– In this training
video I’m gonna show you how to access our
Business Learning section built right into the
Client Dispute Manager. That’s right, when you become
a Client Dispute Manager family member we give you access to 74 high-definition videos
showing you step by step on how to run your credit repair business. And it’s right here. Now, let me show you how to do that. The first thing you want
to do is go to Training. Let’s go to Training Videos. Then on the left hand side you want to click on Business Learning. And as you could see right here we have everything you need to start and run a successful credit restoration business or a credit score improvement business right here in the Client Dispute Manger, and it’s absolutely free. Now, this type of value
you would normally pay anywhere from a 1,000 to two to $3,000 by trying to learn how to run and improve a credit score improvement business or a credit repair business. But in the Client Dispute Manager credit repair business software, we’re gonna give you all of this education for free right here. Step by step, look at all
these videos right here. Each video is five minutes long giving you step-by-step
pointers on how to start and run your credit repair business,
including marketing, including sales and contracts,
and dealing with customers, and pricing, and researching competition, and electronic signature, credit reports. We even got a little bit
of credit repair in here. Qualifying customers,
look at this right here. Marketing sales, the
need from your clients, what you need from your clients. Everything you need,
emails you should send, business cards, email marketing,
back of the business card. Seminars, how to put an
online work start seminars. PowerPoint presentation,
advertising part one, part two, part three,
sales and marketing, sales, sales part one, part two, part three. Sales script elements,
affiliates, affiliate partners, referral partners, all of this. Look at this, customer
service, customer surveys, dealing with difficult clients, client contact, client contact. Being organized, is your
mind ready, time management, book and taxes, company
policies, acts and laws, credit repair training, software, branding, building credibility, growing your business, and testimonials. Look, I don’t know what
else you want me to say about this credit repair
business software, but I’m gonna tell you right
now everything you need to run a successful credit
score improvement business or credit restoration
business is right here in the Client Dispute Manager.

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