotta get up and I’m sure they’re still they’re still
staying in this up shift statement you know yeah you don’t know how to don’t
really so to go back all so sometimes yeah that it’s emotionally tiring you to
initial diagnosed got together segues it’s cuz he’s like he he’ll use terms
like to go back and to loop back that’s where he’s don’t be shy like I don’t
fucking know we talk and when I was in New Zealand I got to see the whole Maori
you know was taking around miss Merrow is everything Henry took care of me over
there and they were showing me like they have special not a village but it’s more
most like a temple where the Warriors would go to after a war and they would
go there for as long as it needed where they were taking care of before they
could go back to their family yeah and some would actually never go they would
stay there there in life because they were never ready to go back there was
that in-between stage that happens a lot of military yeah most cultures I have
that yeah that’s it happens it does like I can’t say how it works too well cuz I
wasn’t in it but the military has that like down time they have some but law
enforcement is like a 20 30 year deployment yeah right weekly day in and
day out and in which also your family is subjected to your daily whim its which
is not often the case if you’re deployed yeah and this in the sad part is about
about that part that dealing with all the stuff and not having you know the
tools to you not only have the awareness of it but to regulate it is that there
are those collateral victims to the same stuff that we’re going through and that
could be like distance you know in attention
not caring about silly things like you know what do you want to have for dinner
or at work and someone’s like where you want to eat will argue for like ten
minutes about this where we’re going and why come home you have like decision
fatigue because you’re trying to dominate you’re trying to not stay in
the sympathic state there are ways to do this better this is well we’re like yeah
yeah I would like to see the field starting to understand on how to go on
this so Scott it sounds like though like maybe there’s not
maybe there I’m sure there is some but maybe there’s not an still say there’s
not an overabundance of tools presented to you for managing stress right yeah
and so the question is you seem to have made that a priority and what do you do
in order to manage stress how do you manage stress cope with stress well I’m
not like anywhere near like the leader in this stuff when it comes to law
enforcement there are guys that have like all the degrees and specialties and
books that are working on it throughout the country yeah
also my generation has is we’re at that point where we are reactive and trying
to fix all the stuff that we messed up on mmm kinda like when caustic came
around you like I had to go back and like well I can’t do that because I have
to go back my shoulder so tight from business and never take care of it no
horses no bad wasn’t good idea yeah yeah but versus like people start in it at a
younger age and might have like mobility is over we’re BAE’s oh man oh man or
even that stuff no not that we know the mistakes we made before yeah like oh
like I know how to if someone that learns how to move well early on then
they’re not gonna be as corrective if someone learns a later on yeah and so
two skill you’re better off not losing than having to learn yeah is it getting
better in the law enforcement like that coping with stress is the system being
put in place so improving we are it’s hard for me to talk about like law
enforcement as a whole because I sort of I guess my little is my slipper but it’s
talking about what you see yeah but I think it’s such a
tremendously large ship that that is it’s gonna take a while to sort of jet
ski it’s a cruise ship it’s like such a big one right and so but but but the
important thing is it’s moving all right so it does it is shifting as long as
he’s shifting it’s a cruise ship I understand that completely like this is
like because I see more and more talks about the nervous system about
down-regulation and stuff like that so it is it is going somewhere but yeah and
again I get it it’s a cruise ship so he will take you have the ability to it’s
not a jet ski you know self-regulate yeah or self awareness right so you can
self-regulate in those little skills are not that hard to learn if they are there
they are there like that absolutely like small breath work to do and all the
stuff isn’t it cuz it you know the police issues in the u.s. is a huge
thing continuously this is where you start you don’t go after and stop over
correcting and blast stuff because the other side isn’t good either like you
don’t want to comes to not want to work either because that never turns out well
well that’s there is just like in life in law enforcement there’s a ton of
symptoms because of this right and you a we treat symptoms a lot not the actual
cause right that’s I feel I feel so guys I might see I see like I’ve seen guys go
to have some really bad stuff and then the very next caller short with people
yeah and they were like why you guys in a bad game I’m like you have no it like
yeah but you want to do it that was so in being this exists when getting raped
yeah yeah so and then yeah so I’m starting to work with the high Dovan
police force because in Holland they have a Sports Association for the police
were awesome yeah and then so they’re gonna basically bring me so I can do is
send me now so we can start but it was very funny because the conversation had
with so two cups the equivalent maybe not like you children but below that but
they were you know detective over or whatever that is right for stuff like
that and they wanted to see okay so performance stuff
like that and the conversation it was like how about we deal with stress and
what do you mean I’m like you guys are not stressed
well yeah but you know like we do CrossFit I’m not great so how do you
come down from it and that was the German equation for 30 minutes but you
could tell that is not what they wanted to let’s not talk about this
so this snatch yeah but okay you’re gonna bring me 20 no enforcement people
I’m like right so how do you guys sleep at night right
snatch I’m like no but that was it but we didn’t know what they were like can
we do something about this I’m like yeah yeah we can listen they know and then it
cuz the guy knows the podcast very well but it was it was fascinating what they
what they wanted out of me first and I was like nah I’m gonna do a lot better
than that let me do my thing and they explained they were like cuz I put him
on the nutrition protocol and he goes like I can sleep at night I feel so much
better I’m like yeah I could sometime we giving you like I’m not just letting you
in the sympathetic state all the time he goes like this it’s similar to being
like let’s just say we’re in here right now and it’s it’s not but let’s say it’s
stinky in here we don’t know it’s thinking until we leave for a while and
get fresh air and they come back in Iraq wow this is really stinky yeah yeah and
then you’d be stressed then you realize you are stressed another way if you
think here enough you won’t realize it but you’ll stop mouth-breathing your
system is already reacting to it you just can’t realize it because your
conscious thoughts are you know getting somewhere else but that doesn’t mean
your body won’t know well say you’re in a set up straight it’s just stress
without even knowing but that’s that’s the point of just understanding how
mouth breathing is tied to your sympathetic nervous system that’s an
easy thing to teach stop writing you know like stop running mouth meetings
doctor stop what’s so interesting is that that should be such an introductory
subject before you’re even talking to them about they should be in a cab
