Aggies taking care of Aggies. Former
students are making a difference by giving back and paying it forward. My
wife and I have an endowed scholarship at Texas A&M. You learn a lot of things
about being an Aggie. You learn integrity, honesty, commitment and loyalty. And part
of that loyalty is Aggies helping Aggies. I was a scholarship recipient at
University as was my sister and that was a key reason we were both able to attend
University. And so we both knew when we came out of school that when we had
enough money we wanted to be able to give back to the University and give
that opportunity to somebody else in the future. We talked about the core values
at A&M and what Aggies are made of. You know Aggies don’t lie cheat or steal or
tolerate those that do. All those kind of core principles that we’re known for,
I think it’s the only right for us to get back if we have the ability to do
that and in doing that we’re gonna be able to touch the life of a future
student. The Aggie network is not a myth, it’s not a legend, it’s real. And having
the opportunity to help another Aggie is something that’s part of our greatest
traditions at Texas A&M. These scholarships allow students to pursue
their passions and career aspirations without financial burden. By far the most
important component of my experience here at A&M has been the relationship
developed with the students, with professors, and with advisers that I’ve
gotten to know over the years and have had a huge impact on not only what
I’m able to do but what I want to do, which turned out to be computer engineering. I
absolutely love what I do now every single day, every class I go to, and that’s because of the people that surround me in these classes.
We’re not just engaged in wanting a good grade. We really want to learn the
material and talk about it and understand it at a level that goes beyond
what you can put down on a test. The scholarship has impacted me in a
positive way, because I’m able to focus more on my
studies and not have to worry too much about financial aid. So what excites me
most about being a computer science student is not only just the coding but
also I really like building products for users to use and
for their benefit. TAMU Hack is a 24-hour hackathon
where students build creative and innovative products and being an
organizer at TAMU Hack is actually an amazing thing because I get to promote
this and promote this environment of creativity. For international students
who attend Texas A&M, these scholarships open the door for an opportunity
otherwise unavailable. I think the most important thing is that I simply
wouldn’t be in the United States without this scholarship and so it’s allowed me
to fulfill my biggest dream. When I start applying to universities across the U.S.
I also had a couple of backup schools in India because I thought “I don’t
think my parents can afford this” so I should have a backup in case this
doesn’t work out. But when I was awarded the scholarship they also told me that
“hey since you’re getting the scholarship as long as you meet your GPA
requirements you keep getting in state tuition for the next four years,” and that
made a world of difference. I remember just leaving the airport in Delhi, it’s
like 3:00 a.m. at night and I’m with my uncle who’s like an airport employee so
he’s like allowed to come in and I turned to him just before getting on the
plane and I say “I can’t believe this is actually happening it feels like I’m in
a dream.” I’m so grateful that I get to live this. you

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