Converting from binary to hexadecimal and hexadecimal to binary is very easy if you’ve got a table of the numbers or if you know the numbers well. Lets do an example starting with hexadecimal to binary. Let’s say you’ve got the hexadecimal number 3CF. To convert to binary all you have to do is write down 3 in binary. 3=0011 Then you write down C in binary. C=1100. Then you write down F in binary. F=1111. And you’re all done. If you want you can erase the leading zero’s because they are unnecessary. So 1111001111 in binary is equal to 3CF in hexadecimal. Going the other way around, lets say we have the binary number 1101011010. To convert this to hexadecimal you divide it up into groups of 4 starting from the right hand side. So here is a group, here is a group, and here is a group. To make this a group of 4 you can add zero’s to the front. And then you just write down whatever the hexadecimal is. The hexadecimal for 0011 is 3. 0101=5 1010=A So 35A in hexadecimal equals 1101011010 in binary.


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