listen my guys my guys need to snatch more like no they fucking don’t can you
breathe not first do you know that when I I went to back in Toronto we talking
94 I think I went to Hickson Gracie semi now the first thing he talked about is
breathing and we all looked at each other going what
fucking buds like that normal face nose bridge like a condo Shih Tzu and
inhaling through the nose what are you talking about pick some Gracie so it
knows a thing or two my jujitsu first thing you talked about I still remember
kind of bullshit is that so that right there I know you come to
this hurdle a lot and it’s the question I opened up with with a doctor Nicholas
Romanov mm-hmm right and doctor Nicholas Romanov is like
world leaders and not only running but human movement right he still pulls my
pose there the pose method so I asked him like how do you get people to see
beyond what they think they already know is another question and by the way I
asked him that I didn’t prep them when you look I wanted to know like hey this
isn’t we’re not here just the X we’re actually gonna talk here yeah let’s
actually do some good in this world yes good the hardest thing ever so he
and I actually use his answer his voice over a little running video I did with
him out here on the street like a little voice overlay and one of his his answer
like blew me away and not only did it blow me away it would have blown me away
if he had a week to prepare for it but he came off right away but to start off
with he started off with talking about curiosity because it was curious that a
neck that keeps your possibilities open that maybe mm-hmm so I got it he started
talking about curiosity and perception so I’m not gonna paraphrase his stuff
you want to check it out in the beginning in the podcast
yeah dr. Nicholas Romanov see see what how many years of teaching does it take
to come up with an answer yeah this I always hit end podcast is
over yeah I just fixed a world right there yeah she’s blowing okay yeah Mike
dropped we don’t so that that comes up I think
in a teaching style and presenting information regardless of what it is to
really paint the picture like that and open it up not that anyone’s wrong
nothing it was right but we’re gonna talk about possible exploration and
curiosity to see I’m a bit more binary on this but I know there’s other ways
yeah yeah but but also you it’s a it’s a tactic a leadership tactic way to get
them to lower their guard and to have some buy-in so you can create a change
yeah that doesn’t mean they’re not wrong it just means you can it you can’t hit
them with the wrongness if you focused on the core a goal yeah
then there’s a lot of ways to get there might not be the way that you
necessarily want to go but sometimes you gotta use other ways to get there to me
yeah it’s it’s the hardest thing in the world because this is when people would
tag you because you have said something that challenges them somewhere and there
and so usually sympathetic well that is it’s not raining
exactly but then they bring the whole communication up and so I’m like why am
I having to down-regulate because you you are wrong and so yeah and not
simulation to yourself yeah exactly don’t put me in it piece I love just not
on me no but it is that it’s the the capacity to not see others as a threat
even when they are challenged that that requires quite a lot of control on
yourself and that you don’t have to teaching because you will be challenged
on a regular basis by people that I’m sure they don’t mean it but they come
out as very aggressive and for you as a teacher of not to peace you pierce it
there as a thread sometimes it’s hard yeah and that’s where very musician
reading the the design concept motion mu Shi n all right look at all try think
yeah beginner’s mind yeah that’s a great concept
that’s a mr. shit it helps you always be a student you’re always a student and
always learning mm-hmm it’s it’s the growth mindset I read that book the good
book the that’s actually CJ was talking to me Anika
the feral Dweck yeah yeah yeah it was a very good book you know that it comes
back down to the to a good house law economics when a measure becomes a
target it ceases to be a good measure it was basically the same concept before
money economics perspective I was talking about that we see he was like
wow how are you he was quitting that like hyper running right now it was like
how are you doing that I was like well I’ll tell you it’s like I don’t listen
to any of the conclusions of any study I don’t I read study like I read the book
which means I get what is interesting for me at the time because some stuff I
never read to memorize only tweak to learn you memorize only what you cannot
real so I and it’s actually I can actually say that never memorize
something you can look up so I never memorize anything that’s why I like if
people ask me certain words and I haven’t done them like because I don’t
memorize anything that I read but I wit to learn so that which means I goes
through studies and is usually points that are very interesting because they
feel of Perry on that I’ve seen before the other ones are on care and I absorb
knowledge like that but I never pay attention to the conclusions that the
scientist made because this is where they are bias comes up here and were
they trying to sell I’ve learned also about how how the brain learns things –
mm-hmm there’s a way to do this an honor but also understanding how that works
one of them is attachment right if you if you attach it to something you
already know mm-hmm you put in pieces yeah attachment
so that’s why I find the patterns that you know well then you know I’ll fit
your principles and attach to that and then you’ll be this is how people
actually win you know like the people at the memorization stuff yeah they have an
image that they attach to that’s actually kind of the acronym researcher
exactly other images or pictures or whatever actually learning is like that
is I go to studies for the parent that I know yeah and then the certain things
are like one member of that and that attaches attaches attaches and when I do
that I start linking stuff together what I’ve done is I’ve learned
alone I’ve learned how to read people don’t know how to read studies or or
papers yeah I mean they memorize difference there’s a difference though
or what you’re doing you’re studying yeah you’re not reading yeah there’s a
difference yeah I say I read this book and I thought up myself now I’m ready
smart I am I’ve done the pages at 462 pages I’ve read it that people don’t
know how to end it but then the other thing is like say let’s say you are
reading and but and if it’s not something you’re you can attach it and
you actually trying to learn it then you have impression if it makes like a
tremendous impression on you yeah something like an epiphany to get you oh
wow no I don’t forget yeah oh I keep reading that that’s the best feeling in
the world by the way when you have when you have mostly paperless for me but
suddenly it opens up a rabbit hole I mean I’ll be it’ll make my next feed
days just smooth like that’s that’s what I run on when I do all that stuff use
exactly you know the third one is repetition do you think like you meet
somebody you know hey my name is John yeah oh yeah John I keep repeating sorry
John’s out there but if you meet someone and their name is Julian oh attachment
yeah right and then if you meet them and they’re like my name is dynamite like
that makes an impression like yes on my birth certificate you know even if it
wasn’t I’m in like okay I know you know yeah but also the circle back like to
the reading for birth studying but you’re studying right and actually
trying to absorb the information but not only but also you’re doing it so you can
talk about it and teach it the healthy nice I think it helps god help man this
