welcome to code developer today we see
the topic is tree or binary tree in this session we are going to study at a board
defined 3 and its basic times explained binary tree and it slides discuss AVL
tree gets find thresholded that is threaded a binary tree then
representation and operations on binary tree then discuss you have got binary
tree traversal so tree it is a nonlinear data structure and its elements are
arranged in shorted order for example sample tree any algebra expressions can
be represented with a tree it’s a formula is it equal to J minus Q K
divided by L into M plus en the basic terms so root node node child link
parent leaf level then height degree sigh bling then terminal node path
length forests labeled tree so binary tree it is a finite set of data elements
the tree is a binary tree if each node of it has a maximum of two branches it
has either 0 or 1 or 2 child for example so it is a tree the presentation
complete binary tree each node has two children yet such the last node
therefore at any level the maximum number of node is equal to multi multi
place of two for example at level 0 only one node root that is a to power 0 at
level one two nodes so to power 1 so that is called as true then at level
true for nodes that is a 2 or 2 then nice to do power 3 to power 4 so on
so extended binary tree how to extend the binary tree when when every whenever
node of your tree has a the 0r toots children such a tree is called as extra
red binary tree the nodes with the children’s are called
internal nodes and the node without children are called external node then
representation of binary a binary tree so what are the representation we are
going to study about binary tree array representation Ling list representation
the next one operations on binary tree what are the operations the first one
tree traversal then insertion of node deletion of nodes searching for a given
node the next one tree traversal so here we are using three kind of process the
first one in order preorder and postorder so B tree that is
a balanced multi multi way tree it is also no known as balanced short
territory it is used in external storage conditions what are the conditions times
and conditions we are applied here the height of the tree is minimum no empty
sub trees after the leaves of the tree the leaves of the tree should be at the
same level all nodes except the leaves have at least few children AVL tree
height balanced tree so that is a height balanced tree so how do balancing in
this kind of tree structure this form of 3 is studied and defined by Russian
mathematician that is Geum the name is Geum Adelson well C key and iam land
Lundy’s find balancing factor for the 3 by applying the following conditions
what are the conditions the first one if it is leaf node the balancing factor of
B of 0 the initial value if the node is left child of left subtree depends upon
its depth that is B of is calculated and it is positive if the
node is right child of child right sub-tree depends upon its depth B of his
calculator dance it is negative so it is a height balanced three times and
conditions thank you