Shut up and do your job Liangchen Where are you going? Be right back. Kissed Stop not what you think I just kissed him He was embarrassed to leave you I didn’t do it on purpose You’re a soldier You can’t do anything wrong Stay away from him Xie LiangChen Xie LiangChen Xie LiangChen Gu Yanzhen whist Hurry up, please That watch is my father’s birthday present Especially important Don’t worry It must be in the changing room Look for it Not everyone who picks it up will return it to him. Hurry up Afraid of being picked up by others Let’s go in What are you doing? Gu Yanzhen you whist come here quickly You help me look for it That watch is very important to me That’s what my dad gave me What about this cabinet It’s definitely not in this cabinet It’s all locked Will it be inside? inside? Right right right inside inside look carefully around to see if see no not found you What are you doing? we We’re looking for WenZhong’s watch. did you find it? did you see it? Do you think I see it? sorry You go on Let’s go Don’t look go go go Definitely not here We should go somewhere else to find it What’s wrong? I saved your life I was slapped for one but not angry What’s your anger I’m going to dinner. Do you want to come with me? Don’t want All right what happened to you why are you crying? So humiliating I’ve never been so humiliating I don’t want to live Just a little something you didn’t want to live What will others think of me I jumped into the Yellow River, and I couldn’t wash away this humiliation Then I’ll jump with you This handsome image I don’t want it All right, all right don’t cry You’re a big deal I told them I forced you Shame on you What should I do rogue Don’t touch me Don’t touch Don’t touch Don’t touch My first kiss My first kiss is gone too Kidding, devil believe you

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