myth that happened to me yeah because I always have that idea in
mind that I’m gonna have to use it in a seminar anyway yes that helps a lot and
again that way doesn’t stay stuck inside if that energy is not transferred I find
it extremely damaging almost because that so more it’s a different level of
attention yeah like I used to get sent to the to
training things when I would get sent a training with five or six guys at one
time we would go and it was just like yeah I would even take her leak anything
out of it a lot of them aren’t that useful anyways the times where I was
sent as the only person and then my job was when he would come back to everybody
everybody I’ll be goddamned if I didn’t one learn the most to make sure that I
knew how to apply it and then three in the end it was so fuckin valuable for me
because it actually worked you know what I mean ya know and in the
end I just came back and because that’s how I learned it in that like art I have
to teach us these people I learned it all in the right way
getting it to relate to people getting it to I wanna know you know something
teach it ya know well that’s also your second when I want what I mean by a
second level of attention like you you’re actually looking there using your
vision and your hearing and your appearance that you’re paying attention
to a person but then you’re adding another layer of like I’m actually
paying attention and trying to long-term memorize what you’re teaching mm-hmm
right to absorb it and it looks the same yeah yeah to truly absorb it but that is
a skill that I learn outside of reading to that ciske that’s the distant
assembly of stuff we did you know like targeting the bar sympathetic nervous
system I do that when I do like rogue red card you with new moderator a
certain level and listening to high frequency sounds so you promote the past
sympathetic that’s when I learned to read as well because I learned to look
inside at that moment and it’s exactly the same kind of focus that I need when
I read well so I do it to exercise as well
yeah and you also were had a tremendous practice of that in you did you yeah
maybe you just learn on love oh yeah so you can do it for that session but how
does that benefit you and then yeah and so and you’re gonna have to do it on
someone who moves slightly differently but that’s where I think I learned to
respect principles and concepts so much because if you memorize the technique
injury to your fault because the next guy is not bill the same does not move
the same at this skill you’re gonna have to be able to
adapt to whatever so we all go to that that’s white males and all try to repeat
technique it doesn’t work you take a number you crank you it doesn’t work yes
what you mean yes did you call me stupid no just a moron you know there’s a whole
beat and your way into this more than I am but I’ve just started really like
noticing that there’s like this certain rhythm and beat to these systems whether
jiu-jitsu or movement or mhm NFL playbook but you try and memorize
off whatever one you rap you don’t all-time wall Danny yelling a system
because depends on what formation what emotion I used to yeah there’s a little
string because you also run out of room for memorization you’d let your ability
to simply memorize memorizing to retain information from waves useless you know
the ones once you get to the point where you to truly understand the routes and
shapes the beats all those things like you’re not drawing from memory you’re
drawing from experience which I do think is a different thing and I think like
just like with a football PlayBook those things they then become second nature
they’re a part of you now and they’re not you you then have a knowledge I’ll
go step further in our knowledge II of understanding yeah yes exactly that’s a
whole difference yeah right but that’s memorization is the problem is its
shallow its school stuff and don’t even more like for example why they’ll need
some memorization at first they can’t flow at first okay so I understand
better now that that white belts because I was I’m still against memorization but
I do understand that why bells need some of them right but there is a moment
where you have to shed that and go into understanding learning not memorization
that takes initiative to personal responsibility it’s not a passive
process like a lot of years or you seek information for informations sake that’s
because yeah okay I’ll blame the school system on that which only teaches unless
your PhD up until PhD it’s a memorization process so I understand
where that comes from and from a society perspective and everything that hunt of
objectives is killing and slowly but at some point you that’s why I’ve craft
ship so much because they have to go to the next stage where you become active
when it becomes yours yeah that’s a purple belt in jujitsu when you find
your game we can go on about schools and houses their little piece of
intelligence and I get like homework is always gonna bother me like allow them
to go be creative and do stuff but what is yeah like at least like the
International School where is this Baracus that they are you know like they
have actually acting classes huh software but again that she has to do so
acting is that go and start screaming like you know they force you in front of
everyone do the things so the energy has to come from inside instead of being
negative continuously she has to be active and that’s what I think what I
see for most people is that they are mostly reactive that’s what the
sympathetic gets you it’s mostly reactive mode parasympathetic is a
active in the sense of you create your own energy that is the hardest thing to
do but it’s also where the magic is we didn’t necessarily do this on this
podcast yet but I want to make sure that I want to thank you for doing this
podcast with him and getting a strong fit podcast going because for a long
time for a long time you know doing a WOD cast he’s had the podcast and stuff
I was bugging him about doing more content I was like just turn on the
camera so explaining your handbag carry like you’re doing make videos more this
is what you need to be putting content out yeah on my own it is the hottest
that’s why we speak so much to work especially that you go that deep into
your own stuff on camera on audio like this by yourself man well you’re not
just to do it but to also create it and put it out there and curate it if you
will which takes you know a little bit of work for Julie and I it was like he
had the need for all of those things he I’ve just found after knowing him and
learning him in medium a few times doing working with the mentoring program
and interning at seminars workshops he was like oh but he’s not ever gonna be
the you know I mean he’s not gonna do those other steps he’ll be he’ll do this
part but worrying you you have that ability to take all that all the way
through to the end okay that’s where he draws that line I’m finishing to him and
my guys I jicama cue said when I heard Julian on podcast living in fucking
South Dakota you know I was just like this is really good and I would consume
everything that he would have that was out there but everything was almost the
same basic all right reset you don’t know anything about me
let’s get you as far as we can in an hour next podcast he’s on all right you
don’t know anything about me see how far we can get an hour and and it ended up
being and you could tell there was more there yeah and so that was one of those
things was like this guy needs and actually the truth is I wasn’t sure if
he could sustain the output the honestly like neither did you though I mean that
was like do content wise right have you heard on Julian’s other stuff or other
than him on other podcasts sixty or a hundred or two hundred full episodes of
