The trembling streetlights, the pelting rain My wavering feelings, an emotional telepath The lost two make contact And my heart learned of love Tight rope, a patchwork uniform A severe discommunication A glint in my eyes, twinkling red It feels like something’s gonna happen; a premonition Alien I’m an alien Leading astray your heart With the melding gravity of the universe The feeling I felt; my throbbing (heart) Alien, I’m your alien Your heart pulling against mine can’t run away I’ll give you an un-experience Till the end of the other-world, heart throbbing, love A fluorescent light repeatedly switching off and on The paranormal confusion quietly ate into you The parallel signals intersected due to singular point Created-reality-blind acceptance-itus, sensitivity instinct Syndrome, all alone night after night Daydream, depicting it almost like a grimoire A floating machine, avoiding the searchlight “Do you still really want to know everything?” Alien I’m an alien Leading astray your heart The gravity not reflected in (your) eyes, notice it… I’m an- Alien, I’m your alien If you touch it, that wound will never disappear The downpour of meteors too Can’t reach my throbbing heart! Alien, we two are aliens Can’t hold back that throbbing feeling! You are an unidentified lifeform And to the end of the other-world, I love you