Talent Management #1 – What is it?
Hello and welcome to “Solutions Review Explores” – I’m Jonathan Paula. In this episode,
we’ll introduce you to Talent Management, list its benefits, and explain why it’s
important to your business. Talent Management Software is a technology tool built for HR
professionals to track and manage the recruitment, professional development and performance of
employees and potential candidates. This integrated set of applications can support
an organization’s need to plan, attract, develop, reward, engage, and retain talent.
Such features include workforce planning, talent acquisition and onboarding, performance
management, learning and development, career development, succession management, and compensation
management. Talent management software can facilitate
easier information sharing between HR, payroll, and benefits administration. As a concept,
talent management is also a strategy that helps simplify human resource departments,
and their employees – all in attempt to better meet overall company goals. Scalable
solutions in this category can meet the customized needs, cultures, languages, and workplace
dynamics of any enterprise. Some of these benefits include:
Improved Hiring Techniques: Enhanced sourcing and recruiting methods help businesses streamline
their hiring process and locate the best talent available. Automatic tracking and management
of applicant credentials gives HR more time to focus on potential candidates instead of
worrying about their information. Accessible Data: Integrated talent management
systems can align core Human Resource processes throughout a worker’s employment, from recruitment
and benefits, to performance assessments and termination. Having accurate data available
and sharable across an entire organization provides department heads with an end-to-end
view of their employee’s information. Improved Onboarding: With employee information
hosted on a talent management platform – neatly organized into an online profile – you can
easily track performance reviews, goals, skills, and career aspirations. Ensuring your business
maintains employee engagement and satisfaction. A talent management system also allows you
to analyze this data, making it easier to monitor any problem areas or unhappy workers.
Employee Development: Systems that include these options enable employees to take courses,
tests, and surveys to develop skills – and in some cases – pursue certifications related
to their professional development. As the “war for talent” continues in a
highly competitive job market, companies are considering HR capital a top priority. A strong
and efficient talent management system can help with attracting and retaining top talent
as well as making a bottom-line impact on productivity.
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