new content of course not that’s a lot to get into and so subject matter I was
like King Julian produce I had no doubt we get in we’re 20 episodes in at this
point at one point and Julian is like or you got to come back we’ve got to film
more I’m like we’ve got seven in the fuck ed so at this point he was far more
prolific than I expected where that was the new burden yeah but it was a thing
for me where I was like he needs the platform to do it on its own just
because it needed to get to the people I didn’t understand that it would help
move him you move over there help me as much as he had but I also know how much
by myself what you do would drain me to a degree that I wouldn’t be able to do
anything else like it would to do a put like a kind of podcast like you did
opening something like that it’d take me it would take me three days to recover
we were alone by myself no one talking to me for three days
you in fact me without you know we’ve done
some stuff with the business actually on doing like some specific like
personality profiles so you can kind of see where each person on the team can
get energy fed to them and where they really get energy drained from which was
funny so that type of stuff the everything else except for the delivery
crazy which is just would just sapped you completely
I live on creation basically that’s what the profile was showing is that doesn’t
mean I’m allowed to work on the other side we’re just like mostly right now at
least I leave on creation so this year on getting better out because as a boss
have to be now after learning to look at structure and stuff like that but that’s
why I can be a curious to see how you do it and everything cuz I need to learn
that but for the longest time I couldn’t well so when that happened because I
knew that mm-hmm I knew that he has a lot of stuff to teach from from like
everything from science to philosophy to carrying a sandbag and how that can
reflect the way you are as a human being like there’s a lot of stuff awkward to
teach for people but as much as there is in in an outward expression mm-hmm
there’s a lot the other direction yeah a lot the other way no what does all of
that do for him this way yeah yeah why that was a key mm-hmm it’s like this
there’s like it’s like a mirror there yeah and that’s such a massive amount of
stuff that like it can grow and grow and grow someone who got involved and
knowing how you are or an especially I learned when he came the first time I
was like ah it gave me like relief yeah because I couldn’t do it for him ya know
and there was no talk about this but there was a time where he and I and gen
wiedersehen we’re gonna start a podcast yeah and we had met several times it was
covering strength mm their time that’s for always though but I would know we’re
not being cool it would have been a very fact because of the different
personalities and and getting Jen involved but just a
scheduling of all that was a lie – no schedule I’m a family and my odd sleep
schedule at her professional schedule crazy yeah I just didn’t yeah oh I made
an attempt because I was like oh my gosh something has to have this is something
like like really big that we can make happen
mm-hmm and then because of that so yeah cuz I mean it was so much under what
Kass podcast we had the best episode when it was you how many of me but I
asked one let’s be honest that’s when it was fun because we could talk about
stuff like cool it to be deeper oh yeah still funny but those were cool yeah and
the walkers I’m very grateful for a lot of it right yeah it had I guess – – you
know yeah but uh I’m where my first episode I didn’t not talk on a
microphone I didn’t I was very like I’m what am I doing here it’s kind of weird
it’s not seem told it feels fun it feels 5u takes practice yeah back then you
know in the beginning you don’t have a lot of context for what podcasts are and
how they’re done when you first start you’re like what am I just doing some
pretend TV routine is that what I’m supposed to you know what is you know
everything feels weird you don’t know there’s but there’s also that context of
like do I want to put myself out there that much and then there’s also the
other side that being in law enforcement doing this kind of stuff is kind of can
be frowned upon talking about it talking about stuff talking about the job it’s
kind of expected that you just be quiet and do your job you can ever get then
you drove back on this oh yeah I still do oh really yeah huh some also uh you
know both really I’m totally okay with it though no I know you I know yeah yeah
I know you do it no matter what but sometimes of the this community like
other isn’t necessarily the most supportive of
anything different than the way it is ii military culture do i set in their ways
that you don’t want our so that was injury to as well with cops is they
would never have spar with civilians i said that a lot his police official they
refused to spar with numb you know yeah i mean that’s I mean which no authority
because you well did you want to tap to someone was not from the force because
there was they created that gap between this us and them yeah well yeah totally
and opposed to the best people I’ve not there so I was like you guys need to
spar with us yeah yeah so that’s but I saw that there was in a culture part of
it issues there with the walls that we’re
putting out if you understand where the world’s come from don’t get me wrong but
that is not the way to get better yeah and you gotta be careful also Marcus
Anderson Aurelius who yes that’s his name who was on the podcast he said he
had this quote you know that misery loves company but not as much as
mediocrity wow that’s pretty good yeah you’re doing anything sound like more
than that the mediocre guys they’re not gonna be happy about it
I see that you know France man yeah that’s what the French culture kills me
right now is they still have not recovering from World War two and it’s a
con show me you’re crazy that if you try to be good or if you shine a bit too
much like they’ll just try to blast you down I see it every time but he creates
desperate people it is so dangerous this is how you get revolutions are putting
in shit like that like creating of desperation dispersion despite people do
desperate things they it gets it gets dangerous like I see that in the French
culture this is what I can rail on them so much is you can see it everywhere it
creates a anger in people but but something I also learned about like
anger and I wrote about this on my Instagram but what really is anger its
grief it’s a it’s a there’s a separation between like that person is expectation
of what should happen and the greater that distance there’s
grief and a lot of times it’s his grief but it’s dressed up in anger clothing
hmm g0 yeah she’s got to deal with matter no yep but part of that also is
making fun of you know and but a lot you know on the CC way I’ve yet to do a law
enforcement-related podcast I’ve thought about it I thought about doing a whole
series some folks in law enforcement I have some photos lined up from the
military there would have to be dozens of stories you would have access to so
whoa no absolutely yeah it becomes like this gentle thing of what is said is
also as a case active can you sue oh yeah everything every word can be like
yeah technically every word I’m saying right now could be brought up in a civil
case yeah so it has for a long time controlled my words I’ve been very
deliberate about my words and had to think like no I want to say it that way
what that means a good person you’re gonna interview also has to be that’s
the other thing as well that’s harder where they say yeah like there were
times on the walk cast it would go a certain way and I would purposefully but
keep my mic away from my mouth I don’t might even be seen engaging in
such talk but it comes into in delivering the message and and in law
