Your Bose Lifestyle
system will periodically receive software updates
as long as the console is connected to your network. If the console is not
connected to the internet, your system will not be updated. Although the console will
download the software automatically in the
background during normal usage, the update will not install
until the console is powered off and the update is accepted. Updating the
firmware can take up to 30 minutes based on
your network ecosystem. The remote control will begin to
update after the console update is complete. This can be observed
by an updating message on the remote display screen. Do not interrupt the process. While downloading
a system update the console status
light will blink amber. When rebooting, the
status light blinks white. If the status light
becomes solid red, there is a firmware error and
you must contact Bose support. You can also now manually
check for an available software update by pressing setup
on the remote control or the front of the console. Next, you would select
software from the menu. If an update is
available, it can be initiated from
the menu or otherwise the automatic checking and
updating will take place in the background as usual. Now if you are not
connected to a network, you can manually update the
software using a USB drive. Contact Bose customer service
to complete that process. That’s it. Your system software should
stay updated as needed and you can enjoy your
Bose Lifestyle System. For more information, go to

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