There are many issues and problems that
we can solve in this world and computer science is a field where you use
computers to solve these issues. In these days, every Hardware has a software so
computer scientists can come up with software engineering and they can
provide the brain. Computer science can be used in multiple areas to solve
problems and students have multiple interests.
That’s why JBU has multiple emphasis options so that students can develop
their skills in different areas. Computer science and creative writing actually are a great fit together because computer science really is a lot about
learning languages, and so the same kind of skills that you learn in creative
writing–how you code–it would look a lot like thinking about combinations. This field is blowing up. This field is definitely– that demand is high. We’re
trying to hire people and a lot of the development nowadays are very
large-scale and especially at big companies, you are often tasked with, you
know, being part of a bigger picture and, you know, the ability to fit into that.
Right? The ability to work with other people, collaborate with other people,
communication. JBU’s mission is to help students to honor God and serve others
through their education. We want our computer science grads to go out and
serve Him with their work and be able to reflect God’s kingdom. It seems to be
necessary for computer science majors to have another humanities emphasis or
something outside of the degree itself in order to have the best options in the

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