enforcement it’s not what you guys see on TV it’s not what you see in the media
yeah that is a specific story that is being told by someone in a certain way
and they’re using certain footage to explain it yes there are some like stuff
that should not have happened and sometimes that particular officer
could be going through a divorce hasn’t seen his kid in a while has a drinking
problem hasn’t treated his stress and trauma that human being started off
wanting just to help his community you know they’ve gone to like gone
through like the worst stuff that that society community has repeatedly over
and over and over and over and over like thousands hundreds of thousands of times
and then it comes a point where just boils over yeah
so there’s a huge message there and it’s all centered around like in my opinion a
love of community the love of your brother and sister that you work it’s
all Senate on on love nobody not many nice to say nobody because you can’t
because nothing is that extreme but don’t just go thinking oh I can’t wait
to go ruin someone’s life and ruin my life while I’m at it you know but
there’s a whole story and whole layer of there that I have been hesitant to
actually get into towing but we the problem has to be addressed it’s also I
think this is when those things don’t get talked about don’t get addressed
don’t they need only one movement the problem is and I I feel I feel for you
on that one it is the one who starts to bring in you usually gets the hammer
know at least gets in more trouble than the guys after him so it takes it takes
brave souls to start those conversations yeah first get yeah law enforcement is
an amazing job and what I mean by that is that there’s so and as part of reason
why I got involved in it there are so many pieces and aspects to it yeah so
you talk Slava shooting let’s just say you you pluck a patrol officer and just
put them in front of you that patrol officer we’re expecting them to be a
black belt sniper an expert hand-to-hand combat
duty to ninja better than the BSO has extremely high quality judgment
situation to take you know crazy people but not they need to be is they need to
be a stunt driver they need to be speak several languages
they need to know the law they know how to they need to be a doctor or a
psychologist someone’s best friend they know how to an English teacher when it
comes to writing reports this doesn’t help
well there’s like no have to know the expectation everything and then they and
then when it comes time they have to know it right now mm-hm Oh too late
alright we’re judging them on that decision yeah there’s a it’s just a
tremendous so when it comes to training there’s drivers training
there’s just pursuit driving there’s parking they’re slow driving there’s
case law there’s domestic violence there’s Marxist handgun work there’s
shotgun there’s rifle there’s verbal jujitsu there’s it goes on and on
and on mental health training that that particular patrol officer could stay in
training his whole career but the thing is that patrol officer is needed in the
field they actually who because that person is in training who’s going to the
calls yeah so during all the the amount of training and the required trip like
each department has their own standards and then there’s like the the state
standards so not every department’s the same but
within all that mandatory training stress and resiliency isn’t the biggest
priority and even if it was it’s still just a sliver let’s just say it’s one
day it was a year so we know how to let’s just say it’s one day a year
getting everyone trained up on that it’s still logistically hard and expensive
and we have to weigh out well are we putting them in training or we having
them in the field you would have to be at the academy where we stop
well that’s ultimately like if you were to go just like someone’s eating bad
you’re not gonna just do you know here here here’s blood pressure medication
you know you’re not it’s the best way it is actually treat the cause I didn’t you
sit-ups obstructing on that yeah so in my opinion it needs to start early on
and people need to be stressed out any of you yelled at they need they need to
be able to state things on a stress they need they need all that but then let’s
also sit them down and teach them how to cope with it yeah
but that also goes again with everything in life yeah but it’s also you call it a
universal skill that very it’s not very universal very few people have the skill
this being that’s this being diminished over but we get no we’re getting there
because if you look this more and more people talking about it cause depression
anxiety all that stuff is really holes well like we an in the system of the US
where if you have that you have nowhere to go
it’s a big problem you have nowhere to go if it’s not families the cops so
which one you want it’s a big problem and and and then dealing with like a
human being that has a childhood raise and they become an adult and then
eventually they because of what they’ve been to or what they have not been
taught or certain things in their culture eventually they come into law
enforcement hands and what do we do with somebody an adult timeout you know yeah
yeah there’s not like and it’s it’s hard it’s a run something I didn’t know early
on my career but to really understand that what that person is kind of gone to
and be able to show them love mm-hmm for that we right away to be able to show
someone like yeah because if you do that migration they know that they don’t that
they don’t have that they’re alright they know that what you’re doing you
know fire with fire doesn’t put out the fire and so that’s like a whole other
concept but but we’re also stressed out and strong and this is yeah I can you
bring out love when yeah we’re smile where it’s hot that like there’s like
the smell of the victim’s blood generally really pisses off police
officers mm-hmm like if somebody came up and like punched your mom in the face
and you found that person what would you do them like we just don’t like don’t
victimize people yeah but anyways so well then you do we find them like this
this particular person might have like in the womb mom probably was on meth and
then they slept on the floor and they weren’t playing sports like they ate you
know Cheerios every day I don’t know they’ve got at some point and then they
were abused and then they were forced into a gang and then that game forced
them to break into this house now is that person that evil human being if you
don’t know it might be and if I continue and it’s easy to say I know but if we
continue to treat that person as if they’re an evil person that we’re never
giving them a chance to recover then they will always be that way right but
it takes on also is so wrong for those people to be able to change because
those defense systems in place a hardwired it takes time it takes energy
and it takes people willing to show love instead of aggression so the entire
system has to be shit to me is though yeah it’s looking at people a specific
way but I do think if you look at the podcast if you look
at well dog tails up we are starting to shift to work understanding better or
human beings that way because I think it’s needed yeah we’ll have a crisis of
anxiety depression you know taking like 2/3 of the population we’re selling them
pills is not working like that 60 70 80 is not working as painting a dirty car
yeah it’s not working and I think slowly but surely we starting to come to the
realization that there is a deeper thing at play than just the chemical imbalance
in the brain take that pill that passion you don’t I mean so I do think it’s just
it’s so yeah just so Scott do you have anything that you would like as far as
like to send people off with from a stress cope with stress thing any advice
