The school of Computer Science at the University
of Hertfordshire is one of the largest and most established in the UK. We have a world
class research reputation in areas such as bio computation, software design and CPU architecture
and are leading research in artificial intelligence and robotics feeds directly into the teaching
you will receive. Our courses provide you with the essential theoretical knowledge as
well as the opportunity to specialise in areas of software engineering, networks and artificial
intelligence and as a student you will also have access to a number of industry standard
computing laboratories. Our network labs and cutting edge robotics give students the opportunity
to apply practical skills. These skills developed in programming in control can be applied using
our baxter robot, a dedicated robot specifically for use by our students. You can also benefit
from extracurricular activities such as working with our Robo cup team, the Bold Hearts. The
team includes students from undergraduate, post graduate and research and finished runners
up in the 2014 world championships in brazil and are currently the top ranked robot football
team of their class in the UK. The computer science school has developed strong links
with businesses ensuring our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of employers. these
partnerships mean we can provide excellent support for students undertaking an all important
student placement and prepare you for your future career in the technology sector.

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Khapung Sam · July 5, 2018 at 11:15 pm

How good is the University on delivering, Top up Degree on BSc Computer Science for Online learning students

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