Is your board held together by digital duct
tape? A variety of disconnected services, calendar
solutions, and logins that slow down your important work? Meet Boardable. The smartest, simplest way to manage your board of directors.
We’ve developed a solution to easily and affordably solve the frustrations of board management.
Boardable gives your board a centralized location for meeting activities, minutes and scheduling,
document storage and security, contacts, polls, and discussion — allowing you to control
the chaos. Boardable automates the tedious process of
scheduling meetings. Propose a range of meeting times, get a summary of responses, and then
pick the best time. We’ll automatically place it on board members’ calendars, send reminders,
and provide you with a dashboard to see all your meetings at a glance. No more searching
through endless chains of emails to find that important document or meeting information.
Boardable integrates seamlessly with your calendar, Gmail, Outlook, Dropbox, Google
Drive, and One Drive. Are you ready for smart, simple, and affordable
board management? Then find out more and get started with your free trial at