For autonomous driving you have to
collect a whole bunch of data. Sensor data, environment data, data
from the cloud. And the only way to manage it,
to detect it, to track it and also to write an algorithm,
is done with software. ZF has a whole bunch of
components that drives the vehicle. So for executing a vehicle path,
we have everything there. We have braking, steering, suspension,
e-drives. But also with a look at the sensor set:
radars, LiDARs and also the computational power.
We have components in place that we can readily use. Now bringing these together
with the expertise how to run the functions, how to run a
vehicle, how to best drive a braking system ,for example, ZF is very well
prepared. And I would say in the front row of becoming also a system and
software provider in the future. ZF will have to sell software features
because we will find software pieces from all over the world, from different
parties, from different customers and we have to be able to integrate them. That is also why we partner with Microsoft, which helps us to become the
automotive tech company for software.

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