– (FBE) Today, you’re gonna be
reacting to a few different things all from the day you were born.
– Oh, the day I was born! Okay. – Whoa! My birthday’s on Halloween,
which is a weird day, because so many weird things
happen on Halloween. So, it’s gonna be exciting.
– (FBE) First, for the elders, we’ll play you
the number one song on the charts from the year
you were born. And for the adults,
we have the number one song from the week you were born
to play for you. – Okay. That’s an interesting episode.
I really like this. It’s like walking
in the past. – ♪ Hi there, Tex, watcha you say? ♪
– No, I don’t– – ♪ Step aside, partner ♪
♪ It’s my day ♪ – Don’t know this song.
– ♪ Bend an ear and listen to my… ♪
– See, this is actually before I grew up.
This song was when I was… a zero.
– ♪ Is that the Chattanooga choo-choo? ♪
– Oh, “Chattanooga Choo-Choo.” Yeah, I just didn’t know
the intro. But I couldn’t tell you
who is singing it. This was during
the big band era. But I didn’t really grow up
in the that era. But that was
when I was born: 1941. – ♪ You love a woman ♪
♪ Tell her that she’s really… ♪ – I don’t know this song.
Wow. Wow, the video quality
is not good. – ♪ …really ever loved a woman ♪
– Oh! I actually– I think I’ve heard
that song before. I just realized
I’ve heard that song before, the very last line. – ♪ Couldn’t let go ♪
– Who? What? Is this T.I.?
– ♪ I had to decide I was thinking ♪ – What? This is so weird.
Okay, yeah, I could’ve guessed R&B, but I don’t even know
who this is. – ♪ You probably think
that something is wrong ♪ – Oh, no. We were just not
doing it right in 1998, man. What is this?!
(sighs) I’m sad, dude. I was expecting
some good song, but I didn’t even know
who this was. – (Artie) Our own version
of Cole Porter’s “Begin the Beguine.” – Ahh. Okay.
This I know. (laughs) God, they all look so young.
They’re not virtual. They’re real. They’re not virtual reality.
They’re not even in technicolor. ♪ (big band music) ♪
– (chuckles) Okay. I know that. You know what?
I was born in Yugoslavia. What they were playing in Belgrade,
Yugoslavia the day I was born, I bet you don’t know either. – (FBE) Next, we’re gonna
show you the trailer from the biggest movie released
the week you were born. – Okay. Wow!
I feel like in the ’90s, like, “Space Jam” was made. – I can think of actors maybe,
something like with Jean Harlow, something like that. – (Jack) Have you ever seen a vampire? – What?
– (Jack) They’re not romantic. Forget whatever you’ve seen
in the movies. They don’t turn into bats.
– I mean, it kind of makes sense. Halloween, like…
it has to be a scary movie. But who the hell
are these guys? – (Jan) Jack Crow.
– (man) Jack, he’s right behind us! – Jack Crow?
Who the hell is that? – (Jan) You can’t kill me. – That’s the worst acting
I’ve ever seen. I’m glad I wasn’t around for that. ♪ (big brass music) ♪
– “You’re in the army now.” You’re behind the–
see, they’re preparing the country. This is Abbott and Costello,
a couple of real doofuses in my opinion.
These guys were real comedians, but they’re real slapstick.
Their famous bit was “Who’s On First?” And there’s the Andrews Sisters, singers for the big bands
and so forth. – ♪ And keep your country rolling… ♪
– Yeah, whatever. “Buck Privates,”
I missed that one. I wouldn’t go across the street
to see that. They were continuously famous
as I was growing up. That wasn’t… you know, that wasn’t
their last movie or anything. – “You can’t take it with you.”
♪ (somber music) ♪ Oh, wow. Oh!
Jimmy Stewart. (chuckles) June Allyson? But that is– oh my god,
is that a young Jimmy Stewart? – (Tony) You know, every time
I think how lucky I am… – I don’t think I’ve ever
seen it, you know that? No, that’s not June Allyson.
Who is that? – (Alice) You’re not really
going to scream. – (Tony) It’s in
my stomach right now. – She sure looks familiar.
– (Tony) Going up and up and up and up. It’s all over my body.
– Oops. (laughs) – (Tony) I can’t hold it
any longer. here it goes! – (Alice) Oh, NOOOOO!
– (women gasp) (silence) – I’ve never seen it. I didn’t go to the movies
when I was born, obviously. By the time I went to the movies,
Jean Arthur was not around. (chuckles) – (voice-over) For 100 years…
– Is this… “Frankenstein”? No.
– (child) Wow. – (gasps) Is this
“The Addams Family?” No, it’s not. This is “Casper”! It’s “Casper”!
I cannot– oh my god! I LOVE “Casper”! – (voice-over) Life at Whipstaff…
– (sighs) – (Casper) Can I keep you?
– This is so amazing. I miss– I can’t–
I miss these times. Wow. It reminds me of just
drinking hot chocolate with my sister
when it’s really cold, and we’ll watch “horror” films.
We thought this was a horror film. – (FBE) So next up,
we’ve got a little game that we feel is another
great representation of the times. – Okay.
– (FBE) We’re going to have you guess the prices for certain items
on the day you were born compared to now.
– Oh, okay. Yeah, inflation. I love it.
– This is gonna blow my mind. – (FBE) First up is gas prices.
