Turnin’ Up on the track I be on Shine light on the verse like my word is neon ya ya Take a track and I turn it into Au, I’m a boss at this table Nitake What say you Goin harder on the track than 22 Drop bars, Nothin you can do People being so dense head like PB with no J here What I say bein mad taking all the Na Superman with the mass 84 Im broke I know Nickel, Except for the core After this if you wanna whine thats fine Take an L like Iodine with another line Bout to live and breathe this song like it’s oxygen Take an Iron will, turn it into Tin Keep on rapping, forgettin all the hate Ya’ll love us when this song goes atomic 78 (Jp’s lit hype dance) Aye Aye Aye, You know its stoichiometry, Yaddaduhmean The reactant thing with the equation balancing Never though this science thing was easy Till I looked at stoich and said all of this would be breezy Grams to moles Or moles to grams Either way you know that we go ham On a beat we made, or a beat we stole I can take a gram and make it to a mole Through Chemistry, when we balance it Or in real life when we gettin lit Make a product in the reaction When we put the numbers in the fraction And then solve it to see what we get Yah, Grams or moles is what I’ll bet Goggles- on my- head So I- won’t be- dead Always stayin cautious Wafting scents so you won’t be nauseous Shattered records like shattered beakers Don’t use your hands just call your teacher Cuz’ if you don’t you’ll be in a mess But on day one we took the test Number one, If you gonna rank it We spit that heat you’ll need a fire blanket Hope that there’s no irritation If it’s in your eye, then go to the station Nitake’s class we go beast mode Screw flip flops we go closed toed And that’s all day and we cashin’ out

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