that you’ve learned in your from your time that were like I feel like you’re
probably more suited for giving advice on that tonigh or maybe even Julianne
well a couple of easy things cuz I wasn’t again this is I wasn’t raising
this and I haven’t been studying it my whole life like some people have so
there are certain things that stood out to me that I lost latched on to that is
easy to teach a couple things one is that you know in order to regulate your
emotions you have to stabilize your attention and if you can stabilize your
attention it gives you kind of a little bit more control so and that’s generally
done to the breath the easiest thing is to to pay attention to your breathing
just that alone like pay attention to sit still breathing your nose and see
how feels feel the air going ah bouncing off the inside of your nose
just focus on that little piece and to add a little bit more a one-part inhale
to a two part exhale so if you inhale for four account for whatever count you
want and do a slow exhale for a count of eight just one of those breath and just
will make a difference and where that comes from the inhale tends to be tied
to the sympathetic nervous system the exhale is a parasympathetic
response especially what I don’t like the whole take a deep breath thing
because they will tell me how you know exactly what that’s sooo that’s why I’m
careful I generally I’ll say hey take a long slow exhale you know mm-hmm that’s this breather he knows one party
inhale to part itself and then like fine little like while you’re doing it the
next time we might find a little tension in spots generally it’s like in about
everybody ears like your jaw your neck those spots so when you get further into
that stuff and to breathe and breathe office and you realize like wait why am
i why is that way you realize why why am I like this why are my traps being
contracting why is my jaw clenched why does my job in class it been like
this all day you know it’s very interestingly you see where you hold
tension but then but even so do through each exhale and this can be done in like
a few breaths it could be five breaths mm-hmm on the exhale let that tension go
find it and it let it go I don’t even bother asking why is that there because
then now your attentions on that but do it on the exhale they delete the whole
time you won’t be able to let go completely so on the audio on the exam
yeah the other thing is uh and I’m sure Julie has talked a lot
about this is understanding your vagus nerve and how you can stimulate it and
let it work for your benefit we’ve got a few yeah but it it ties up to so much
stuff you know where I get frustrated is that most of that stuff is already out
there the more I read the more I see things that at least the medical world
which refuses to greet to talk about because it’s – it reminds people too
much of the 18th century and they just want to stay with a reductionist view of
the world even though there is proof of the contrary like when was the last time
you were here or doctor or talk about aura they can’t write it’s not
scientific except the heart produces an electromagnetic field that is 60
stronger than the one of the brain we know that it produces a magnetic field a
hundred times stronger than the brain that is about three meters right and we
know because it’s been tested through HCG so the heart and everything that for
example anger versus contentment does not carry the same signal so the
magnetic field that you put through through your heart has actually a
message of anger based information of angry of SS contentment being
broadcasted all right how is that not oral or you know this is scientific
stuff measure of I’m talking about you just got ice you remind me of this
concept and I’m sure they’re tied together that is max strum st r om who
has a fantastic TED talk on when it comes to doing certain types of breath
work and related to relieving grief and men generally like three to five minutes
into it and he talks about how we tend to carry stress trauma and grief in our
like ribcage and torso area do all the help yeah yeah all this stuff and how
that can actually like you know the heart disease on the nervous system is
actually is a brain he has ganglion with neurons in it he produces oxytocin he
produces dopamine hey ape in different yeah
like the heart is a brain and or nervous system in itself so to make it easy to
understand or release for me an example to tell people could use telling people
oh you know if you do one part in a two-part exhale and if you actually make
a humming noise it’ll help you relax it’s like what are you talking about I’m
like well if your best someone is really stressed out and they keep doing this
all the time well that is your body doing what we were saying it’s like you
know the long slow exhale with that growling vibration and stimulating your
vagus nerve helping your shift to a parasympathetic response you can
actually manually do that if you have the self awareness of it so you think
it’s self regulate your own system it’s a few people someone once said on a
podcast that I did you are not a passive victim to your system
and maintain that yeah exactly and that’s to me that’s the biggest thing
that’s what I want to see out there is that is the reactive versus yes so
that’s the sector it goes back to this starting and training and talking about
it and having it become part of culture yeah now were you lost to see those
people there it’s the other thing I’d like to send you away with everybody
here who’s listening to is that one thing that you see that with Scott we
have the space here and what he’s done how many episodes of podcasts have you
done roughly 35 is no no remote 375 is over 75 more on four on our broadcast
public and man that’s a lot of hot cast but now we talk about craftsmanship
right and there’s things that this isn’t even what Scott’s full-time job is but
he’s pretty fucking good at it and I you see in podcast with what he doesn’t see
suea even what he does at the WOD cast is the way you set up the space there is
a craftsmen’s approach to it and if it’s if anything ever sounds easy that
Scott’s doing it’s not I’ve done only 200 episodes of podcasts give or take so
I’m about halfway there and the thing that I find the Scott does very well
Scott speaks very deliberately but also you’re not afraid of silence which on a
podcast for people that are doing it being able to take a moment where they
are not speaking is the thing that I’m almost the worst as so the things that I
appreciate that Scott does with the approach that you take to podcasts and
all those other things there’s a lot of attention to detail that I think people
miss by the way for you guys how many podcast does it take before you
feel you’re getting great you might think you’re good five or six hundred
but then fifty sixty or a hundred you’re like
well the first fifty were trash and then you get to 150 and you’re like so the
first hundred were bad but the last fifty I’m getting better I always think
that I feel around you mind you my nose I always tell people like no matter what
if they find a podcast that I’m in Mike I always lead them towards like the
closest half to the recent time like whatever is on the other side of that
midway point and like I probably 200 you’ll starting yeah let’s be honest we
I was telling Julian I was listening to a thing today on podcast and they said
the truth is podcasts gotta have you got to put in the time 200 episodes any
podcasts that you really listen to a lot of out there has got a one or two
hundred episodes kind of which means it just requires a few years yeah yeah but
I still haven’t necessarily done an episode where I’m like that was perfect
but you know what I think I think for you though I think you do hold maybe not
perfection as a target but you hold a very high standard that you’d like to
