Hi! This is Prof. Muldrow and I’m going to show
you how to download, install, configure , and use the CodeBlocks development tool for programming
in C and C++. First you must go to this website:codeblocks
dot o-r-g…codeblocks (all one word) dot o-r-g. Once you’re here, you click the “Downloads”
tab. When you’re on the Downloads page, you click
“Download the binary release”. Now if you’re using a Windows PC, the file
you want to download is this fourth on in the list, right here This one right here. That’s the one you want to download. If you’re on MacOS, this is the file you want
to download. This file right here is the one for MacOS. However, if you are using an Apple computer
you will need to install XCode before you install CodeBlocks. So be sure to have XCode installed first on
a Mac before you install CodeBlocks. Now once you download it and you install it…you
get this! Let me close this project. This is what CodeBlocks looks like when you
first open it after you’ve installed it. If you want to make a new project, you click
on the “Create a new project” link. You then select “Console Application”. Now here you must pick a language. If you’re programming in C++, you pick C++. If you’re programming in C, you select C. I’m going to do C++ right now. You need to give your project a title. I’ll just say “hi”. Now you may or may not need to…uh…put
something here in this second box, which is the folder where the project is located. If this second box is blank, you need to click
the three dots and then pick a folder or directory path where your project will go. The last two boxes are filled in automatically. You don’t need to put anything in there. You click Next…and on this window, you don’t
need to do anything. All you need to do is click the Finish button. And you get this. Now if you want to see your code rather than
this grey screen, you come to the left and you click the plus box next to the sources
folder. Now since I’m programming in C++, this file
says “main.cpp”. If you’re programming in C, it will say “main.c”. Either way, you double click it…and here
is your code. To compile it, you click on the yellow gear
symbol, which says “Build”…and you should get 0 errors here at the bottom in blue. To run it, you click the green play button. And here…is your output window. This is how your output will be displayed
in a console application in CodeBlocks. OK, that’s how you do it. If you have any questions, please send me
an email at [email protected]

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