Want to create collages and photo books with
your own images? Then watch this guide showing Photo Collage
Maker in action! Let’s start with a simple collage based
on a ready-made template. First, run Photo Collage Maker. You will see three options: Create New Project,
Create Photo Book and Open Saved Project. Click Create New Project. Here, you can choose from Blank Project, Page
Layouts or Collage Templates. The first option enables you to make a collage
from scratch. With the second option, you can choose a pre-made
layout for further editing. Alternatively, you can pick a template – that’s
a complete design with a ready-made background, frames, clipart and other elements. You’ll just need to add photos. There are many themes, so you will certainly
find the one you like. Pick a template and click Next. Select the size for your future collage. Now just drop your photos into the collage. You can move the photo inside the frame or
easily crop it to show the best parts. You can turn the collage into a multi-page
scrapbook in a few clicks. Start with adding a
new page. Choose Select Page Template if you want to
use a certain layout. We picked another template from the travel
theme. Drop in your photos. Resize and crop them if needed. You can rearrange the photos using the layer
buttons in the toolbar. Add as many pages as you want. Here is the finished scrapbook. You can save it as JPEG or other image format. It is also possible to save it as PDF for
sending to a print shop . Ready to print it right away? Then click the Print button. You can preview all the pages before printing. Now let’s try creating a photo book. Pick the size you need. Select a theme for your book. There are two ways of creating photo books. The Wizard Mode allows you to get your album
in a few minutes. With the Manual Mode, you can decide what
pages and photos to use. Let’s try the Wizard Mode. Add a photo and text for the cover page. Now select photos for your book. First, pick the key photos that will be placed
on separate pages. Then add other photos that will be mixed into
collages. Click Complete to create the book. You can edit any element on any page. For example, we decided to change the font
on the front cover. Looks awesome now! How about creating a collage from scratch? Use a page layout to save time. Drop photos into the template. Now, let’s spice your collage up! Start with adding a background. Choose a solid color or gradient, add a texture
or image. Change its lightness or blur it if necessary. Add frames to make your photos stand out. Or you can apply a mask instead – there are
several mask groups to choose from. Enhance your photos with filters – it’s
an easy way to fix colors or brightness. Now add a title. Type in the caption and click Add Text. Pick the font you like. Now click Settings to change the text color. We decided to remove the outline as well. Another great idea is to add some clip art. There are many themes to choose from: Animals,
Travel, Beauty, Kids and others. We decided to complement the composition with
autumn leaves. Place the leaves near the edges to frame the
photos. Prefer timeless classics? Try a Grid Collage. This feature allows you to create a collage
with a simple layout in a few clicks. First, pick a layout. Then set the number of columns and rows. Change the Photo Spacing if necessary. Enable the Central Photo if you want to accentuate
a certain shot. Add photos to your collage and click Next. Now, add an outline or a shadow to create
a 3D effect. Click Finish to generate the collage. Have an idea for your own collage? Then download Photo Collage Maker from the
official website and bring your idea to life right now!


CreActive Studios · November 13, 2018 at 9:05 am

motherfucker..when we want same size of real photo what we do motherfucker u bastered

Marie Lou 3M · July 19, 2019 at 9:13 pm

Interesting but does your software take 4K pictures and output 4k pictures?

rateb sadok · January 23, 2020 at 2:07 pm

the app is generally not bad as all, i mean good, but the credits ruins all the photo, i mean, i had a school project and i cannot show a photo with that, you understand right?

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