All trucking companies know…
Profit margins are razor thin and costs are overwhelming Your time is valuable, but you’re working 60 to 80 hours a week just to keep up There’s no time to relax. Let alone grow your business. But what if there was a secret weapon that can slash your workload in half and double the productivity of your entire staff? Introducing Axon Software. When every area of your business is managed in real-time, from an all-in-one transportation management system, You will… Axon has more than paid for itself. I probably would have had to hire at least 3 more people had I used any other program, other than Axon. and I’ve used other programs, so I know their limitations. That was key to opening this company, and one of my first demands was: please trust me… This will more than pay for itself. and now the ownership would never do anything different. Axon, hands down has saved me at least 3 people. It will take you anywhere from your business setup through payroll your work orders… anything like that. Anything you can imagine that you would need in your business, Axon can provide you. As an example, fuel tax took me 15 minutes to do instead of three days. Once we started using Axon, we saved about 2 million dollars. So, it’s definitely been a big saving. Why work twice as hard? Spend that extra time and money growing your business. We started our company with 8 trucks, and now we’ve gone all the way up to 100. and with that growth, we really haven’t had to grow our internal employees very much at all. Because of Axon. I’d say it’s a hundredfold. The money that we pay for Axon, and the return that we get, per year. Then I start adding all that up… Add the invoices that we’ve been able to collect on, etc. etc. It’s easily in the millions. The transition, although I was quite nervous about it, after 24 years on the same program… really opened my eyes quite quickly, that wow… I should probably have made this change several years ago Book your free demo today at

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