Since you are watching this video chances are that you need to become
more efficient in your sourcing processes Let DeltaBid make it a bit easier for you! Let’s take Joe, who is responsible for procurement in his company Joe has many ongoing requests: a RFP to design a new corporate website, an ended reverse auction to find a copy paper supplier for a year a RFI to qualify courier service providers and an office furniture RFQ,
waiting to be sent out The dashboard provides all the main indicators like number of bids and messages,
right in front of your eyes. Joe sees that his RFP has new bids and messages He opens the RFP and gets a quick overview of the bids To go into the details, he clicks Compare Bids The bids are all in one format and ready to be compared Plus you can also download them to Excel! Joe clicks on the Questionnaire tab,
which lets you easily gather additional information from suppliers on one sheet.
From the answers, Joe notices that the supplier “Comply” can’t deliver on time
and disqualifies them. From the Suppliers tab you can see, who has
read your request, who wants to participate and who doesn’t.
It’s easy to focus on those who haven’t read the request and resend them the invitation
or just call them up. All the questions from suppliers are in one
place on the message board. Two suppliers have asked the same question.
Joe could answer them privately, but decides to inform all suppliers to avoid answering the same question again. With DeltaBid, the entire process is auditable and transparent, saving you time from preparing reports You can even manage your suppliers online and share them with your colleagues They are all in one place and it is easy to
invite them to participate in your requests Start organizing your sourcing
by creating your first event It is as easy as sending an email! Just click on Create a New Request Add a heading, description, deadline… create a list of items… upload documents… enter suppliers’ email addresses… and send it out. See –
DeltaBid is intuitively easy for you and for your suppliers and it doesn’t require additional training to start using it Just try it out and use the time you saved
for a break!

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