The current cost of gas in the US averages 2.49 per gallon.
– Oh, no. – Bull. That’s not true.
I live in California. It’s 3.49, if anything. – (FBE) What do you think
the number was on the day that you were born?
– Dude, 1998, 20 years ago? Probably $1.50. – It was really cheap.
20 cents. – I’m just gonna take a guess
and say 50 cents. – 15 cents, 20 cents.
That would be the prices in ’41. – (FBE) The actual price was…
– 10 cents. It was even cheaper than that! – When I went to high school
in the late ’50s, gasoline was 29 cents,
28, 27, you know. If it was more than that,
we would go to the next place. – $1.15. It’s like NOTHING
for a gallon of gas. Wow. I wanna live
during this time. – I pay, like,
$60 to fill up right now. Ahh, dude, to have that
slashed in half, livin’ the dream. – (FBE) Next up is the average price
of a movie ticket. Currently, in the US,
that averages around 9.27. – Dang.
– (FBE) How expensive do you think it was when you were born?
– Oh, that was peanuts. Maybe a quarter a ticket.
– I’ma go 2.50. – Back then it was, like,
$3.00 to go see a movie. – You realize I didn’t grow up here,
so I’m giving you a wild guess. So, I would say 30 cents. – (FBE) The actual price was…
– 4.35! I’d be down to go see a movie for less than $5.00.
– 4.69, that’s still a lot cheaper considering that you still had
to buy snacks and stuff like that. – I assumed when I was older,
like 15, 16, 17, dating, it’s probably, you know, 50 cents,
75, I don’t know. – 20– I was close.
Can you imagine going to the movies and 25 cents?
But I don’t know how much money I would be making,
so maybe it wouldn’t be that cheap. – (FBE) Next up, we have
the median cost of a home in the United States.
– 328,000? It just– I think these prices right here
go to show how crappy California is. – (FBE) With that in mind,
what do you think it was on the day you were born?
– 10,000. – $2,500.
– $70,000! – Like 150? – (FBE) The actual price
for this one was… – I was too high up.
3,900. – Okay, well, whatever.
I didn’t buy many houses when I was a zygote.
I couldn’t have imagined back then it going up to be
what it is now. – Oh, I was wrong!
(claps) I feel like I have the wrong idea of the past.
– 30 off. That’s not bad. Dude, 182,000 for a house?
That’s definitely a steal, because now you’re paying,
like, 600, 700 for an average house. – (FBE) So finally,
to end this episode, you’ll be looking
at the New York Times that has been scanned digitally,
where you can look at the full newspaper
and click on any article that has been archived
over the years. And you’ll get a chance to see
what was happening in the world the day you were born.
– (softly) Wow. This is so cool.
– It wasn’t a good time. It was just before
the Second World War. Where I was,
we were getting worried about the Germans invading. – Okay, so what’s going on?
“Judge dismisses two more members of Simpson jury.”
Is that OJ Simpson?! OJ Simpson jury
was happening when I was born? Dang!
“Early hurricane strikes Florida’s coast,
but fizzles.” I honestly feel like my birth
maybe triggered this hurricane. Earth knew I was about to be born.
It was like, “Ooh, yeah! Welcome Jeannie
with a hurricane.” – “Hitler’s speech at Eger.
Hitler’s speech today in the main public square
in Eger just after this town had been annexed
by German forces follows.” Oh, boy.
That already started, huh? ‘Cause that’s why
we had to escape. He was not officially
an enemy yet, was he? Some people even liked him,
I think. Scary. – “Hitler gives Yugoslavs his terms.”
In other words, he wants the part of Yugoslavia where the Germans lived
called Sudetenland. So, he marched in there
and basically took over Yugoslavia. This movie had a lot in it.
Strong women, the South, slavery, the word “damn,” which actually
broke down some barriers. So, it was a real changer
for a changing society and so forth. Another one of my favorite movies
came out about that same time, “Casablanca.”
People today still watch that movie. – Not… big, important things
were going on on Halloween in 1998. Really basic stuff.
I was expecting murders or something cool.
Oh, “The Vatican is investigating the Inquisition in secret.”
That’s some tea. “CIA said to reject bomb suspect’s
bid to be spy. A former sergeant
in the United States Army, who is now being held in connection
with the terrorist campaign of Osama Bin Laden was rejected
in the 1990s when he offered himself to the CIA as a spy,
officials said today.” Three years seems like a lot of time,
but so many things can happen and so many mindsets
can change in three years that… Literally, 9/11 happened
three years after this. That’s insane. – (FBE) So finally, we showed you
multiple mediums that, you know, allowed us to take a look
at the past. But for you personally,
what are some of your favorite ways to capture what life
was like for you growing up? – I took a lot of pictures. I definitely was–
I got camera– I was awarded the camera hog award
in high school. – Stories. People giving me stories,
reading stories, talking to people who were alive then.
It tells you who you are today. – I think it’s the people
that I did things with. I think that was the most memorable
way for me to capture and hold on to memories
is the people that I grew up with and the things we did.
Things have changed so much from 20 years ago to now. It doesn’t even seem like a long time,
but it is, dude! 20 years?
I’m old. That’s crazy. – Hey, guys. Ethan here from FBE.
Thank you so much for watching this episode.
Now, what other Reactceptions would you like to see
our reactors try in the future? You gotta let us know
in your comments below. Bye, guys!


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