get very close to whereas Julian and I do take a very different approach to
that where we come out with one and we’re like hey that fit all the things
we enjoyed it first off yeah it’s fun we enjoyed it we
got the information out that we needed and we’re filming another one tomorrow
and so for us that’s the the machine sometimes I watched your podcast so I
can tell what the voice has to be in stating stuff cool for me like he’s
gonna be good cop I’ll be the bad cop yeah like stuff like that like you you
find yourself for me I feel like barely starting yeah the what helps is
understanding your call like well you have the why right but an understanding
that goal yeah and if you hit your goal and then the rest of stuff is this extra
credit you know yeah for me the difficult stuff when it comes to
one-on-one interviews is the ability to be present and looking ahead to the
direction of the show yeah you know because before or the other what having
having co-hosts and stuff someone else we talk
you can be thinking and planning the next thing and I think it’s which it’s
got something funny to say like you’re like I got this now and I get five
moments but there’s been some parts where I’d like I’ll listen to it because
then I can actually pay total attention yeah
without without thinking about anything else and then I’ll I’ll pick up and
notice oh I missed that spot I miss oh he said this I should have to
all your podcast that you do Sisu a I would be willing to bet you
listen to do you almost yeah yeah I mean yes I do a lot of times I’ll listen to
so I can type up the notes and also to like grab certain quotes that I want cuz
then is it again it’s about attention so there but then I also really want to go
back and listen to that person to speak yeah it’s not just critiquing myself and
taking notes because like but actually I really want to listen because there is a
thing we’re part of I think part of hosting a podcast is you have to get
passively good at this really bad habit that people have when they listen to
people talk which is focusing on what you’re gonna say next you know where
it’s gonna go next which is a shitty way to be out in the world yeah kind of but
like on the podcast you just someone’s if you’re the guest you’re not too
worried about what’s gonna happen next as I kind of be like well if he’s just
stops here I don’t know when this story ends if he just stops here where the
fuck am I going and that’s always kind of got to be in your head well you’re
almost like a always one second in the future yeah you know somebody that I
learned how to be better at that from is Kenny King and Kenny Caine
no no he’s a former host of the walk cast but also has body of knowledge
podcast which is fantastic but he like I remember speaking and he’s been a guest
on my podcast as well but it if I’m speaking he’s listening he’s actually
like listening and then if I there’s that like moment where I’m done speaking
and you’re the other person to talk he’s kind of
like you can see the next thought hasn’t formulated yet mm-hmm so it’s that
active listening thing is really important yeah and it’s not just for
podcasting just in life in general yeah to actually utilize the skill to listen
to what the other person is trying to tell you like actually listening to what
they’re actually saying yeah not they’re not listening to respond to
them with something about you know like you know trust me I’m not an expert at
this but it’s a certain practice it’s a lot of reps then also going going back
to the podcasting and having a very high standard that’s just I have them like
that and everything but that that process the actual process of doing it
and getting the story told is how I measure like the downloads like all the
all the other stuff that happens after that is not interesting to me yeah like
the only thing that’s interesting to me after that is the effect its had on
other humans you know the true quality of the content yeah that’s him if five
people listen to it and they were profoundly affected by that and then
became better in their circles and effective relationships with themselves
and with other people around them to me that is a tremendous tremendous success
and it’s also like I don’t I would rather have five listeners actual
listeners than $5,000 you get the you know the fabulous you know yeah yeah
totally yes you say that yeah and that has been
something I did not expect and it’s been a tremendous tremendous benefit you know
for me through the CC way the amount of relationships and communications and
conversations I’ve had with people around the world because of it and the
amount of change you started yeah yeah that one touches me every time because I
get a few messages here and there where you’re like you were like oh yeah yeah
it’s almost like it too much yeah it touches your heart yeah yeah
some of them did touch you yeah yeah I got a message recently
during during uh you know the character mile I don’t know how much you want to
talk about that it’s close to well the character mile ended in November I had
this idea in my head like a purpose and the mechanism for it was to run a mile
every day during the month of December I made the post I said anyone game I was
thinking maybe like five to ten people you know five or ten people will do that
with two small groups yeah yeah that’s what I wasn’t thinking well I didn’t
know so that it would spread to 14 plus different countries and a lot like I got
a lot of feedback of people that were doing it and then other people were
posting it and other people were posting it and so became this this thing kind of
like a little overwhelming for me because I wasn’t prepared logistically
like I didn’t have I was thinking oh I’ll do like a like someone who wrote on
the comments oh you should start like a an Instagram chat group you know we get
up to 15 people and we can talk about it oh cool let me look into how do I get
this and 1500 people know it was like up to 15 am i okay great and then it grew
out of that like immediately so people started using Instagram stories and
stuff so the character miles started in December we just finished it and that
was to run a mile every day for the month of December people found the
challenge in running people found the challenge in logistics like how do I get
that in every day mm-hmm the repetition that the challenges if you’re if you’re
looking for the challenge they’re in everything mm-hmm but if you’re also the
flipside if you’re looking for the opportunity the opportunity is right
next to it yeah and so it wasn’t about actually running a mile and in I told
people I didn’t it wasn’t about time it wasn’t about what he
ran crawled walked I didn’t have you rode a mile just move and that’s
actually where the shirt comes in the place and that was a celebration and the
health as well to be mindful that movement is a gift and so you can move
from A to B and that is a gift mm-hmm your focus and show you an angel
yeah yeah so as it went on tons people were doing in taking their Instagram
stories and I would share a I responded to every single message out there I
thought to try to keep track of all the different countries and what from like
everywhere from Finland to defy you know France Canada Australia UK Ireland I
mean all these places like holy smokes so that made me feel like wow like this
there’s a entire community of people doesn’t matter the country that are
interested in this type of thing mmm this character this community and doing
something were repeatedly and so it made them reconnect with something within
them yeah that’s the other thing I hope it was like I’m not bringing anything
I’m not creating anything in you I’m going to remind you how powerful you are
and there were different little parts different little challenges within a
challenge one of them was find something heavy that speaks to you and pick it up
