I am sick, yea! dissociative in da house motherfu*ker! you bit*h SPLIT Lucifer! Iblis! It’s me, Azazel! M O R B U S *eh* *yea* S A T U R N A the seven hells of the godmother SATURNA hell doesn’t burn, NO it is as cold as only fire can be as hot don’t burn yourself in this antarctic hell I am AZAZEL I really like being touched I am naughty oh yeah I like to play I also like ince*t and so on… Do you wanna be my daddy? I don’ know why but somehow I kinda feel dumb NO! That just was a joke u idiot Do you really think? I’d let get me … get me down by a douchebag like you? never ever Saturna is here! Your eyes… are sparkling so beautiful Albino Lucifer’s here now it’s getting funny I’m going to fu*k your butt because that’s fun for me! Lucifer… likes an*l violence yea brutal an*l…berserker my favorite song ha ha ha I love you Melancholia One of a soul as black as obsidian so cold so dark…so far entropy it’s ending here MELANCHOLIA my heart is breaking

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