Alright guys you are tuning in to
episode 1, the very first episode in the cypher b-boy podcast in this episode
you’ll learn a little bit more about the show why we need something like this how
it’ll make you a better dancer goals visions for the show and maybe a little
bit about me anyways we got intro music courtesy of – ghost drugs all the way
from Switzerland run it yeah big shout out to – ghost rocks
preciate the support brother be sure to peep the full track and the other
mixtapes he’s got on his soundcloud – ghost rocks with his head or Z and yeah
we’ll link his soundcloud on our website and yes we have a website in the cipher
com nice and easy it’s on the website for
every single episode we post it will come with show notes and these show
notes will be posted on the website and will include a summary of the things
that we discuss in every episode as well as any links or specific things we talk
about in the episode you can always find it on our website nice and easy now for
this episode I want to get deeper on what exactly is going on on the show
cool so ever for every episode of the show you can expect to hear a b-boy or
b-girl as a guest on the show and I will be interviewing them what types of
questions will I be asking well think of it as a sort of mini workshop where we
discuss things from how they train specifically their approach to battling
all the way to more abstract concepts like musicality style creating new moves
history the list goes on and the topics and discussion is super open-ended but
mainly focused on helping you the listener
develop and grow as a dancer ideally each b-boy and be girl on the show will
be catered by you the listener and the questions I ask will also be catered by
you the listener so you get to learn exactly what you want to learn cool so
why is the show important in short really short he had to learn from the
best and it doesn’t get better than that if you want the long answer is the more
time you spend in the stance learning it going through the process you start to
realize there is so so much more from developing your your own style creating
new moves battle strategies optimizing your training regimen balancing your
life outside of breaking learning the history I mean this dance it gets is so
much bigger than just moves so this is where the dance really starts to open up
and we begin to realize how much opportunity there is to learn and grow
this is why I love the concept of this show imagine having multiple coaches and
mentors available to you around the world that you can learn from anytime
anywhere they have expertise in specific areas I mean that is powerful sharing
this knowledge and learning from these experts this is how we grow as dancers
this is how we grow as a community and this is why we need something like this
so I’m really excited for this all right well let’s talk about the name of the
show obviously the name of the show is inspired by the ciphers and how ciphers
are similar to the conversations we are having on this podcast where you wait
and listen until it’s your turn to speak / throw down here we got to be in the
cypher with a b-boy or b-girl where they share their own personal journey and how
you the listener can take what they’ve learned along the way and apply it to
yourself and your own dance knowledge is power
so let me envision for the show is to be resourced for training knowledge and
developing our dance outside of the studio and to learn directly
from high level and experience breakers so the key to growth is to always be
learnings and on this show we got to learn from the best everyone has a
different perspective on the stance and even if you don’t agree with it you will
always learn by listening by learning and understanding high-level breakers it
will change the way you think or see this dense so goals I’ve got a ton of
goals for the show one of them is for this show to be a part of every b-boys
training routine or regimen whatever you want to call it on this show hopefully
we can go get into some deeper knowledge some actionable tips that you can take
into your dance for your next training session your next battle or even outside
the studio working with your diet or conditioning those sorts of things
the show is free you can download it and listen to it anytime anywhere and you
get to learn directly from these b-boys and b-girls who have reached new heights
and the dance these are dancers we may never get to
meet we may not ever get the opportunity to attend their workshops this show is
will be so valuable in that sort of way these actionable tips and tricks from
these experienced breakers these are the exact things you can do right now to
incorporate in your training and it doesn’t get better than that
or maybe it does the biggest goal for this show is community involvement so I
want you guys the listeners of the show to be involved in producing the show so
you get exactly what you need to know from these b-boys and b-girls we have on
the show and that I interview I want you guys to request b-boys that you want me
to get on the show and interview but not only that I want you guys to ask your
questions directly to these dancers often what you want to know hundreds if
not thousands of other people want to know – we get to learn together and you
get to learn and receive the advice on exactly what you need so this is a free
show that has made by breakers for breakers there are these high level
b-boys and b-girls that are giving you their time and knowledge that
extremely valuable in return all we ask is for you to support them on their
social media and other projects they have going on go to their workshops if
you want to get deeper learning with these breakers and finally to share the
show with your fellow fellow b-boys and b-girls if you do learn something
valuable from the podcast episodes so to reach out to me with your questions and
the b-boys and b-girls you want to have on this show on the show and to learn
from we got an Instagram account in space the space cypher and we are also
on Facebook at in the cypher again all these links to our social media will be
on our website on our website you can comment on there too you can email me
directly in ton of ways preferably you can just hit me up on
Instagram or Facebook cool so now where to find these episodes I am hosting
every episode on podcast platforms which means you can just use whatever podcast
app on your phone and download and listen to any episode whenever wherever
you want it’s so easy it doesn’t get better than that
if you prefer not to use those kinds of apps or you’re not familiar with them
these episodes will also be posted on our website in the cypher com and also I
will be posting full episodes on so super easy making it
super available if there’s another way you prefer to listen to the show let me
know I will accommodate you in whatever way you want and as a side note I know
there are a lot of young b-boys and b-girls so it is pg so no swearing i
bleep out all the swear words just to make it available for everyone yeah guys
that’s about it I mean I don’t have much experience podcasting or interviewing so
any criticism constructive advice anything like that would be super super
helpful you can let me know wherever publicly in DM me
Instagram or shoot me an email he found our email on our website and the same
thing goes for questions if you got questions for me you can reach me in the
same ways anyways you guys can tune out now we’re gonna be wrapping up but I
just want to close off the episode by telling you guys a little bit more about
myself so my name is Wolvie I’m 24 years old living out here in Vancouver Canada
I started breaking in high school never really had a teacher or mentor mostly
just learned from my friends and peers people I met in the community at jams so
one of the drivers for the show was the lack of resources I had when I was
coming up during our braking journey we often run into roadblocks now these are
specific problems with specific solutions and I never had a go-to
resource of knowledge to help me through these types of situations with ease
hopefully this show can be that resource for you in your time of need and you
know not to get too cheesy but breakin has helped me develop a sense of purpose
and identity over the years and I have discovered myself through the stance
breaking has given a lot to me and I see this show in this podcast as an
opportunity to give back I’m currently running the show from my basement for
equipment it has got my laptop microphone and an extra monitor so it’s
pretty ghetto but you know yeah we got to keep going and we’ve got a couple
episodes coming out we got why not Dean or as Edie and Nico
spins these are the first three episodes we got more to come after that I don’t
want to spoil anything though but yeah why not he can gave a lot of
great advice on musicality I mean the dudes a legend res Edie your Dean gave a
lot of advice on footwork some very applicable tips and tricks and then you
got Nico he gave a lot of extensive and specific advice on his training schedule
which is so dope I mean these episodes should be live pretty soon after this
one goes up so be sure to check it out I just want to take a
moment here to give a big shout out and a very very big thank you to these
b-boys on the first seven to ten episodes of the show I mean these guys I
approached they have no idea who I am or what I’m doing but they agreed to be on
the show we were able to link up and do the interview and they have no idea what
I’m doing so big shots of them really appreciate the sport but you know share
the show more details to come and until then guys I’ll catch you in the cypher
take care

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