and carry with you I picked up this log and took it with me had some friends
over one of them grabbed that hammer this is you hammer another one grabbed a
kettlebell and we went yeah some people took their kids on their back mm-hmm and
did it you know but yeah yeah but got people together another one was when we
walk when we run we tend to kind of look down at the ground in front of us
and so I knew yeah it this reminder was to actually look up and notice your
environment notice the trees what kind of trees are they notice the branches
notice the leaves what did you do something for business oh no that’s
funny yeah it’s a it’s a pay attention to the colors and either make sure you
find it does such a big difference yeah you staple or understand yeah there are
a miracle all of us and like Dan Millman says in a
peaceful warrior there are no ordinary moments so don’t waste the moment savor
it by looking up and being able to look at eye level yeah changes everything
that’s crazy people don’t realize how much you’re looking at Ft yep hold on
yeah and then another one was around the holidays and that was to take somebody
with you that hasn’t done it yet bring a family member yeah so there were
generations like I went with my family and there’s three generations of us that
were going families from all over the world were walking together taking
grandparents and talking about how grateful they are for health and that
movement is a gift and they’re all doing it together and so you know I do have
little other challenges there like someone I was running on a treadmill all
the time I challenged them to go outside mm-hmm you know treadmill you’re not
actually moving you’re just in one place it’s the same
thing you’re the same place yeah so I wanted him to move would lose the value
of the trees and the others but not only that but there’s moving from A to B
creating that locomotion it gets in us we’re like hunter-gatherers you know
you’re and you’re it’s in there it’s primal mm-hmm and actually getting out
and creating that movement is important it’s a better way of explaining Julian’s
hatred for the assault by fucking go anywhere and so I use different
different people use different types of motivation to get them off the treadmill
you know a buddy Lester I told him because he’s a very positive guy and
very uplifting and always talks on his Instagram stories and actually fired me
up but he’d be on the treadmill and then I sent him a message and I said hey
rocky didn’t run out said no and so now we use that one yeah so that was it so
then other people was like hey he sends you a video of him I like splitting
lumber and chase yeah yeah yeah okay different different things
one is like hey hamsters do you want like yes run this stuff you won’t look
like a hamster or but you know what I see a panther or something that’s moving
yeah but the point of it was was it brought a certain level that held as
well as movements a gift and to savor the moments and to look for all the
miracles and then to reconnect with family because when you’re doing a mile
with other people you’re not on your phone weird right yeah yeah and then he
also it forms like that pack mentality reconnect so that was the character
model and I did it in December because I didn’t want to do it I want to do when
it’s cold and I wanted to do it when I was unexpected I wanted to do it through
the holidays when it was difficult it’s inconvenient yeah oh yeah before
auditioning yeah I wanted I wanted it all during that time and I wanted to
bring a certain level awareness and using that awareness to start the new
year I didn’t want it to be I didn’t want to like like insult the
integrity of the character mile doing it in January yeah well that’s like
everybody’s got a new year no mean yeah it’s has to be character right yeah
that’s hard exactly what you hold that’s the whole point
okay it’s raining okay good I don’t I get down on my conscience
oh that’s raining it’s beautiful rain is awesome running outside in the outside
in the rain is awesome do your doing also what other people want come a
little hole in for three months trust me you live in the rain yeah but like it is
it is a cold awesome go outside and there are people that did it in like
minus 20 degrees yeah but that low I love them because then you can show
everybody else oh what’s your Excuse exactly know of those people yeah yeah
they’re great yeah yeah I’m sure everybody else that
yeah yeah out here the best that I could do is to match is it go run in the dry
sand at the beach look at my snow yeah well you didn’t get much sympathy I
don’t think for that but that’s that’s that is the character model and in fact
that the character mile is the next solo episode I’m going to record
I always told the people it’s not a meat thing it’s a wee thing and so I had
people write me emails that I’m gonna read on on their experience what they
learned and what collateral or I call peripheral benefits that they had
because of it and I also share that idea I like that yeah so and then I have well
in fact so one of the messages like I how does that work in my uniform I read
it and it like I’m started crying just tearing up all over my uniform reading
it and so I’m gonna share that on on the episode but I also set up a phone number
for people to call and lean voice messages that I’m gonna upload onto the
podcast okay yeah I gave them the opportunity of my hey leave this
voicemail you have up to three minutes if you want your voice to be heard on
the one organized in the main room I can teach you stuff I do not know I didn’t
first of all I did not know how to do it at all god I’m nobody does not great I
do like I love the way the email is easy right
you just don’t be reading those emails on a book that’s good so so I started
reading a lot of them and it like like really obviously like it to start hit me
hard on the inside them yeah and so yes but that’s why I stopped reading him
yeah because I want to read them Oh fresh Oh so the emotions oh no I
don’t want to be too like overly prepared and fake like actually feels
like you’re turning your own home I hate that’s why I hate talking about myself
special on the podcast on stuff like that because I always look like you just
bragging it ruins the whole thing that it hits it’s gonna hit so isn’t this
episode your you can do that character mile episode now you have the CC way
sits on its own in Instagram as well correct
yes at the CC way the CC way so remember that’s time you’re telling us we talk
too long well yeah we have some bad in storage issues right guess so we’re
at sea well yes yes yes so that’s also it’s sold to single
camera so so but they can find that at the CC way up and so and the podcast
itself sits an audio just work just like this will sit on iTunes everywhere else
that on your phone you are at one it’s gotten Aggie and that’s the number one
number one you know Julian’s that strong fit one an
entire engine stone I think that’s about all we where’s anything else you need to
get out there contacts give everyone that squeeze phone numbers we can we
need to talk about the webcast days and we’re all lives are well then and then
where they are now we’ll do another behind the scenes episode yeah I know
yeah just do a webcast all I never yet with always I got a I got a panic and
check and make sure there’s storage left and these things are still morning we’ve
been to our she’ll talk to you guys soon but thanks a lot for coming out school
I’d really appreciate it Scott is one of my first ever you’re talking actually in
order I think my first to ever podcast guests are both here on this one today
oh that’s pretty well it’s so it’s videos almost of the day yeah yeah three
years almost to the day this is just part of the path that’s right exactly a
lot more you

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